Track Number
Japanese Title English Title Running Time
Additional Notes

Track 1
Something in the Air Something in the Air 4:52
Even though most all of Cindy's songs are upbeat this has probably got the edge in that department. This is a really great old-fashioned bubblegum Pop song.

Track 2
Nakasete Let Me Grieve 3:59
A passionate love song touched with a melancholy sadness, performed by Kei Ogura.

Track 3
Haru no Arashi no Yoru no Tejinashi Magician of the Spring Night Storm 4:58
Some really nice flute playing in this tragically sad song by Moriou Agata.

Track 4
The Wind in Your Hair The Wind in Your Hair 3:07
A Mark Goldenberg instrumental! Each of his songs are like a little slice of heaven. I highly recommend this boxset if for nothing more than getting Mr. Goldenberg's wonderful songs. This song has a very Jamaican feel to it.

Track 5
Coracao Coracao 3:45
Mark Goldenberg does some amazingly beautiful acoustic guitar on this, one of my favorite Ikkoku songs!

Track 6
Muteki ga Ore o Yonde Iru The Foghorn is Calling Me 3:36
This song by Keiichiro Akagi was played in the episode where Akemi was at the docks and thinking about going away with Hiroshi.

Track 7
Mou Sukoshi Tooku A Little Farther Away 4:11
Performed by Kisugi Takao. Mou Sukoshi Tooku is an slightly more upbeat song than his closing theme "Ashita Hareru Ka". This can also be found on the CD Single Memorial File.

Track 8
Skin Deep Skin Deep 4:18
A hot dance song by Cindy, featuring more steamy lyrics!

Track 9
Yume Shigeru Rain During a Dream 4:14
A very traditional Japanese song with lyrics by Sakura.

Track 10
Warui Kuse Bad Habit 4:07
I love the piano entrance into this Rabi Nakayama song. The violins are great too. Its a really nice "moody" kind of song.

Track 11
Tesou Palm Reading 3:21
Another jazzy bar song by the talented Rabi Nakayama.

Track 12
Pieces of Eight Pieces of Eight 3:18
An absolutely gorgeous piano composition by Mark Goldenberg. You must hear this song! I think it was played in a cafe that Godai was eating at with Kozue.

Track 13
Tokoton I Love You I Love You to the End 3:22
This fast and frentic dance track is performed by Michiko Kawai.

Track 14
Sweet Dream Sweet Dream 3:18
A light and airy pop song from Kanako Narikiyo. This was also used as an opening in Urusei Yatsura.

Track 15
Koukyokyoku Douran Daiichi Gakushou Yori From the "Upheaval" Symphony, First Movement 3:35
A very nice classical piece. I'm not sure of the name of the composure sadly.

Track 16
Mizu Sakazuki Farewell Cups of Water 4:09
Another song from Sakura, this one is more of a pop song, and has less of the traditional Japanese elements to it.

Track 17
Binetsu na Kibun (Rimikksu Bajon) Slightly Feverish (Remix Version) 3:13
A high energy, blue-grass, pop song from the strangely named Hillbilly Bops. Its as strange as it sounds, but its really worth hearing for yourself!