The two OVAs were the first pieces of animation released for the Mermaid Saga, though both pieces have very differing looks from one another due to the different companies involved in each. The first OVA, "Mermaid's Forest" was handled by Studio Pierrot and Victor Entertainment, while it's sequel, "Mermaid's Scar" was animated by Madhouse.

Both OVAs were adapted into English in North America shortly after they were made. U.S. Manga Corp released a subtitle-only VHS of "Mermaid's Forest", marketing it with their "Rumic World" releases of "Maris the Supergirl", "Firetripper", and "The Laughing Target". Meanwhile Viz Media (then known as Viz Video) released "Mermaid's Scar" as a English-dub only VHS as one of their very first anime releases. Unfortunately both companies have allowed the Mermaid Saga OVAs to fall out of print.

Insert Songs:
Drift of Time by Junko Hirotani (Forest), Tears of Eternity by Akino Arai (Scar)
Ending Theme:
Born to Love You by Eri Fukatsu (Forest), Beads of Tears by Maki Mochida

Director: Takaya Mizutani (Forest) Morio Asaka (Scar) Music: Kenji Kawai (Forest) Norihiro Tsuru (Scar) Character Design: Sayuri Ichiishi (Forest) Kumiko Takahashi (Scar) Art Director: Katsuyoshi Kanemura (Forest) Hidetoshi Kaneko (Scar) Director of Photography: Hajime Noguchi & Hiroshi Takahashi (Forest) Jin Yamaguchi (Scar)

August 1991
Mermaid Forest
(Ningyo no Mori)

The story begins by setting up the story and showing Yuta's immortality. In the 1980s he and Mana encounter the mysterious white-haired Towa, who wants Mana's body for her own. It seems Towa too is immortal, though her attempt was not as successful as our protagonists.

September 1993
Mermaid's Scar
(Ningyo no Kizu)

Mana and Yuta meet a little boy named Masato while travelling on a train. The boy is being reunited with his mother who seems cold and distant. Soon Yuta and Mana realize that both the boy and his mother are immortal, but things are not quite as they seem between the gentle Masato and his cruel mother Misa.

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