Nanao's Mother

Yuta and Mana are soon faced with a mystery regarding the woman they think to be Nanao's Mother. She has been feeding her son the ashes of a mermaid, and they are not sure why. They have seen another woman in a photograph who they were told was also the boy's mother, but the two women look completely different.

Mana discovers that the two women are actually the same person. Nanao's mother uses a scapel to remove her face and replace it with that of a corpses she found. She does this to rid herself of the scar that the Mermaid's Flesh gave her. The flesh was too strong for her and until she replaced her face, she lived in almost constant pain.

The woman became immortal in 1969, 25 years before she met Mana and Yuta. She explains that her husband divorced her and tried to take her child away from her. Rather than give up her only son she tried to poison them both with Mermaid's Flesh. The boy spit the flesh out after it scarred him, but his mother became immortal but was severely scarred as well. Now the boy she calls "Nanao" is actually the grandson she kidnapped to replace her real son.

Masako Katsuki & Michelle Ruff

Masako Katsuki played Natsume in Ranma , as well as Sailor Neptune in Sailor Moon, Tsunade in Naruto, Arcee in Transformers and Kimie Hanada in Crying Freeman.

Perhaps best known as Rukia Kuchiki in Bleach, Michelle Ruff has also voiced Chii in Chobits, Yukari in Rumiko Takahashi Anthology, Alvis E. Hamilton in Last Exile, and Fujiko Mine in various Lupin III films.

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