Cultural References


Jan 01 1984- Godai and Kyoko spend New Years together and take a walk in the hospital's garden where they almost share another kiss, until an ambulance carrying Mitaka arrives. He just happened to have broken his leg in a skiing accident.

Jan 02 1984- Mitaka shares a room with Godai and begins to compete for Kyoko's attention. Kyoko reflects on the kiss she and Godai almost shared. Mitaka pounces on Kyoko and asks if he's too late to win her from Godai, but he quickly realizes he cares for Kyoko too much to force her into anything. Kyoko begins to doubt here feelings toward both men.

Jan 03 1984- A group of students from a college where Mitaka teaches, come to nurse him back to health, and Kozue comes to take care of Godai. A disgruntled Kyoko leaves a message in the snow for both Godai and Mitaka.

Feb -- 1984- Godai and Mitaka are released from the hospital. Kozue follows Goda home to help him. Kyoko calls Mitaka to see if he needs any help. But when she calls one of Mitaka's students answers and Kyoko decides not to visit him.

Five Days Later- Godai has his feelings hurt by a remark Kyoko makes while he leaves for the hospital for a follow up. At the hospital Godai runs into Mitaka and the two go out for drinks and discuss Kyoko and her moods.

Feb -- 1984- Sakamoto comes by Ikkoku to give Godai the final exams schedule and a copy of his notes. As the tenants try to party in Godai's room, Kyoko comes in to scold them for disturbing him during finals.

The Next Day- Godai begins his finals without any problems.

Ten Days Later- Godai studies for his last final and Kyoko promises to wake him up in time for his class but stays up late drinking with the other tenants in her room.

The Next Day- Kyoko and Godai both oversleep until Kyoko gets Godai up at 8:30 for his 8:50 Adolescent Psychology final. They arrive at the class at 9:30 and Godai is refused admittance. Kyoko tells him that she can wait another year for him, but then Sakamoto shows up and explains that Godai didn't miss the final, he just copied down the schedule incorrectly.

Mar -- 1984- Godai's grandmother sends him some money to take all of the tenants (and Mitaka) to a spa as thanks for taking care of him. As soon as they arrive, Yotsuya tries to peak at the women in the bath and Godai gets stuck underwater trying to stop him. Later that night after everyone has passed out and Mrs. Ichinose has put them all to bed, Godai and Kyoko share a dream-like embrace.

The Next Day- Everyone heads back to Maison Ikkoku.

Mar -- 1984- Kyoko's mother calls to tell Kyoko that she has the flu and needs her to take care of her for two or three days. Mrs. Ichinose takes over as Manager and begins to party nonstop.

Five Days Later- Kyoko's parents keep making excuses to keep her at home with them. Kyoko demands her pillow from Maison Ikkoku if she is going to stay with them (She says its the only way she can sleep comfortably). Mrs. Chigusa calls Godai who insists on delivering it himself and wears his only suit for the occasion. Once he arrives, the Chigusa's begin to ask him all sorts of questions, mostly about his love life, to which he tries to drop some subtle hints about his feelings for Kyoko.

Apr -- 1984- Kyoko and Godai visit the Otonashi's to celebrate Ikuko's acceptance into the high school of her choice, and are invited to spend the night. In the middle of the night Godai sneaks downstairs to the family altar to try and see a picture of Soichiro.

The Next Day- Godai realizes the picture frame of Soichiro's picture is damaged and the photograph is impossible to see.

Apr 18 1984- Kyoko tells her parents they don't have to come to Soichiro's grave the next day.

Apr 19 1984- Kyoko expects so much trouble from her parents that she forgets to talk to Soichiro.

Apr 22 1984- Kyoko has spent the last three days reminiscing about her life without Soichiro and makes plans to visit his grave the following Sunday.

Apr 26 1984- As Kyoko goes to meet Soichiro, Godai worries that she might try to commit suicide and follows her to the gravesite.

May -- 1984- The newest resident of Maison Ikkoku, Nozomu Nikaido arrives. Although the only reason he ended up there was due to a mistake. As soon as he moves in he begins to insult Mrs. Ichinose, Yotsuya and Akemi. To get back at him the tenants send him all over Tokyo in search of city hall. As soon as he gets home the tenants succeed in dropping a wash cloth on his head, thus starting Nikaido's desperate plan to exact his revenge.

The Next Day- Godai and Nikaido have breakfast together while Nikaido tries to get information about Yotsuya. Later in the day Yotsuya leads Nikaido on a wild goose chase while he tries to find out what Yotsuya does for a living. Once they get back to Ikkoku, both make holes in Godai's floor and Nikaido gets trapped in Yotsuya's closet. In the middle of the night Nikaido tries to glue Yotsuya's door shut, but glues Akemi's door instead.

The Next Day- Akemi and Yotsuya threaten to tell Kyoko about Nikaido's pranks unless he fixes her door.

May -- 1984- Kyoko comes home to find Maison Ikkoku completely flooded due to Nikaido and Yotsuya's pranks. Still thinking Nikaido is an innocent and meek young man, Kyoko asks Godai to watch over him. Nikaido kisses up to Kyoko by offering to do roof repairs, but after Yotsuya removes the ladder he fakes an injury only to gain more sympathy from Kyoko. Yotsuya locks Kyoko in Godai's closet and tricks Nikaido into revealing his true nature in front of her. A disappointed Kyoko informs Nikaido's mother that her son is fitting in quite well at Maison Ikkoku.

May -- 1984- Nikaido's mother visits and leaves her umbrella at Ikkoku. Kozue comes by to give Godai some homemade donuts but instead meets Nikaido. As it begins to rain, Nikaido lets Kozue borrow his mother's umbrella. Nikaido mentions a rumor about Kozue and Godai getting engaged in front of Kyoko, who uses Nikaido to make Godai jealous.

The Next Day- Kozue and Godai meet at a coffee shop where Kozue asks Godai to return Nikaido's umbrella. Godai meets Kyoko and tries to straighten out the latest misunderstanding without letting her see the umbrella he is carrying. Nikaido comes along and gets his umbrella back, making Godai look like a fool for trying to hide it.

Jun -- 1984- Nikaido runs into Kozue and carries her groceries for her.

Later That Week- Kozue brags about how nice Nikaido is to Godai and says she'd like to make him something. When Godai gets home Soichiro knocks his box of Kentucky Fried Chicken on the ground causing Kyoko to offer to cook him dinner. Kozue calls to ask if Godai would like to come to her house for dinnere but ends up inviting Nikaido instead. While eating with the Nanao's, Nikaido fixes a plant stand for them and gets in their good graces.

The Next Day- Kozue invites Nikaido to the movies.

The Next Day- Godai meets Kozue to see if he's been dumped. Kozue becomes very flattered by Godai's jealousy.

Jun 1984- Godai tells Nikaido that its his fault he and Kyoko are fighting, so Nikaido spends the rest of the night trying to figure out what he did wrong. The tenants have to start giving him clues to help him out.

The Next Morning- Nikaido says he finally understood the situation aftere clue number 126 and asks if Godai and Kyoko are in love, which they deny.

Jul -- 1984- Kyoko goes back to the tennis courts after a long absence. Mitaka takes Kyoko, Nikaido, Mrs. Ichinose and Godai out for coffee in an attempt to get Nikaido to stop causing trouble. But after Nikaido pays Mitaka a compliment they quickly became friends. Later that night Godai tutors Ikuko, and is asked to take a ring to Kyoko from Ikuko's mother.

The Next Day- Nikaido tells Mitaka about the ring Godai has for Kyoko. As Mitaka sees Godai give Kyoko the ring he confronts them, throughly embarassing himself before realizing the misunderstanding.

Jul -- 1984- Godai talks to his friends about their job hunting and decides to start sending in his own applications.

All That Week- Godai goes job hunting and gets rejected at every interview.

One Week Later- Godai meets up with Mr. Ichinose who tells him he's been laid off again, giving Godai an idea about taking over his family's restaurant.

The Next Day- The tenants wonder if Godai is going to propose to Kyoko soon. While Godai arrives at his parents house he visits with his visiting sister, her husband Shoichi and their newborn daughter, Miyabi. He learns his brother-in-law is going to take over the restaurant.

The Next Day- Godai returns home.

Aug -- 1984- Mitaka invites everyone to a hotel pool, but Godai declines saying he has job interviews to go on. Unfortunately he is working at the very hotel they are visiting. While swimming Kyoko looses her top, and Godai tries to get it back without her noticing him.

Sep -- 1984- The tenants keep Godai awake while he tries to prepare for his student teaching job at Kyoko's old high school.

The Next Day- Godai begins his two week teaching stint as a literature teacher and meets Ibuki Yagami of Class 2-4. Godai searches for Soichiro's picture in an old yearbook. Yagami walks in on him and thinks he's crying when he's actually just yawning and she promptly falls in love with him.

One Week Later- Yagami and her friends follow Godai home to Maison Ikkoku and meet Kyoko, Yotsuya and Mrs. Ichinose.

The Next Day- Yagami gets Godai in trouble in front of the Mrs. Kamiogi. She also has a picture of her and Godai sent to Kyoko to show her she's serious about Godai.

Later That Week- As Godai helps get ready for the Sports Festival, Yagami stays after school to try to seduce him.

The Next Day- Godai angrily goes to school to put a stop to Yagami's infatuation and leaves a notebook at Ikkoku. As Kyoko brings the notbeook to the school, she and Mrs. Kamiogi find Godai and a half naked Yagami in the gym storage closet.

The Next Saturday- Yagami learns about about Kyoko and Soichiro's relationship and tells Godai she is going to pay him a visit the next day.

The Next Day- Yagami and her friends stop by Maison Ikkoku for lunch and Yagami decides to spend the night. After trying to stay in Godai's room, Yagami finally agrees to stay in Kyoko's room where she tries to learn how Kyoko won over Soichiro and learns that Godai is in love with Kyoko.

The Next Day- Godai finishes his student teaching job and receives his student evaluations. Yagami's evaluation says "The long goodbye. Farewell Forever," leading Godai to think all his troubles with her are finally over. But Yagami comes by Ikkoku to change the message to "So Long! Goodbye."

December 1984- Godai tries to get some more last minute job interviews and runs into Kuroki for the first time in three years. She asks him to help put on a Christmas show at the preschool that Saotome works for. Kyoko accepts the job for both of them.

December 25 1984- Godai and Kyoko perform "The Three Wishes" in which Godai's old prince puppet (now a pauper) gets three wishes. Afterwards Kyoko and Godai share a romantic moment that is quickly ruined.

December 31 1984- Yagami calls Godai and invites herself to the shrines with him.

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