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Yasha no Hitomi
volume 3
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday Extra 1992 June
Shonen Sunday 1993 Vol. 5 - 6
Shonen Sunday 1994 Vol. 7 - 8
Published in English as:
Mermaid's Dream Part 2 - 3
Mermaid's Gaze Part 1 - 4
Mermaid's Mask Part 1 - 4
Mermaid Saga Volumes 3 & 4

Chapter 12: Shari hime
(The Ash Princess)
In the 17th century Yuta runs across a travelling show that is selling Mermaid's Flesh. A little girl demonstrates her immortality by cutting herself and showing everyone that her wound has healed, then her father reveals his very own mermaid. Natsume, the little girl, leaves after the show is over and tracks a dog to an empty field. She kills it and devours its liver in front of a monk. This monk begins attacking her and manages to cut off her arm before Yuta arrives and saves her. He takes Natsume back to her father who greatfully offers Yuta some Mermaid's Flesh for his kindness. Yuta realizes that the flesh isn't real and tells the old man that what he's doing is pretty low. Natsume shows Yuta their mermaid, which appears to be a half monkey half fish monster. During the night, Natsume attempts to eat Yuta's liver. Her father asks Yuta to please leave. As he's leaving Yuta meets the monk from earlier. The monk explains that he met Natsume's father many years ago when he was grieving over the loss of his daughter. The monk was so heartbroken that he tried to use something called the "Hangon Technique" to bring Natsume back to life using her bones. He used a Mermaid's Liver in order to ensure the process worked, but instead it created an immortal with an appetite for livers. The monk regretted his actions even more when he learned that Natsume's father had been using a lesser version of the Hangon Technique in order to bring other people back to life for a fee. Yuta agrees to help the monk get rid of Natsume, but later decides that instead of killing her, he will take Natsume with him. When Natsume's father learns of this, he captures Yuta and attempts to remove his liver. At the same time, the monk finds Natsume and is sucessful in removing the Mermaid's Liver that has been keeping her alive all these years. Natsume gets away and finds her father about to kill Yuta. She stops him in time, but her father feels so betrayed that he takes her and jumps off a cliff, wanting nothing more than to die with her. They both die together, but Yuta finds that Natsume has come back to life again, only for a second though, before she returns to the bones from which she was born.

Chapter 13: Yasha no hitomi (zenpen)
(Mermaid's Gaze, Part One)
On New Year's Eve 1992 Mana and Yuta find themselves in a town Yuta once lived in. Yuta finds the old manor he once worked on shortly before the Russo-Japanese War in the early 1900s. They hear stories about an old woman who keeps calling the police and telling them she has killed a man, but when they arrive the body is always gone. The man continues to come back to life and harass the woman, demanding that she give him a life-sized doll that is kept in the home. When Yuta and Mana go to visit the house they see the man once again bothering the old women. Yuta seems to recognize him, and he makes a veiled threat towards Yuta that the old woman may kill him if he's not careful. The man's girlfriend calls him "Ken" and Ken tells the old woman to remember his girlfriend's face. Mana and Yuta head inside and the elderly woman explains that Ken had come by inquiring about the doll before. She refused to sell it though, and later that night she caught him trying to break in. He attacked her, and she killed him, but when the police arrived to get the body, there was no one there nor was their any blood. Yuta explains that he, and possibly the attacker, are immortals. He tells the old woman that he used to work at the manor and he believes that "Ken" is actually "Shingo" an evil young man that used to live there. He was abusive towards his sister and the two of them commited suicide. Yuta then discovers the cell in the basement that was used to keep Shingo in. Yuta and Mana spend the night at the house and Yuta tells Mana that Shingo was missing an eye in the past, but the present day Shingo has both. That night in a park Shingo murders his girlfriend. The next morning Shingo returns to the house bright and early to show the old women the morning paper reporting the murder. Yuta tries to protect the old women, and Shingo soon realizes that Yuta used to work at the manor in the past. After he leaves the old women take Yuta and Mana to see the doll, and Yuta soon realizes it looks just like Shingo's sister, Akiko. That night, Shingo breaks in once again, but this time Yuta is waiting for him.

Chapter 14: Yasha no hitomi (kohen)
(Mermaid's Gaze, Part Two)
Shingo breaks into the house, and Yuta runs to stop him using a kitchen knife. Shingo plays dirty though, and brings a gun. Yuta manages to disarm him, and Shingo's wounds heal quickly. He asks Yuta why that is and Yuta is shocked to discover that Shingo does not know why he is immortal. Yuta explains how the Mermaid's Flesh works and Shingo quickly pulls a shotgun out from his jacket. The fight continues and Shingo explains how he lost his eye because of his sister. One of the old women bursts out of the closet, and Mana dashes after her to protect her from Shingo. Shingo explains that he wants to know how to kill an immortal so that he can kill his sister. He tells them how he escaped from the cell he had been kept in and ripped the eye from his sister's corpse to replace his missing one. He was shocked to see that the eye still worked and realized that his sister was still living in a comatose state. The giant doll that has been kept in the house all these years was actually his still living sister. Shingo explains that now everytime he kills someone he sees the last thing his sister saw with her eye- his own hand reaching down to pull it from it's socket. Yuta takes Shingo to see her, and explains that he will be the one to kill her. Yuta chops off her head and then turns the sword on Shingo, killing him.

Chapter 15: Saigo no kao (zenpen)
(Mermaid's Mask, Part One)
One day a boy is riding in a car with a man. Suddenly the boy leaps out the window of the moving car and quickly runs away. Mana and Yuta find the boy taking some medicine that seems to heal his wounds instantly. They follow the boy home and meet his mother and grandmother. The grandmother tells them they should not have brought the boy home, and shows them a picture of Nanao (the boy) and his mother. Yuta notices that neither Nanao or the boy's mother look the same as the Nanao or mother he just met. Nanao's mother tells them not to listen to the old woman. Yuta and Mana hear rumors of a suicide that happened in the house they just visited 25 years ago after a man divorced his wife and took custody of their child. That night Nanao's mother goes into the old storehouse and removes a skinned face. The skin is badly scarred across the eye. Nanao visits Yuta down at the docks the next day and they see the man who kidnapped him. Yuta follows the man and soon sees him get pushed off a cliff by a woman with scars across her eye. Yuta saves the man who explains that the woman is his mother, and that she had kidnapped his son and named him Nanao after her own son. The older Nanao explains that his parents divorced 25 years ago, but rather than lose custody of her child she tried to kill them both with poison. The poison was Mermaid's Flesh. It burned Older Nanao's mouth so he spit it out, but it scarred his shoulder. Nanao's mother swallowed it and became very scarred across her eye, but became immortal. That night Mana and Little Nanao go into the storehouse and find the skin of his mother's face. Suddenly the scarred woman attacks.

Chapter 16: Saigo no kao (kohen)
(Mermaid's Mask, Part Two)
The woman badly injures Mana, and Little Nanao rushes off to get his mother's "medicine" before Mana can explain that she will not need it. Back in the storehouse Nanao's mother cuts off her face and replaces it with the non-scarred one. She finds Little Nanao and tells him to take her to Mana so she can help her. Nanao, not realizing that the scarred woman and his own "mother" are the same person does so. When she finds Mana she attacks her, but Yuta arrives with Older Nanao just in time to save her. The woman explains that she found a corpse washed up on the beach and took its face to stop the pain the scar was causing her. She kidnapped her son's child and raised him as if he were her own. Nanao's grandmother manages to get the "medicine" away from Nanao and feeds it to a cat. The cat transforms into a lost soul, and Nanao realizes that it is not medicine at all. His mother explains that she has been feeding him Mermaid's Ashes in hopes of building up his immunity to the flesh. She grabs her "son" and takes him into the storehouse where the flesh is. Mana makes it inside before the door is locked and keeps Nanao from eating it just in time. The mother is so saddened by her behavior that she leaves. Soon thereafter a report on the news says that the charred remains of a woman were found in a warehouse.



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