Track Number
Japanese Title English Title Running Time
Additional Notes

Track 1
One Track Mind One Track Mind 3:59
Performed by Cindy, who also contributed a number of great songs to Urusei Yatsura. Interestingly enough, Cindy speaks perfect English, so apparently she's an American (or European). Her songs, and this one in particular are really great 80's pop music. This song in particular reminds me a lot of the 80's classic Let's Hear It For the Boy.

Track 2
Kemuri ga me ni Shimiru Smoke Gets in Your Eyes 4:43
This is an easy going jazz song performed by Ryou Matsuda. It has a very lazy, slow pace to it. Lots of saxophone and synthesizer.

Track 3
Inside of Your Love Inside of Your Love 4:41
Another fantastic song by Cindy. This one has a male backup singer, and is more of a ballad.

Track 4
Queen of Swords Queen of Swords 2:45
One of my favorite musicians has to be Mark Goldenberg. All of the songs he contributed to Maison Ikkoku are instrumentals, but are incredibly beautiful. This is probably his silliest song, but its still really great. It has a bit of a carnival flavor to it.

Track 5
Hiru Kudari no Yousei Evening Fairy 3:56
A more upbeat song by Ryou Matsuda. This is a very danceable tune, like most songs found in this collection.

Track 6
Try Your Luck Again Try Your Luck Again 4:31
A nice acoustic guitar melody opens this song which segues nicely with Cindy's voice. This song has a nice slow pace to it, much like "Inside of Your Love".

Track 7
Mambo No. 5 Mambo No. 5 3:59
Mambo No. 5 really cool song by Masayoshi Takanaka. Its played during the scene where Kyoko first visits Godai's college. Its got a real Caribbean flavor to it. It shouldn't be confused with the Lou Bega song of the same name.

Track 8
Finger Dancin' Finger Dancin' 3:47
This song by Masayoshi Takanaka has also been used in Urusei Yatsura. Its sounds a lot like a disco song, which means its great for dancing!

Track 9
Space Wagon Space Wagon 8:29
Another great song by Masayoshi Takanaka. The eight-and-a-half minutes of this song make it another good dance track. Its one of my favorites!

Track 10
Garden of Love Garden of Love 3:38
Another hot dance track from Cindy. It features some electric guitar and quite a bit of drum work..

Track 11
Yumeshibai Dream Theater 3:02
This song by Kei Ogura seems like a traditional 90's J-pop song. Its got a very relaxed pace to it.

Track 12
Aoi Hitomi no Erisu In Your Deep Blue Eyes 4:08
Anzen Chitai contributes this heartbreakingly sad song. It's a bit depressing, but I guess that only goes to show what great musicians these guys are.

Track 13
Sera Fuku to Kikan Juu Sailor Suit and Machine Gun 4:31
The background music on this song sounds quite a lot like Garden of Love. Sera Fuku to Kikan Juu was performed by Hiroko Yakushimaru.

Track 14
Futatabi No The Second Time Around 4:24
Performed by Yutaka Eijirou, Futatabi No is another slow paced love song.

Track 15
Jidai Okure no Sakaba Ancient Tavern 5:02
This vocal by Tokiko Katou sounds like something you'd hear in an old tavern. Its a great song to drink to!

Track 16
You and I You and I 4:33
Cindy delivers again on this fast paced dance song. Its got quite a bit of sexual innuendo on it as she and her backup singer flirt back and forth.

Track 17
Tsurai Kedo It's Painful, But 3:30
Eijirou Tai delivers this j-pop song to finish up this strong album of extra songs.