Cultural References


Jan 01 1986- Kyoko gets a New Years postcard from Mitaka who has overcome his fear of dogs completely. When Godai and Kyoko go to the local shrine together, they run into Mitaka, who helps them search for Soichiro. After finding him, Mitaka gladly shows off the results of his training.

Jan 13 1986- Mitaka's Uncle drops by the tennsi courts to encourage Shun to visit Asuna, who's been sick. While he's there he sees Kyoko for the first time.

Jan 15 1986- Mitaka's Uncle sneaks over to Maison Ikkoku and pleads with Kyoko to break up with his nephew and thinks he gets the answer he's looking for. Mitaka visits the Kujo's in hopes of endings his "relationship" with Asuna, but can't bring himself to do it. Mitaka's Uncle arrives shortly thereafter and tells the family that there is nothing left to keep Shun and Asuna apart.

Feb -- 1986- Sakamoto drops by Ikkoku to talk about the recession, while Mitaka spends another day at the Kujo's.

A Few Days Later- Mitaka hears rumors about he and Asuna, and encourages Kyoko not to listen to them, but she jsut shrugs him off. The tenants begin to wonder if she's given up on him.

The Next Day- Godai gets high praise from his boss at work before heading off to his night class to dream about Kyoko. he's on top of the world when he runs into Kyoko and she tells him how proud of him she is.

The Next Day- Godai loses his job at the daycare, due to the recession.

A Few Days Later- Godai decides not to tell Kyoko about losing his job and goes to find work. After numerous rejections, Godai daydreams about Kyoko and almost falls off a bridge before a cop saves him.

The Next Day- Kyoko packs a bento for Godai who goes job hunting again.

Feb -- 1986- Sakamoto visits Maison Ikkoku desperate for a loan. Kyoko happily gives him some money and he and Godai go out for coffee. At the cafe Godai tells Sakamoto that he is unemployed and Sakamoto is more than happy to get Godai a P.R. job on the condition that he start that night. When he arrives godai meets Iioka, his new boss, and realizes that he will be working at a cabaret called the Bunny Club.

Ten Days Later- Godai continues to look for a better job. That night he runs into Yotsuya, who learns about his new line of employment. Godai is forced ot buy drinks for everyonein order to keep Yotsuya from telling Kyoko.

The Next Night- Yotsuya brings Mrs. Ichinose and Akemi to the Bunny. Godai is forced to pay the bill of all three. After work Godai goes out for some oden but can't afford to pay for it.

Mar -- 1986- The gang continues to visit Godai at the Bunny Club. Kyoko begins to get suspicious and asks Nikaido if he knows anything, but of course he never does.

The Next Day- Godai tells Kyoko that she doesn't have to keep making him lunch. As Godai is handing out flyers, Nikaido walks past, but isn't sure it was Godai he saw. That night Kyoko goes out with Mitaka and the gang brings Nikaido to the club. Nikaido admits that he doesn't think he'll be able to keep Godai's secret from Kyoko. As they are walking back to the car, Mitaka and Kyoko run into Godai outside the club. Later at Maison Ikkoku Godai tries to tell Kyoko the truth, butshe walks off saying she understands.

The Next Day- Kyoko doesn't make a bento box for Godai and decides to call Kuroki at the daycare to find out why Godai no longer works there.

The Next Day- Kyoko begins making Godai lunch again.

Mar -- 1986- Mitaka gets angry that Godai didn't quit his job and that Kyoko is okay with it, so he goes to see Godai and tells him that he won't let him ruin Kyoko's life. Iioka learns of Godai's talent for taking care of children. Mitaka goes to the Kujo Estate and explains to Asuna that he can't marry her.

Apr -- 1986- Godai gets a promotion at work and is put in charge of the club's nursery.

A Few Days Later- Godai makes building blocks for the kids at the Bunny. Mitaka arrives to tell Kyoko that he has broken off his engagement to Asuna.

Apr 19 1986- Kyoko goes to visit Soichiro's grave. Mitaka calls Maison Ikkoku to find out where Soichiro is buried. Godai wonders about his motives and goes to the gravesite himself. Once he gets there he finds Mitaka all by himself praying at Soichiro's grave. When Kyoko and her family arrive Mitaka and Godai hide behind Soichiro's grave. As they do, Godai drops a building block, which Kyoko finds along with Mitaka's flowers. After hearing her talk about marriage, Mitaka comes out and introduces himself. Kyoko stays to pray and sees another block of Godai's. Kyoko gets angry and says out loud that she'll be single until the summer. Asuna decides to take up tennis.

Apr 20 1986- Mitaka picks Kyoko up for tennis practice. Once they arrive, Mitaka meets his new student, Asuna Kujo! Godai pays Yotsuya to spy. At work, Godai narrowly escapes being seduced by one of the workers anmed Kasumi while he takes care of her children, Taro and Hanako. That night Mitaka goes back to the Kujo Estate to tell Asuna's parents that he doesn't want to marry their daughter, but is shocked to find his own parents waiting for him.

Apr 21 1986- Arriving at work Godai learns that he will be taking care of Kasumi's abandoned children. He brings them back to Maison Ikkoku where everyone has a lot of questions. Godai and Kyoko try to take care of an upset Hanako in the middle of the night.

Apr 22 1986- Mrs. Ichinose and Kyoko take care of the kids while Godai tries to track down their mother. Mitaka tells his parents about Kyoko. Godai finds Kasumi but she tells him she can't get the kids for another week.

A Few Days Later- Kyoko's Mother lures her into meeting Mitaka's parents the following Saturday. Taro explains that his mother leaves him alone quite often.

Apr 29 1986- Mitaka surprises Kyoko by picking her up for her father's supposed birthday. Unbeknownst to anyone, Taro tags along, prompting Kyoko to call Godai to "rescue" her from the ambush her mother has planned. Godai arrives to pick up Taro while Mitaka and Kyoko walk in the gardens. Mitaka notices Godai and goes up to him and they exchange words but Godai falls into a pond giving Mitaka a chance to slip away to the beach with Kyoko. As they have dinner, he tells Kyoko that he's reserved a room for them and he'll keep it reserved until she opens her heart to him. Godai and Mr. Chigusa searc for Kyoko. Mitaka asks Kyoko if she's trying to think of a way to reject him. When he tells her that he would be in a lot of pain no matter how she did it Kyoko begins to break down and Mitaka comforts her and calls her a cab.

Apr 30 1986- Still searching for Kyoko in the pre-dawn hours, Godai tells Kyoko's sleeping father that he plans to marry her. After Godai gets home, he sleeps for most of the day. That afternoon Kyoko tells him that nothing happened between she and Mitaka. Kasumi finally picks up Taro and Hanako.

Jul -- 1986- Godai gets a letter from Kasumi saying she met a man with three children and they're all living together very happily. The tenants are all very proud of Godai.

The Next Day- Godai begins to prepare for his teaching license exam. Asuna finds out about the Mitaka's and Chigusa's meeting. Mitaka tells her that hwhat happened was true, but Asuna forgives him and tells him the wedding date has been set much to Shun's surprise. Godai runs into Asuna and finds out who she is, while Mitaka curses out his Uncle and tries to do something about his wedding. Godai arrives at Mitaka's apartment and they begin to argue before deciding to go to a park and fight each other. As they walk to the park the two decide that there is no more backing down. When they finally arrive at the park, its full of couples making out and a police officer attempts to write them a citation for being peeping toms. The cop follows them around all evening trying to return Godai's study guide. After the officer finally leaves them alone, Godai and Mitaka begin to talk and Mitaka quizzes Godai but gets angry when he finds out Godai's test is the next day and that he has been wasting his time with him all night, so he tells Godai to go home. As Godai gets off the train he finds Kyoko waiting for him. She prompty slaps him and tells him that she doesn't care if he ruins his life anymore. As Mitaka slumps down drunkenly in his hallway he finds finds Asuna waiting for him at his apartment. He admits to her that the marriage was all his Uncle's idea, so Asuna agrees to end it, but helps a passed out Shun into his apartment where he rolls on top of her and kisses her.

The Next Day- Asuna leaves Mitaka's apartment. He wakes up to find breakfast and remembers kissing Asuna. Godai takes his Teachers Licensing Exam. Kyoko tells Akemi, Mrs. Ichinose and Yotsuya that she slapped Godai because he came home drunk. Godai visits the kids at the Bunny Club.

Three Days Later- Godai finally returns to Maison Ikkoku after spending three nights at the Bunny Club. He tells everyone he intends to move out of Maison Ikkoku until he takes his Practical Exam in September. Mitaka visits the Kujo Estate in an attempt to learn what happened between he and Asuna. He finds that she is staying with relatives in Izu and has left a note saying that the wedding is postponed. Mitaka meets her chauffer and becomes even more convinced that he slept with her and is determined to find her and set things right. Iioka gives Godai some bad advice about women which only strengthens Godai's resolve to suceed on his test.

Jul -- 1986- Mitaka arrives in Izu to talk to Asuna. She is noble and polite about what happened, which shocks Mitaka. Meanwhile Godai daydreams about Kyoko.

Aug -- 1986- Godai has been gone for an entire month now. Surprising everyone, especially Nikaido who didn't even know he was gone. Kyoko begins worrying about Godai, while at the same time Godai is planning to visit Ikkoku until Iioka talks him out of it. Meanwhile Asuna's Mother confronts her with the knowledge that she learned from Mr. Kimita, the chauffer, about Asuna spending the night with Mitaka. Asuna admits to it, enraging her mother, who assumes Asuna must be pregnant. But Asuna admits all they did was kiss. The veternarian tells Asuna that Salade is pregnant. Of course, this is McEnroe's fault. Mitaka is worrying at the tennis court about Asuna's night with him, when she suddenly arrives with Salade and announces she's "pregnant from that night." Mitaka is, of course, shocked because he and everyone else thinks its Asuna that is pregnant, but he accepts his responsibility like a man. Ichinose rushes home to tell Kyoko and right after she does, Mitaka shows up. Godai arrives after they leave and learns the shocking news. Mitaka and Kyoko sit on a hill and watch some joggers as he tells her the news himself. He tells her this is his last chance to talk to her like this an she tells him she wants him to be happy. He tells her he wanted to say so much more, but can't and so they stand up and hold hands one last time. That night Godai is upset about the way Mitaka handled things. As Mitaka gets home from arranging the marriage with the Kujo's he is more depressed than ever, even though he knows he's doing what's right.

Sep -- 1986- On the day of Asuna's and Mitaka's engagement party, Kyoko looks into the clear sky and tells Shun goodbye. And so Mitaka and Asuna become engaged and she asks about ideas for their "baby's" name. Shun finally learns that Salade is pregnant and not Asuna.

Later That Week- The tennis club learns taht Asuna isn't pregnant. Godai learns soon after and then runs into Mitaka on the street. The two rivals have lunch together and Mitaka finds himself able to vent all his recent frustrations, but refuses to end the engagement. At Maison Ikkoku Mrs. Ichinose tells Kyoko how miserable Mitaka has become. Meanwhile Mitaka tells Godai the real reason he came to see him is because he wants to make sure Kyoko will end up happy, even if it isn't with him. At that moment Godai finally sees how much Mitaka loves Kyoko. That night Asuna and Shun have dinner at his parents house. While looking through some old photos Asuna realizes that a photo of Mitaka smiling as a boy after he lost a tournament matches the smile he wears around her. Mitaka becomes paniced but Asuna tells him a joke to cheer him up. Mitaka decides to finally let go of Kyoko and promises Asuna they will be together for a long, long time.

Sep 23 1986- Kozue has dinner with a co-worker from her bank. Suddenly, he asks her to marry him.

Sep 24 1986- Kozue arrives at Maison Ikkoku to see Godai. Kyoko finally relents to the tenants pleas for her to visit Godai and so she takes Kozue to the cabaret. On the way Kyoko learns that Kozue hasn't seen Godai as often as she used to. When the arrive they have a very uncomfortable visit with Godai and Iioka. Godai and Kozue go to a cafe to talk while Iioka tells Kyoko not to be so hard on Godai. Kozue learns that Godai's final is in two days and decides not to tell him about her marriage proposal. Godai becomes curious and tells Kozue that if she needs anything to let him know. Suddenly she kisses him which Kyoko witnesses.

Sep 26 1986- Godai completes his Kindergarten Teachers Exam and returns to Maison Ikkoku. Kyoko gives him the cold shoulder, but everyone else is really glad to have him home. During the welcome home party, the tenants ask what Godai and Kyoko are fighting about. Godai has no clue and Kyoko refuses to speak. A phone call from Kozue interrupts things, but clues Godai in to the idea that Kyoko may have seen the kiss.

Sep 27 1986- Godai and Kozue meet and she tells him about the proposal. She says that she doesn't know who to choose, especially after the kiss. So she's decided to wait until Godai gets his test results on October 31st. Godai tells her that her reply to the other man shouldn't depend on him because he is going to propose when he gets his results. Kozue begins to cry thinking that he's finally going to propose to her and tells him she'll turn down the other guy that night, before she rushes off to work. When Godai returns home Kyoko asks why he kissed Kozue. Godai explains but Kyoko doesn't believe him, so he uses the same tactic that Kozue used to kiss him, which Kyoko sees right through. She then does it to Godai, but pulls his face instead of kissing him. But then she decides to kiss him for real. Godai feels invigorated and decides to end it with Kozue the next day. Kozue arrives at Maison Ikkoku that night in tears and tells Godai that she couldn't turn down her co-worker even though Godai proposed to her. Kyoko hears this and slaps Godai. Godai chases her to her room where she tells him to move out. Godai refuses so Kyoko decides that she'll leave.

Sep 28 1986- Kyoko leaves. Later that day Godai learns Kyoko moved out. Once he explains things to Akemi, Mrs. Ichinose and Yotsuya, the demand he goes to find Kyoko. Meanwhile Kyoko is staying wiht her parents. Her mother chastises her for not marrying Mitaka. Kyoko says she was involved with someone else. Suddenly the doorbell rings and its Godai. Kyoko tells her mother to get rid of him. Godai tries to yell an explanation, but Kyoko kicks him out. That night Kyoko's mother tells her husband about Godai. Godai returns to find himself locked out of Maison Ikkoku, so he sneaks in through Nikaido's room, but falls in the process.

Oct 01 1986- Godai visits the Chigusa's to try to see Kyoko, but she refuses. The other tenants have turned Maison Ikkoku into a pig-sty. Kyoko's father sneaks off to the Otonashi's and tells them that Kyoko wants to quit, fo course he didn't consult his daughter about any of this. Kyoko decides maybe she should listen to what Godai has to say.

Oct 02 1986- Mr. Otonashi visits Maison Ikkoku and sees the mess. He tells the tenants about Kyoko's father quitting for her, but they're so used to Kyoko's parents schemes that they don't give it a second thought. Yotsuya volunteers Godai for the position of temporary manager. Kyoko worries when Godai doesn't show up, but he's so busy with his new job that he doesn't have time. Kyoko is surprised that night when Mr. Otonashi calls. She makes up a story about her mother being ill, but her father-in-law tells her not to worry because he hired someone to temporarily replace her.

Oct 03 1986- The tenants continue to harass Godai and tell him he needs to end things with Kozue. Apparently he's been trying but her job keeps her too busy to see him. Kyoko visits Chachamaru and finds Mrs. Ichinose, Yotsuya and Akemi, who chastise her for being gone all week. Kyoko says she doesn't want to quit, but doesn't know how to react to Godai anymore. Akemi jokingly says taht she'll sleep with Goai if Kyoko is just going to run away. Kyoko says she doesn't care, so Akemi agrees to do it. She thinks Kyoko needs to get scared before she'll stop being so headstrong. Meanwhile, Kyoko visits Maison Ikkoku to see the new manager and is shocked to find out its Godai. She sneaks away without him seeing her. That night Mrs. Ichinose and Yotsuya notice Akemi is otu on a date and wonder if its Godai that she's with. A drunken Akemi calls Godai, crying and tells him to bring money to a nearby love hotel. When he gets there, Godai is told he is expected in Room 302 and goes upstairs to find a half-naked Akemi asleep on the bed. She wakes up and tells him that her date ran out on her. She mentions it would be a shame not to get some use out of the room, but when Godai panics she tells him she was only joking. As they leave the hotel, they run into Kozue and her co-workers returning home. Kozue just walks away in shock.

Oct 04 1986- Akemi asks if Godai is happy that his Kozue problem is solved thanks to her, but he isn't feeling so greatful. Godai calls Kozue but she hangs up on him. Mrs. Ichinose tells him he should leave her be. Mrs. Ichinose visits Kyoko and fills her in. Kyoko agrees to come back to Maison Ikkoku. The tenants all celebrate at the news that night, but are curious about what happened between Akemi and Godai. Godai gets upset, so Akemi kisses him.

Oct 05 1986- Kyoko meets Kozue on her way home. They go into a coffee shop to talk. Kozue mentions another woman that Godai is interested in and then reveals it to be Akemi. Kozue tearfully says she won't see Godai again. Instead of going back to Maison Ikkoku, Kyoko goes to Chachamaru to talk to Akemi. Kyoko doesn't know how to ask Akemi about the love hotel, but when she mentions seeing Kozue, Akemi admits to leaving the hotel with Godai. Kyoko goes into shock until the other residents show up. Kyoko tells them she quits and tells Godai she hates him. When he tries to explain Akemi stops him. Kyoko tells Godai that she hopes he's paying Akemi what she deserves, causing Godai to rear back and almost slap her. Kyoko tells him he's too spineless to even do that and that if he has nothing to be ashamed of he should hit her, and so he does. Kyoko says she hates him again and heads for the door. Akemi stops her and tells her that she doesn't need to steal men from women like Kyoko, who has never even let Godai hold her hand. Akemi then sends Godai after her. godai catches her, but she doesn't want to talk about it. She doesn't think she can keep up with the daily dramas. Godai tells her she has to forget the misunderstandings and trust him. Godai says she always forgets the most important thing, his feelings, and that he loves her and always has. Kyoko can't trust him, but he tells her that she is all he's ever wanted. Kyoko asks how he would feel if she said she didn't want that. He says that that would mean he'd only seen what he wants and tells her he'll move out so she shouldn't quit. As he goes to leave, Kyoko stops him. She tells him she's gotten tired of being angry and she wants to trust him. So the two go into a love hotel together. They embrace, Kyoko showers, and Godai calls in late to work before taking his own shower. And so the two akwardly climb into bed together. But Godai is so nervous that he is unable to finish. He is worried about Soichiro. Nikaido meets Kozue on the train and tells her the truth about everything regarding Godai and Akemi. When Godai arrives at the cabaret, Kozue is waiting for him. She tells him she found out the truth and apologizes for not trusting him. While watching him play with the children she sees him for the man he has become. They walk together and Kozue begins to cry. Godai breaks down and tells her he's in love with someone else. She asks if he's going to marry this girl and he says he doesn't know. Then Kozue shows him her ring, she has decided to marry the man from the bank. They talk about her fiance and she says that she and Godai have always been quite a pair. As they split up, she asks what Godai's loved one is like, but decides she doesn't want to know, and they say goodbye. Godai thinks about her question as he walks home. Kyoko is waiting for him at Maison Ikkoku. He apologizes for what happened when he was with her earlier but she blames herself and goes to her room. He follows her and they talk about Soichiro. Godai says he can't love her the same way, but he can give her a different kind of happiness. In order to finally trust each other completely, they make love again, and get it right this time.

Oct 06 1986- Kyoko and Godai wake up in each others arms and she tells him that she's been in love with him for a long time. So long, that she can't remember when it happened.

Oct 31 1986- Godai dreams that he fails his test and Kyoko leaves him. The other tenants wake him up and begin to wonder if he is the reason that Kyoko has been so happy. He promises to tell Kyoko his results as soon as he gets them. Mrs. Ichinose tells Kyoko that she thinks he'll propose if he passes. Kyoko says that wuold be perfect. Godai nervously approaches Tokyo City Hall, as the tenants plan their sympathy party. Godai calls Maison Ikkoku but hangs up too fast. When he arrives at the Bunny Club, he confidently tells Iioka that he passed. He tries to call again, but the tenants keep Kyoko from answering. Later that night after he gets off work, he finally gets a call through and tells Kyoko the good news, but gets cut off before he can propose.

Nov 06 1986- Godai tries to sneak into Kyoko's room around 3 AM, but the gang is asleep in his room and wakes up in time to stop him. When Godai goes out later that morning Kyoko makes an excuse to go out. They mention they haven't been alone since their night together, so Godai asks if he can come by her room later. She holds his hand in reply. Godai goes back to Acorn Daycare in his search for a job. Kyoko cleans up Room 5 as the tenants begin to get suspicious. Sakamoto visits Godai at work and gets him to have a beer with him. He won't let Godai go home, because he's very depressed about getting dumped again.

Nov 07 1986- Godai calls Kyoko at almost 2 AM to tell her about Sakamoto. He doesn't get home until after dawn. The tenants have recovered and are ready to start partying again.

Nov 08 1986- The partying continues.

Nov 09 1986- More partying with the Loons.

Nov 10 1986- The party drags on. Kyoko wonders if he'll ever propose.

Nov 11 1986- Godai escapes and promises he'll see Kyoko tonight no matter what. Unfortunately he gets trapped in his room yet again.

Nov 12 1986- At 4 AM Godai sneaks downstairs to face an angry Kyoko. The tenants watch then argue that Kyoko and Godai have been keeping this from then, but are thrilled to see they are finally together.

Nov -- 1986- Godai goes job hunting, but his work at the cabaret hurst his chances and when he meets another applicant who's had a very hard life, he gets the sympathy vote and the job Godai wanted. But when the Acorn's director throws his back out Kuroki comes to tell Godai that she's getting married and getting him a job.

The Next Day- Godai visits Acorn Daycare's director in the hospital.

Dec -- 1986- Kyoko visits her parents to check on her sick father. When Mrs. Chigusa asks about Godai though, her father angrily perks up. At Acorn Daycare, the staff asks Kuroki about how Saotome proposed to her. Godai begins to ramble about proposing to Kyoko and everyone becomes disinterested in the topic. Godai tells her parents that she and Godai are dating and begins to wonder when he'll propose. On the way home Godai decides tonight is the night he'll propose. He visits her in her room but keeps screwing up his proposal.

Dec 24 1986- Kyoko's sick father sneaks away from home and runs into Mrs. Ichinose. He asks her where Godai works so he can stop him from proposing. When Kyoko finds out she calls Godai and warns him. After being questioned by the police for loitering at the pre-school Kyoko's Father begins to reminice about her childhood. That night is Godai's last night at the Bunny Club, and as he gives the children gifts, Mr. Chigusa angrily tries to leave, but collapses from his fever. Godai calls Kyoko and tells her that he'll take her father home, but she decides to try and help. When she arrives at the club she hears her father say that he doesn't ever want to see Kyoko cry again. Godai and Kyoko carry an intoxicated Mr. Chigusa back to his house and on the way Godai finally proposes. Kyoko makes him promise to outlive her, because she doesn't want to be alone again. Kyoko's Father wakes up and tells Godai he'd better make Kyoko happy.

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