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Maison Ikkoku Albums

This massive collection is a reimagining of the Maison Ikkoku anime as a radio drama. The entire cast returned with Shigeru Chiba taking on the role of narrator. Each CD has two episodes on it (48 CDs x 2 episodes = 96 episodes). Each CD was available from the KAC (Kitty Animation Circle) individually or in eight sets of six disks. If you ordered the sets then you got bonus as well. Here is a list of the bonus materials for each of the six sets.

1. A six CD carrying case.
2. A "wet/dry" CD cleaner pen.
3. Some sort of cabinet to hold all 48 CDs.
4. An "original bandana".
5. An edited preview main CD of CDs 1-48.
6. An original telephone card.

Each CD has a "guest voice actor" who is intereviewed and hosts the musical interludes that accompany each CD. The actors range from the main cast down to actors that had small parts like Megumi Hayashibara and Tomomichi Nishimura.

The actor for the disc also acts as DJ for the "Music Break Time", which is the music portion of each album. Click here to see a collage of all 48 album covers.

Sound Theater
released every two months from May 25, 1990.
CD only

KACD3001 - KACD3048

Disc 1.
Hello Sadness (Instrumental)
Hello Sadness (Sumi Shimamoto)
Presentment (Sumi Shimamoto)

Disc 2.
Maison Ikkoku Comic Medley (New Recording/Kenji Kawai arrangement)

Disc 3.
BGM - The Way Home II (Takao Sugiyama)
BGM - Wind Symphony (Kenji Kawai)

Disc 4.
Melody (Sumi Shimamoto)
Follow You (Sumi Shimamoto)

Disc 5.
Will Tomorrow Be Brighter? (Takao Kisugi)
A Little Far (Takao Kisugi)

Disc 6.
Midway Through a Dream (Takao Kisugi)
ORACION -To Pray- (Takao Kisugi)

Disc 7.
A Girls Senses (Takao Kisugi)

Disc 8.
Earrings Tears (Kayoko Matsunaga)
JACK'S GOOD-BYE (Date of Birth)

Disc 9.
Cinema '90 (Picasso)

Disc 10.
Angel Gone Astray (Takao Kisugi)
My Luxury Night (Takao Kisugi)

Disc 11.
Get Down (Gilbert O'Sullivan)
Alone Again (Naturally) (Gilbert O'Sullivan)

Disc 12.
Cabaret (Picasso)

Disc 13.
Goro-chan (Supepe)
A Little Love Salesmanship (Koyume Ito)

Disc 14.
FANTASIA (Kaori Kano)

Disc 15.
Mudatsumintare (The Prohibited Forest Town) (Date of Birth)

Disc 16.
Waiting for Your Love (Picasso)

Disc 17.
Miss Another Day (Picasso)
On The Road (Picasso)

Disc 18.
Memories of an Eye (Date of Birth)

Disc 19.
Noir Blue's Tears (Kakizaki Hiroshi + "r" project)

Disc 20.
Inside of Your Love (Cindy)

Disc 21.
Suki sa (Anzen Chitai)

Disc 22.
Raasaasaa (UB:TAPS)

Disc 23.
Crazy Love (Izumi Kobayashi)
Mr. COOL (Izumi Kobayashi)

Disc 24.
LOVE GAME (Izumi Kobayashi)
MA: Farier [My Sun]) (MOCK' LEE and Quicker All Stars)

Disc 25.
Watch (Date of Birth)

Disc 26.
Le Voyou (Izumi Kobayashi)

Disc 27.
Sunny Shiney Morning (Kiyonori Matsuo)

Disc 28.
1. Spring 2. Summer 3. Fall 4. Winter (Written by: Shinsei Kazuto)

Disc 29.
Oiler Catnip Ferrycat (Susumu Oono)
A Little Love Salesmanship II (Susumu Oono)

Disc 30.
YURA YURA (Picasso)

Disc 31.
Jules Verne's Children (Picasso)
SNOW MAN (Kenji Morisaki)

Disc 32.
Nightfall ~ Night Waterfall (Wataru Yahagi)
Very Soon The Tears Will Stop (Koyume Ito)

Disc 33.
Once Again Spring Summer Fall Winter (Kenji Morisaki)

Disc 34.
Waiting On My Sweetheart (Kenji Morisaki)

Disc 35.
A Little Love Salesmanship III (Koyume Ito)
Don't Leave (Koyume Ito)

Disc 36.
Venus's Tears (Date of Birth)
Odd Together (Koyume Ito)

Disc 37.
The Bonds of Two People (Ryo Matsuda)

Disc 38.
Dear Me? (Kenji Morisaki with chorus by Koyume Ito)

Disc 39. MESSIAH (Koyume Ito)

Disc 40.
Anger (Koyume Itowith chorus by Kenji Morisaki)

Disc 41.
Father's Talk (Kenji Morisaki)

Disc 42.
Okay My Friend (Kazuhito Katou)
The Huge Blue Sky ~Pray For You~ (Kenji Morisaki)

Disc 43.
Our Song (Koyume Ito)

Disc 44.
To Cut the Tree (Wataru Yahagi)

Disc 45.
Persistant Pelican (Picasso)

Disc 46.
C'est la vie II (Kenji Morisaki)

Disc 47.
Return to You (Kenji Morisaki)

Disc 48.
MAMBO No. 5 [Disco Dango]
Mambo Mambo (Kenji Morisaki)

This album is the drama version of the Maison Ikkoku OVAs, "Ikkoku Island" and "Prelude to Maison Ikkoku."

Sound Theater Extra
released 6/25/91
CD only


1. Ikkoku Island Chronicle
2. Prelude (Drama Track)

An Introduction to Maison Ikkoku