Big Eyes

Big Eyes was once a mortal man, until the desire to become immortal overtook him. Walking along a beach he found a rotted corpse of a mermaid and took some of the flesh. Days passed and he thought the transformation had worked, but sitting in his home he lost consciousness...

When he awoke his entire village had been destroyed and his family along with everyone else in town had been savagely murdered. He had become a Lost Soul. But this Lost Soul is unique in that most of the time he is very gentle and is even able to speak. He finds Mana dead on the side of the road and takes her to his cave, and feeds her. He's been without company for hundreds of years and is often hunted by humans. The most recent hunter is a man who lost his eye to Big Eyes forty years ago.

Soon, Yuta and the hunter find Mana and attack Big Eyes. Under the threat of violence Big Eyes loses control and reverts to his raged state. Mana tries to protect him, but Yuta and the hunter have no choice but to kill him. Mana is saddened by his death, as Big Eyes calls out for her with his last breath. Yuta's only recompense is to tell Mana that he died as a human.

The Meaning Behind the Name

"Oomanako" literally translates to "big eyes".

Daisuke Gouri & Kyle Hebert

Daisuke Gouri played the evil Kyokotsu in Inuyasha, as well as Dozle Zabi in Mobile Suit Gundam, Robin Mask in Kinnikuman and Mari in Project A-ko.

Kyle Hebert is best known for playing adult Gohan in Dragon Ball Z. He is also known for his work as Kiba Inuzuka in Naruto, Ken-Goh in Eureka Seven, and Sosuke Aizen in Bleach.

An Introduction to Mermaid Saga

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