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Russo-Japanese War
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Japan and Russia fell into war during 1905 over Russia's desire for the warm water port Lüshunkou (known to the Russians as Port Arthur and to the Japanese as Ryojun) in modern day China. Talks fell through with the Tsarist government as Japan sought to remain in control of the Korean penninsula and war was declared.

The conflict was primarily a naval war taking place around the Liaodong Peninsula and Mukden, and the seas around Korea, Japan, and the Yellow Sea. The Japanese navy proved superior to that of the Russians, a fact that shocked many observers on the world stage. Russia's failure would contribute to the discontent that eventually lead to the Russian Revolution of 1905.

Relevance to Mermaid Saga

In the manga story "Yasha no Hitomi/Mermaid' Gaze", the time period is established as being shortly before the Russo-Japanese War, a time in which Japan had become increasingly Westernized as it attempted to establish itself as a superpower in Asia. Takahashi discussed doing research on old Western style houses in Tokyo in preparation for this story.

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