Cultural References


Jan 01 1983- Godai goes to a coffee shop and gets his 3rd fortune reading. On his way home he meets Kyoko and finds all the other tenants have returned home as well.

Jan -- 1983- Akemi gets dumped by her boyfriend, and after some heavy drinking, comes home and passionately kisses Godai and Kyoko.

The Next Day- Akemi apologizes for the previous night. Kyoko goes on a date with Mitaka and Godai and Kozue go out together. Neither Godai nor Kyoko can stop thinking about kissing one another.

Jan -- 1983- Kyoko and Akemi buy leotards. While Yotsuya convinces Godai that they must peep at the girls.

Feb 14 1983- (Godai's Spring Break) Kozue gives Godai some chocolates and Pansies for Valentine's Day. The pansies mean "keep me in your heart" according to Mrs. Ichinose.

Feb 15 1983- Godai leaves to visit his parents and Kyoko takes care of his flowers, but gets angry when she finds out they're from Kozue.

Feb 25 1983- Godai comes home and Kyoko gives him some Geraniums and a "Say it With Flowers" book. According to the book, Geraniums mean "how ingenious of you".

Mar -- 1983- Godai goes out with Kozue but can't keep his mind off Kyoko. Kozue notices and becomes depressed.

The Next Day- Kozue runs into Mitaka and the two end up having lunch together. Kozue asks him for relationship advice. Yotsuya sees Mitaka put his arm around Kozue and reports this back to Godai.

The Next Day- Kozue comes to see Mitaka twice to ask for more advice and Godai listens in on their conversation. Mitaka urges him to put things right with her, and inadvertently, thats exactly what Godai does.

Mar -- 1983- Kyoko gets a new dressing mirror and tries on an old high school uniform in front of it. This leads to everyone at Ikkoku playing dress up.

Apr -- 1983- While tutoring Ikuko, Grandfather Otonashi asks Godai to give Soichiro's diary to Kyoko, but an important postcard falls out and lands in Godai's bag.

The Next Day- Godai finds the missing postcard and promptly returns it to Kyoko.

Apr -- 1983- A friend of the Chigusa's bring his new grandchild by their apartment.

Apr 19 1983- After Soichiro's services, Granfather Otonashi and Mrs. Chigusa begin to pressure Kyoko to remarry and have children.

Later That Week- Mitaka, Kyoko, Mrs. Chigusa, Mrs. Ichinose, and Godai all go out for lunch to discuss Kyoko's future. Mitaka mentions he'd like five to ten kids while Godai says he would settle for just one.

May -- 1983- The ChaChaMaru Master accepts a bet to play a baseball game against the local merchants. Over the course of a week he assembles a team consisting of of himself, Akemi, Yotsuya, Mrs. Ichinose, Kyoko, Godai, Kentaro, Sakamoto, and Mitaka.

One Week Later- The ragtag ChaChaMaru team is able to barely defeat the local merchant's team after an injured shop-keeper forces Mitaka onto the opposing team and Ikuko onto the home team as his replacement.

May -- 1983- Godai meets incoming freshman Eriko Shiraishi at a party. On her way home from her high school reunion, Kyoko runs into the two standing outside a love hotel.

The Next Day- While Kyoko is refusing to talk to Godai his grandma comes to town for her high school reunion and talk both Godai and Kyoko into going with her, which also gives them a chance to make up.

Later That Week- Godai's grandmom meets Kozue while he worries about how much longer she'll live.

May -- 1983- Grandmother Yukari meets Coach Mitaka and arranges a dinner at his apartment for Kyoko, Godai, and herself.

The Next Saturday- Grandma, Kyoko, and Godai spend the day at Mitaka's apartment and Godai learns that his grandmother had a rich suitor taht competed with his grandfather for her affections when she was younger. Mitaka shows everyone a picture of his sister.

Jun -- 1983- A jar of plum wine arrives from Godai's parents and all the tenants (including Kyoko) proceed to get very drunk. Godai gets slapped for fighting with Soichiro and pulling Kyoko's dress up.

Jun -- 1983- After a date with Kozue, Godai stays overnight with Sakamoto. Sakamoto was dumped and in need of consoling. Late that night Sakamoto rolled over and left a hickey on Godai's shoulder.

The Next Day- The Ikkoku residents all go to a swimming pool to cool off while Godai tries to hide his hickey. Once Kyoko sees it and gets fed up with Godai's excuses she becomes enraged and bites him.

Jul -- 1983- Godai goes hiking in Hokkaido whle waiting for Kyoko to calm down. While he's there he meets fellow traveler Konatsu Oguchi who is in training to stop her incessant talking.

Later That Week- Kyoko learns the truth about Godai's hickey. While Godai and Konatsu continue there journey and share a kiss. After going their seperate ways, they never meet again.

The Next Day- Godai writes his final draft of a letter to Kyoko, but tears it up along with his ticket home.

One Week Later- Godai is still stuck in Hokkaido.

Jul -- 1983- After the tenants throw a party on Mitaka's new boat, the boat boat sinks and everyone is stranded on an island. According to Yotsuya's reconnaissance the island is completely deserted.

The Next Day- Yotsuya finds some water, Mitaka gets chased off by Soichiro but ends up catching a lot of fish in the hood of his sweatshirt. Godai attempts to start a fire but fails. Later that night he tells Kyoko that he'll do his best to protect her.

Six Days Later- The gang comes close to being rescued when it is revealed that the island is a tourist attraction and Yotsuya has known this the entire time.

Aug 13 1983- At the Obon Festival, Kyoko gets trapped in a dried-up well and its not long before everyone else joins her too.

Sep -- 1983- Godai's mother calls Ikkoku trying to find out when Grandma is coming home. Seeing that her visit with Yusaku is coming to a close, Grandma Godai convinces Kyoko to go out with Godai.

The Next Sunday- Godai and Kyoko go out on their date and run into all the Ikkoku who have been sent by Grandma to follow them across Tokyo.

Sep -- 1983- The Ikkoku tenants throw a going away party for Grandma Yukari and stay up until the wee hours of the morning drinking.

The Next Day- Godai wakes up with a hangover and goes to the train station with Yotsuya, Akemi, Mrs. Ichinose and Kyoko to see his grandmother off. But after a train delay, the gang decides to throw another party on the platform, before saying goodbye.

Oct -- 1983- Mr. Ichinose gets laid off from his company. Kyoko and Godai meet him for the first time and he and Godai spend the evening drinking together. Mr. Ichinose tells Godai the story of how he met his wife, Hanae.

Nov -- 1983- Kentaro comes home from school and shows his mom an announcement for "Field Day" at his school but is too ashamed to invite his own parents. Instead, he asks Kyoko and Godai to come as his sister and her husband. Yotsuay and Akemi meet Mr. Ichinose for the first time.

The Next Day- Godai and Kyoko discuss the field day. Godai earns some bottles of sake at work. Mr. and Mrs. Ichinose discuss the field day.

The Next Day- Mr. Ichinose learns about Kentaro's plans for field day and has his feelings hurt. Yotsuya coms up with an idea for the Ichinose's.

Later That Week- Everyone from Maison Ikkoku shows up at field day. Kyoko and Godai practice for the three-legged race while the Ichinoses enter the race and win. As a prize, Yotsuya gives Godai's sake to Mrs. Ichinose.

Dec 08 1983- Godai has dinner with Kozue and comes back to find that Kyoko has mad some extra food for him. Yotsuya and Akemi get him in trouble, so she gives the food to them.

Dec 09 1983- Kozue and Godai go to the movies and Godai considers how he could break up with her.

Dec 10 1983- Godai tries to think of ways to make Kozue break up with him and realizes he's already done all those things to Kyoko.

Dec 11 1983- Godai tries to break up with Kozue, but she gives him a sweater that she made especially for him. Godai gets angry at a comment Kyoko makes and calls her an idiot which she overhears (she was on the roof repairing a hole above Akemi's room). Kyoko slips off the roof and refuses to ask for help, so after Godai saves her he slaps her. While sitting on his windowsill scolding Kyoko for being so stubborn, the sill breaks and Godai falls two stories, breaking his leg.

Dec 14 1983- Godai has been in the hospital and hasn't seen Kyoko since the accident. The contractors fix the damages at Ikkoku.

Dec 15 1983- Yotsuya and Akemi visit the hospital and tell Godai that his cousin is coming to take care of him. The tenants convince Kyoko to visit Godai.

Dec 16 1983- Kyoko finally comes by but leaves after a few minutes, when Kozue shows up.

Dec 17 1983- Kyoko, Mrs. Ichinose, Yotsuya, Akemi, Kozue, Kentaro, Ikuko, Sakamoto, and Mitaka come to visit Godai in the hospital.

Dec 18 1983- Kyoko visits Godai alone and brings him the sweater that Kozue knitted for him. Kyoko and Godai almost kiss but are interrupted when the tenants and Godai's cousin Akira arrive.

Dec 20 1983- Kyoko and Godai begin to think that Akira may be attracted to him. Akira's father visits the hospital and mentions that Akira wants to get married, Godai assumes she wants to marry him.

Dec 21 1983- Akira meets with her boyfriend and discusses eloping. Mrs. Ichinose and Yotsuya overhear them and plan to help them escape from her father.

Dec 24 1983- Everyone has the annual Christmas party at the hospital. Godai breaks his leg again after he is pushed down a flight of stairs while trying to tell Akira that her father will consent to her marriage.

Dec 25 1983- Kyoko asks if she can take care of Godai until he is released.

Dec 26 1983- Mitaka finds out that Kyoko is taking care of Godai and pays them both a visit at the hospital. He tells Kyoko not to get carried away in the moment.

Dec 27 1983- Mitaka brings Kozue to the hospital in hopes of having her take over caring for Godai from Kyoko, but it doesn't work out.

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