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This contains the vocal and instrumental tracks for the Mermaid Forest OVA. The music is by Kenji Kawai with vocals by Junko Hirotani on "Drift of Time" and Eri Fukatsu on "Born to Love You".

Mermaid Forest
released 7/21/91


1. Prologue
2. Drift of Time
3. Showa Era, 11th Year - Tokyo
4. Siblings
5. Metamorphosis
6. Mermaid Folklore
7. Noto Peninsula, Kannagi Mansion
8. Towa
9. Forest of Wandering
10. Previous Symptom
11. Nightmare
12. Golden Sea
13. Right Arm's Demon
14. Incomplete Change
15. Struggle to the Death
16. Ritual of Madness
17. Mermaid Hill
18. Eat Mermaid
19. Remenisence
20. Now Only Herself
21. Return to the Sea
22. Chapter End
23. Born to Love You

Norihiro Tsuru's violin score coupled with the vocals of Akino Arai on "Tears of Eternity" and Maki Mochida on "Beads of Tears" make this a very desireable soundtrack. Tsuru also composed the soundtrack to "The Heroic Legend of Arslan".

Mermaid's Scar
released 9/22/93


1. Eternal Breath
2. Melancholic Encounters
3. Life, the Shadow of Death
4. A Ring Ringing in Each Heart
5. Tears of Eternity
6. An Odd Sign
7. Unclosed Fact
8. The End of the Beginning
9. Life is Ripples
10. Beads of Tears

The first fifteen tracks on this release are by Agent MR for the Rumiko Takahashi Anthology TV series. This portion contains vocals by speena on "Tsudureori" and Kumachi on "Sayonara". The rest of the CD contains music from the Mermaid Forest TV series written by Sueaki Harada with vocals by Chiaki Ishikawa on "Like an Angel" and Kayoko on "Puddle".

Rumiko Takahashi Anthology and Mermaid Forest
released 12/3/03


1. Tsudureori
2. P no Higeki no Theme
3. Roman no Shounin no Theme
4. Oyaji Low Teen no Theme
5. Hachi no Naka no Theme
6. Meisou Kazoku no F no Theme
7. Kimi ga Iru Dake de no Theme
8. Hyakunen no Koi no Theme
9. Orei ni Kaete no Theme
10. Chanoma Lovesong no Theme
11. Poi no Ie no Theme
12. Higaeri no Yume no Theme
13. L Size no Koufuku no Theme
14. Senmu no Inu no Theme
15. Sayonara
16. Like An Angel
17. Ningyo wa Warawanai no Theme
18. Tougyo no Sato no Theme
19. Ningyo no Mori no Theme
20. Yume no Owari no Theme
21. Shari Hime no Theme
22. Saigo no Kao no Theme
23. Yakusoku no Ashita no Theme
24. Puddle

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