Cultural References


Jan 09 1981- As Godai studies for his exams, the clock above Maison Ikkoku springs to life.

Jan 10 1981- Godai takes his General College Entrance Exams.

Feb -- 1981- Godai takes his exam for Tokyo Tech. Mrs. Ichinose tries to find out if Kyoko is in love with Godai (which is a misunderstanding).

The Next Day- Kyoko doesn't wish Godai luck due to what happened. Godai leaves in the middle of his exam and runs into Kyoko and Mrs. Ichinose at a bar where Kyoko drunkenly agrees to escort him to his next exam.

One Week Later- Godai has been hiding out at a friend's apartment and hasn't contacted anyone at Ikkoku. Meanwhile, Godai's grandmother Yukari arrives in Tokyo.

The Next Day- Godai arrives to see if he passed his exams and finds Kyoko and his grandmother waiting for him. After failing to hide, Godai checks his number (4989) and realizes he passed.

Apr 19 1981- Godai meets Ikuko. Father Otonashi throws out his back and so Godai travels with the Otonashi's to Soichiro's grave where he learns that Kyoko is a widow.

May 14 1981- Kyoko asks Godai to tutor Ikuko.

May -- 1981- Godai begins to tutor Ikuko.

Jun -- 1981- Godai comes home drunk and tells Kyoko he loves her.

The Next Day- Godai forgets what happened the previous night while the tenants make up different stories to confuse him. As Godai explains his actions to Kyoko as a joke he receives a slap across the face.

Later That Week- Kyoko meets the neighbors from across the street and agrees to join the "Housewives Tennis Club" with Mrs. Ichinose.

Jul -- 1981- On Sunday, Kyoko and Mrs. Ichinose go to the tennis courts and meet their tennis instructor, Shun Mitaka, for the first time. Godai gets distracted by watching Mitaka and Kyoko playing tennis and as a result is fired from his ice delivery job.

Jul -- 1981- Kyoko, Mrs. Ichinose, Yotsuya, Godai and Mitaka all go out for drinks at the ChaChaMaru. Mitaka learns about Godai's interest in Kyoko and learns that she is a widow.

Jul -- 1981- Kyoko thanks Godai for helping Ikuko get a 92 on her English test. Godai (now working delivering beer for a bar) takes Kentaro out for snowcones and invites him to go to the beach. (Kyoko, Ikuko, Mitaka and Soichiro end up tagging along). On the way Godai learns about Mitaka's fear of dogs and they both find out that Kyoko's driving skills are less than stellar.

Aug -- 1981- Kentaro studies with Godai to get closer to Ikuko. As thanks for helping Ikuko, Kyoko makes Godai a special dinner that she used to prepare for Soichiro.

Aug -- 1981- Mitaka and Kyoko go to a concert on their first date. A jilted Godai gets reintroduced to a former co-worker named Kozue Nanao and they go on an impromptu movie date. The two couples end up bumping into each other after Mitaka's car breaks down.

Oct -- 1981- Godai meets Sayoko Kuroki, Saotome, Megumi Kamizaka and Kozume and joins the Puppet Theater Club.

The Next Day- Kyoko has a pay phone installed at Maison Ikkoku.

Oct -- 1981- The first anniversary of Kyoko's arrival at Maison Ikkoku. Godai makes plans to meet Kyoko for a date, but they end up going to different restaurants.

Nov -- 1981- Godai works late at school. When he gets home Kyoko asks if she could go to the College Arts Festival.

The Next Day- Godai asks Kyoko if she is coming to the festival alone.

Later That Week- Kyoko goes to the festival and is enlisted to play the role of the Princess in the Puppet Club's play.

Nov -- 1981- Kyoko sprains her ankle while playing tennis against Mitaka.

The Next Day- Kyoko overeats.

The Next Day- Godai walks in on Kyoko while she is bathing. Later, they have lunch with Mitaka in Kyoko's room.

Dec -- 1981- Kozue goes home with Kyoko after they get caught in a downpour. Kozue learns about Soichiro.

The Next Day- Godai and Kozue meet for coffee and discuss Kyoko and Soichiro.

Dec 22 1981- Godai thinks about what to buy Kyoko for Christmas with 2,000 yen.

Dec 23 1981- Godai buys Kyoko a pair of earrings. When he meets Kozue for lunch, she sees the present. Godai has no other choice but to give Kozue the earrings for Christmas after she gives him a handmade hat. When Godai gets home Kyoko gives him a hand knitted scarf. Godai spends the rest of the night trying to find the brooch he bought for Kyoko last year.

Dec 24 1981- Godai finally finds the brooch at dawn after searching through his room the entire night. On the way to the Christmas party Godai and Kyoko meet Mitaka who also has a scarf knitted by Kyoko. Upon arriving at the ChaChaMaru Godai and Mitaka discover all of Maison Ikkoku's residents wearing scarves made by Kyoko.

Dec 30 1981- Godai, Akemi and Yotsuya discuss their plans for New Year's Eve. Akemi invites Godai to spend the evening with her and Kyoko watching television in the Manager's Room.

Dec 31 1981- Godai goes to work at a noodle shop as Yotsuya and the Ichinose's leave for the holidays. Akemi receives a last minute invitation to go skiing leaving Kyoko and Godai to spend New Year's Eve alone. Kyoko worries that Godai will try to force himself on her, which Godai does attempt but miserably fails at. Since she didn't see any of Godai's amourous attempts towards her, Kyoko feels foolish for worrying and invites him to go to the temple at midnight.

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