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December 9th

Viz VP Talks about IY
Liza Coppola, Viz's vice president of marketing talks about the success of Inuyasha and their other titles, as well marketing strategies and release schedules. Source: IcV2

December 4th

2006 Rumic World Quiz
The fourth annual Rumic World Quiz is online with some great prizes available to the winner. The contest runs until December 31st, so study up and get those entries in today. Click here to see the questions and enter the contest! Source: Rumic World

December 2nd

New Inuyasha on Adult Swim
The next batch of new English language episodes of Inuyasha will debut on Adult Swim the week of January 2, 2006. Inuyasha will air in the 12:30am Eastern time slot on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning with new episodes of other series filling the time slot the other days of the week. Source: Anime News Network


November 27th

Shonen Sunday Salutes Inuyasha
Shonen Sunday 2005 Vol. 53 will contain a special "Inuyasha Sengoku Scratch" game to commemorate the series upcoming 10th anniversary this year. Source: Websunday

November 10th

Second Round of Inuyasha Character Albums
In January another set of Inuyasha character albums will be released, just like this year's set. The next three albums will feature Kagome, Naraku, and a duet album for Bankotsu and Jakotsu. Source: Amazon Japan

November 6th

Top 10 Manga in Japan
This week Inuyasha volume 42 debuted in the Top 10 New Manga releases in Japan. It ranked number 10. Source: Tohan

Takahashi Mail Blocks
A series of Rumiko Takahashi "mail blocks" are being released in Japan for Urusei Yatsura, Maison Ikkoku, Ranma ½, and Inuyasha. Mail blocks are privacy screens for your cell phone and come in pink and black colors with a line drawing of various characters on them. The mail blocks come in pink and black and retail for 924 yen. Source: E-Mini Stop

Moeyo-ken Poster
As an incentive to reserve the upcoming Moeyo-ken DVD boxset in Japan, early reserves will recieve a Takahashi poster. The boxset includes seven DVDs and one CD and goes on sale January 27th. The set retails for 49,980 yen. Source: Ryutekirakuen


October 27th

Ranma 1/2 OAV Boxset Re-release
Viz is re-releasing the Ranma 1/2 OAV boxset on February 28th 2006. The set will sale for only $49.99 versus the original release of the set, which sold for $120.00. The new set includes postcards as an incentive for the few fans that don't already own the series on DVD. Source: Anime News Network

October 25th

New Takahashi Story
This weeks issue of Big Comic Spirits celebrates the magazine's 25th anniversary. Many creators have contributed short works to comemorate the event, including Rumiko Takahashi. The author provided a two page story that details the creation of her classic series, Maison Ikkoku. Source: Big Comic Spirits

October 15th

Live-Action Maison Ikkoku TV
In the October 17th issue of Big Comic Spirits, it was announced that in 2006 there will be a new live-action television drama version of Maison Ikkoku. No specific dates or cast has been annouced yet. Big Comic Spirits was the home to Maison Ikkoku throughout it's original publication in the early 1980s. There is no announcement on their website yet, but should be within the next few weeks. Source: Big Comic Spirits

October 4th

Maison Ikkoku OVA
RightStuf has annouced that the newest DVD boxset (boxset six) will include the Maison Ikkoku OVA "Yusaku's Island" on the final disk.
Addendum: Early reports from consumers refute this, as they can find no sign of the OVA on the boxset. Source:

October 3rd

Inuyasha Summer Campaign
Websunday, the official site of Shonen Sunday, is running a promotion to let fans vote one what Inuyasha products fans would like them to make. Some of the suggested items include Kagome's backpack and a Sesshomaru pillow. Voting ended on September 30th. Source:


September 27th

Websunday Promotes Endless Summer
Websunday, the official site of Shonen Sunday, is running some news about the new Urusei Yatsura game, which can be viewed here. Also, Marvelous Entertainment has put the official site for the game online as well. Source:

September 24th

Top 100 Anime List
TV Asashi has conducted an survey of the top 100 greatest anime TV shows of all time. The list had all of Takahashi's major TV shows with:
40. Ranma ½
52. Urusei Yatsura
59. Inuyasha
80. Maison Ikkoku
A webpoll conducted by TV Asashi had the voting like this:
30. Urusei Yatsura
45. Ranma ½
48. Inuyasha
89. Maison Ikkoku
Source: TV Asashi

September 20th

Endless Summer Images
Here are some pre-release images for the upcoming Urusei Yatsura game, Endless Summer for the Nintendo DS. Check them out. Source: Gpara.comk

September 17th

Do As Infinity Calls it Quits
Do As Infinity, the Japanese rock group known for their various songs for the Inuyasha anime are breaking up following the release of their greatest hits album. Their final performance will be November 25 at the Nippon Buddokan.. Source: Anime News Network

September 14th

Inuyasha Figures
In the US, Toynami's third wave of Inuyasha figures, featuring Sango and Miroku have finally been showing up in stores, while in Japan, Kotobukiya's first set of Inuyasha figures (statues would be a better term) have been released with more on the way. Images of Toynami's fourth set of figures featuring Naraku and a new Inuyasha can be viewed here while Kotobukiya's statues can be viewed here.

September 11th

Rumiko Takahashi Card
A signed Rumiko Takahashi card from the Inuyasha collectible card game sold on eBay for $670. The first autographed card was given to the winner of a tournament held at AnimeExpo. Source: Anime News Network

David Kaye's Big Success
David Kaye, the English voice of Sesshomaru, Soun Tendo, and Master has signed a six-figure deal with Fox Sports to handle all the voice over work for their promotional spots. Source: David

September 6th

Inuyasha and Urusei Yatsura News
Adult Swim has announced that new episodes of Inuyasha will be shown up to episode 126 this year with the rest appearing sometime in 2006. Animeigo announced some of the extras on the final disk of Urusei Yatsura, they will include line artwork, interviews with Animeigo staff, character bios, karaoke for openings and endings, trailers for OAVs and Movies, as well as some hidden easter eggs.

September 4th

Hurricane Katrina
As some of you may or may not know, Rumic World is based out of the small town of Perkinston, Mississippi, USA. We're about 20 miles north of Biloxi, and our community and state were hit hard by Hurricane Katrina. Our town has extensive property damage, no electricity, no water, no phones, and the economy of the gulf coast will be affected for years to come with the loss of our casinos. I am only able to post this because I left two weeks ago to begin graduate school in Alabama. Please make a donation, large or small, to the Red Cross to help all the families who have lost so much along the coast.


August 21st

Inuyasha Vol. 41
The newest Inuyasha tankoubon, (volume 41) debut in the top ten in Japan. It was the ninth highest seller for the week of August 7-15. Source: Animania Blog

August 17th

Takahashi Interview and Updates
We've added some new characters and voices to the Encyclopedia and added a 2001 interview with Takahashi from Animerica magazine.

IY Game Pushed Back
The newest Inuyasha game, Feudal Combat, has been pushed back a week, and will now be released on August 23rd.

Swords of an Honorable Ruler in Theaters
Viz has announced that beginning on August 24th Inuyasha Movie 3 will be shown in 15 theaters across the US as a lead up to the dvd release on September 6th. The complete list of theaters can be found in the press release, here. Source: Anime on DVD

Castle Beyond the Looking Glass on Adult Swim
The 2nd Inuyasha Movie will be shown twice on Adult Swim. The first showing is August 27th at midnight, and at 3am on the 28th. Anime News Network

August 11th

Moeyoken Soundtrack and UY Game Song
The Moeyoken TV soundtrack will be released on September 22nd. Also in soundtrack news, the new Nintendo DS "Urusei Yatsura: Endless Summer" game will feature the song "Star" by Kumi Kouda.

August 7th

Extremely Discounted UY DVDs
Animeigo has announced deep discounts for their first Urusei Yatsura DVDs in order to help bring new fans to the series. The first volume will retail for $10, while DVDs 2-5 will sell for $15. Source: Animeigo

August 6th

Nintendo DS Release
The new Urusei Yatsura game for the Nintendo DS has finally been scheduled for release on October 20th. The official title will be "Urusei Yatsura: Endless Summer" and it will retail for 5,040 yen. Source: GameFAQs

Inuyasha 1/8 Scale Figures
August will see the release of the 1/8 scale figures from Kotobukiya. The first wave will contain Inuyasha and Kagome with Shippo. The figures will retail for 3,654 yen. Plans call for Miroku, Sango and Sesshomaru figures to follow later in the fall.

Movie 4 Bonus
As you all know, Inuyasha Movie 4 will go on sale in Japan on August 26th. The first pressing will also contain a drawing by Takahashi.

August 5th

Final UY DVDs and IY CDs
Animeigo has announced the release dates for the final ten discs of Urusei Yatsura. The last boxset, containing discs 46-50 will have five episodes per disc instead of the usual four. That way the 50th disc can be devoted entirely to extra content and interviews. In addition, Viz has announced that they will begin to domestically release Inuyasha music CDs.


July 19th

New Sesshomaru Figure + Updates
A new convention exclusive Sesshomaru figure has been released which includes a figure of Jaken. The boxset is only available at this year's Comic-Con, just as last year's Human Inuyasha exclusive. Also, lots of updates with the Character Encyclopedia and new images for some short stories over at Rumic Theater including Arbitary Contagion and Untitled.

July 15th

'Quest for Mermaid's Flesh' Contest Winner
Congratulations to Graciela Perarnau Guimerans who was the first to sucessfully locate the mermaid icon hidden within the site. Your books are on the way to you Graciela! Great job! The mermaid was hidden here.

July 14th

'Quest for Mermaid's Flesh' Contest
Beginning in the wee hours of Saturday morning (July 16th) a mermaid will be hidden somewhere within the pages of Rumic World's sites. The first person to find her and e-mail us the address of the correct html page will win Mermaid Saga volumes 1 and 2. With almost 400 pages of html to search through, the quest will be arduous, and only one will gain immortality in the pages of our contest winners!

Takahashi Interview
Takahashi's interview from the final issue of Animerica has been transcribed and can be read here. Source: Animerica


June 26th

Anime at MoMA
The Museum of Modern Art in New York City is featuring an exhibit on anime from July 10 through September. Among the anime being shown are two episodes of Ranma ½; P-P-P-chan, He's Good for Nothing & The Headmaster from Hell along with Urusei Yatsura Movie 2 Beautiful Dreamer. Source:

June 21st

Maison Ikkoku Live Action
The infamous Maison Ikkoku live-action film will finally be released on DVD in Japan. The disc will be available for rental on July 8th and for purchase on July 21st. Source: Ryutekirakuen

Inuyasha Books
Release dates for Inuyasha volume 41 and the two books that make up the 4th Movie Animanga have been added to the release dates. Source: Ryutekirakuen

June 11th

Inuyasha Season 2 Boxset
Viz has announced that they will release Inuyasha Season 2 DVD boxset on November 8th. Source: Anime On DVD

Yuriko Fuchizaki Marries
Yuriko Fuchizaki, the voice of Ibuki Yagami in Maison Ikkoku married on March 31st. Source: Re-Max Web

June 7th

Minami Takeyama Marries
On May 5th Minami Takeyama (Nabiki Tendo & Mana) married Gosho Aoyama. Aoyama is the creator of the manga Detective Conan, in which Takeyama plays the role of Conan. Source:

June 6th

Final Urusei Yatsura Releases
Animeigo has announced that UY TV Boxset 9 will be available in October barring any unforseen problems, and that UY TV Boxset 10, which contains the final episodes of the series, will be available in November. Source: Animeigo

June 4th

"Anthology" Boxset & Release Dates
Geneon has announced a Rumiko Takahashi Anthology Boxset, and Viz has posted their November release dates. Source: Anime News Network

June 1st

Inuyasha at E3
Thanks to Lance Hatami for sending in this photograph of a Rumiko Takahashi shikishi given away by Bandai at E3. Source: Lance Hatami

Highest Taxed Mangaka
Once again Rumiko Takahashi has topped the list of highest earning manga artists in Japan. The complete list is as follows:
1. Rumiko Takahashi - Ranma 1/2
2. Aoyama Gosho - Detective Conan
3. Masashi Kishimoto - NARUTO
4. Yuji Horii - Dragon Quest
5. Ritsuko Kawai - Hamtaro
6. Naoki Urasawa - MONSTER
7. Takehiko Inoue - SLAM DUNK
8. Fujio Akatsuka - Genius Bacabon
9. Yanase Takashi - Anpanman
10. Masami Kurumada - Sage Fighter Hoshiya Source:


May 31st

New Diary of Kemo Kobiru Translation
Exclusive to Rumic World's Tomobiki-cho is Takahashi's autobiographical manga, "The Diary of Kemo Kobiru". The fifth installment is newly translated and available for reading. Source: Tomobiki-cho

May 30th

day after tomorrow Split
Record label Avex Mode has announced via their website that day after tomorrow, who performed the ending theme Itazura na Kiss for Inuyasha, are breaking up. Source: Dat-net

Young Sunday 2005 #25
A new One-Pound Gospel pin-up by Rumiko Takahashi was included in the 25th issue of Young Sunday. No news on new chapters of the series. Source: Young

Inuyasha Volume 40
The newest volume of the Inuyasha manga debuted in the number seven spot for the week of May 16-22. Source: Taiyosha

May 28th

Rumic World Relaunch
As you can see, we have a beautiful new layout, courtesy of Mason. We're looking more streamlined than ever. The site has moved to the forfront, redesigned the messageboard, and subsections plus Ranma ½ Perfect Edition has now moved to a subsection, and Tomobiki-cho's address has changed slightly as well. More exciting things are on the way, so update your bookmarks and check out all the changes! Source: Rumic World

May 27th

New Short Story Collection
It has been announced that a new collection of Rumiko Takahashi short stories is scheduled for release in Japan. The series will be entitled "Akai Hantaba" or "Red Bouquet". It is scheduled for release on June 30th. Thanks to Lance Hatami for passing this along. Source: Shogakukan

Moeyo-ken TV Series
Plans for a new Moeyo-ken television series are in the works. As you may know, Takahashi provided character designs for the video games and OVA series. Source:

May 14th

Takahashi Guidebook Release
The previously mentioned guidebook regarding Takahashi's short stories is scheduled for release on June 30th, and will retail for 1300 yen. The book is titled "40 sai no kimi he" or "Forty Years Old to You". Source: Mangaoh Club

Inuyasha Surpasses Ranma ½
With Inuyasha's newest chapter numbered 408, it becomes Takahashi's longest running series, which was previously Ranma ½.

May 10th

New Inuyasha CD Planned
Shonen Sunday has announced plans for a new "Character Songs" Inuyasha CD to be released on August 3rd.
Source: Shonen Sunday

May 2nd

dream at A-kon
Dallas Texas' anime convention, A-kon, has announced that two of the members of the pop group dream will be performing at the convention this year. dream contributed the first ending theme "My Will" to the Inuyasha anime. A-kon begins June 3rd through 5th. Thanks to Star Hinson for the information. Source: A-kon

May 1st

Urusei Yatsura Scripts Complete
Animeigo annouced that after over a decade of work they have finally finished editing the final Urusei Yatsura television script as of April 28th. They also annouced they are taking orders for Boxset 8. Source: Animeigo


April 29th

Osaka Geijutsu Daigaku Daigaku Manga
Osaka University of Arts is publishing their own quarterly manga magazine. The first issue arrive in stores across Japan earlier this month and features a reprinting of Katte na yatsura, Takahashi's debut work from 1978. Takahashi previous provided an original illustration to the school for their Osaka Geijutsu Daigaku Kanan Manga in 2003. Source: Manganews

April 26th

Takahashi Autographs Inuyasha CCG Cards
Score, the makers of the Inuyasha Collectible Card Game, have announced that set four, set to be released on August 28, 2005, will contain special autographed cards from Rumiko Takahashi. Source: Score Entertainment

April 25th

·Inuyasha Movie 3 Release Date
ICv2 has announced that Viz is planning on releasing Inuyasha Movie 3: Swords of an Honorable Ruler on September 6th. The article goes on to discuss the success of the Inuyasha brand in the US, and the success of the first two films, the 2nd and 1st highest selling anime DVDs of 2004 and 2005 respectively. Thanks to Trish Pellerito for passing this along. Source: ICv2

April 24th

Maison Ikkoku Boxset 6
Just as Rightstuf begins to ship the preorders on Boxset 5, Viz has announced that Maison Ikkoku Boxset 6 will be released on October 25th. The set will feature the first original episodes for an American audience since the cancellation of the subtitled VHS version in 2001. Source: Anime on DVD

April 21st

Inuyasha Cell Phone Services
Sorrent is introducing a new Inuyasha game, text messaging, and wallpapers all designed for cell phones. The release date is scheduled for autumn of this year. Source:

April 18th

Shogakukan New Artist Awards
Shogakukan is holding it's annual New Artist Awards, which Rumiko Takahahshi won in 1978 with "Those Selfish Aliens". This year Takahashi is judging the entries in the boys comics category along with Mitsuru Adachi (Touch, H2), Gosho Aoyama (Detective Conan, Yaiba), and Sho Fumimura (writer of Sanctuary). Source: Websunday

Video Game and Movie Release Dates
The new Playstation 2 Inuyasha game has been given a title (Ougi Rambu), and an official release date of June 16th in Japan and a rumored August release in the USA. The fourth film will be available for rental June 10th, with a projected street date of August. Source: Bandai Games

Michihiko Suwa and Voice Actors at Animazement
Michihiko Suwa will be at Animazement May 27th-29th in Durham, North Carolina. Hopefully some news regarding the future of the Inuyasha anime will be discussed. Voice actors Akira Kamiya (Mendo, Mitaka), Keiko Han (Achara), and Chika Sakamoto (Kentaro) will also be there as well. Source:

April 10th

Big Comic Original Survey
Big Comic Original is holding a survey about old men, in regards to the Rumic Theater stories Takahashi publishes. Playstation Portables are given out as prizes for those that fill out the survey. The results will be printed in the new "Rumiko Takahashi Theater Supplimentary Reader". Extra special thanks to Lance Hatami for sharing this with us. Source: Big Comic Original

April 6th

·Viz/ShoPro Merger Complete
VIZ Media will be owned 40% by Shogakukan Inc. and Shueisha Inc. respectively, and 20% by Shogakukan Production Co., Ltd. Source: Viz


March 31st

New Inuyasha Figures in Japan
New Inuyasha and Kagome with Shippo figures will be available in Japan at the end of June. The figures will retail for 3480 yen and stand 140mm and 190mm respectively. Click the link to see photos of the figures. Source: CD Japan

March 25th

New Inuyasha Episodes on Adult Swim
Adult Swim has announced that Season 5 of Inuyasha will begin in June. Source: Anime News Network

·New Inuyasha Figures Update
The newest issue of Toyfare magazine has exclusive photos of the Sango figure as well as the new 12-inch Inuyasha figure. In addition, the magazine has release dates for the next few waves. Miroku and Sango will be released in July, Inuyasha and Naraku in September, and Koga and Kagura in October.Source: Toyfare

March 23rd

·Dutiful Vacation & Permanent Love
For the many fans that do not have access to the Japanese weeklies where Takahashi's short stories first appear, fret no more! Summaries for the two newest short stories have been uploaded and can be found in the Stories section of Rumic Theater.

March 19th

·Urusei Yatsura Manga Petition
We've added a new petition in hopes of getting Viz to pick up the Urusei Yatsura manga again. Please be sure to sign it, and spread the word. Source: Rumic World

March 16th

·New Inuyasha Figures Announced
Although the Miroku and Sango figures have yet to be released, two more sets have been announced. The 4th set will include Naraku and another Inuyasha, while the 5th will see Koga and Kagura figures. Toynami also plans to release the past figures together in a set, as well as a set of 4 inch figurines.Source: Big Bad Toy

Doujinshi Group Sued Over Inuyasha
Studio Plug'N Play, an English language doujinshi (fan made comic) ring, has been sued by Shogakukan over the use of Inuyasha in some of their erotic works. Source: Studio Plug'N Play

March 10th

·Inuyasha Manga Runs to 500th Chapter?
Takahashi made the comment in Shonen Sunday 2005 Vol. 15 that she has enough story ideas and encouragement to run Inuyasha until it reaches its 500th chapter (it currently just reached 400). It should be noted that plans have a tendancy to change in the two years it would take to reach the 500th chapter, and this is far from being set in stone.Source: InuYasha Information from Japan

March 3rd

Inuyasha Anime to Continue?
In his production blog, Inuyasha producer Michihiko Suwa revealed that he and 33 members of the production staff met with Rumiko Takahashi and Kappei Yamaguchi last week in Hakone to discuss the future of Inuyasha as an animated work. Nothing definitive was released other than the animators desire to see the anime concluded. Source: Suwa's Blog on YTV

March 2nd

·Inuyasha Best of Soundtracks
As we've reported before, the new "Best Of" soundtracks for the Movies and TV series are being released on March 16th. Some of the bonuses will include a sticker most likely for the first pressing only. Also there will be a bonus track recorded by an 80 person orchestra from Russia, and a booklet with comments from Kaoru Wada and the cast.Source:

·Inuyasha Bus
ChoroQ, makers of super-deformed toy cars in Japan, is releasing a new bus with an Inuyasha design. The bus costs 840 yen and is being sold in Niigata (Rumiko Takahashi's birthplace) to promote tourism. Follow the link to see a picture. Source: Crayon Life

·Inuyasha's 400th Chapter
Next week marks the 400th chapter of Inuyasha. Shonen Sunday is planning to feature some color artwork to commemorate this very significant accomplishment. Inuyasha is now seven chapters away from being Takahashi's longest running serial.Source:


February 24th

·Rumiket 6
The sixth annual Rumiket convention is being held in Tokyo on the 27th. Rumiket is the single largest convention dedicated solely to the works of Rumiko Takahashi.Source: Rumiket

·Inuyasha Drama CD 2 Review
Trish Pellerito has submitted her review of the newest Inuyasha Drama CD, "Inuyasha Arashi to Matsuri no Horaijima!" Source: Rumic World

February 23rd

·Maison Ikkoku Sales
Maison Ikkoku is holding two spots on Right Stuf's top sellers of the week. The DVD boxsets 4 and 5 are placed at the fourth and first spots respectively. Source:

·Inuyasha at 2005 Tokyo Animation Festival
The 2005 Tokyo Animation Fest will showcase some of the artwork from various Inuyasha films. Source: Tokyo International Anime Fair 2005

·Inuyasha PS2 Game Release Date
Bandai has announced that the new Playstation 2 fighting game featuring Inuyasha characters will be released in June.Source: Bandai Games

·New Inuyasha Products in Japan
Animate has released some new binders in Japan featuring various chibi Inuyasha characters including Inuyasha & Kagome, Sango & Miroku, and Rin & Sesshomaru.Source: Animate

February 10th

·Inuyasha Contest
Submissions for the "Inuyasha Ending" contest have now closed. The winners will be announced as soon as the manga ends.

February 2nd

·Rumic Song Covered
J-Pop group "Aprils" have covered the Urusei Yatsura '80s hit "Lum no Love Song" on their new single "Orangenoise Shortcut". Source:

February 1st

·OVA Release Dates

Five out of six Urusei Yatsura OVA release dates have been posted, as well as future titles of Rumiko Takahashi Anthology. Source:


January 31st

·Permanent Love
Unfortunately our online store that was supposed to sell us this story has fallen through and said they can't do it. Therefore, if anyone has access to this magazine (Big Comic Original) please contact us.

January 25th

·New Release Dates & Ratings

The release dates have been updated. Also IY Movie 3 debuted on Japanese television on January 10th and garnered a 10.8% rating share. Also, in it's fifth week of release, Inuyasha Movie 4 has fallen out of the Japanese Box Office Top 10. Source: Kogyo Tsushinsha

·Shopro/Viz Merger
Shogakukan has decided to merge ShoPro with Viz LLC to form a new, as yet unnamed company. The full press release can be read here.Source: Anime News Network

January 23rd

·New Inuyasha PS2 Game
Bandai has set up a website for their new Inuyasha fighting game. It includes images and some tidbits of information. Source: Bandai Games

January 21th

New Takahashi Story
In Big Comic Original's 4th issue of 2005 Rumiko Takahashi will be publishing her newest short story, entitled "Permanent Love". Source: Big Comic Original

·Inuyasha Named Property of the Year
ICv2 has chosen Inuyasha as the top anime series in the United States for 2004. The award is based on units sold and overall market performance and presence. Source: ICv2

January 19th

·Inuyasha Movie 4 Box Office
Fire on the Mystic Island falls two slots in its fourth week of release, coming in at 9th place while Howl's Moving Castle continues to dominate. Source: Kogyo Tsushinsha

January 17th

·New Inuyasha CD Announced
A new compilation CD that features the best scores from the television show and films. The release date is set at March 16th. Source: Kaoru

·New Editions of Maison Ikkoku & Short Stories
Big Comic Spirits is putting out yet another new edition of Maison Ikkoku and Rumiko Takahashi's short stories called "Big Comic Compact Takahashi Rumiko Collection". These will retail for 250 yen and begin monthly releases on January 25th. Source: Big Comic Spirits

·Urusei Yatsura Pachinko 2
A sequel to the popular Urusei Yatsura pachinko game is set to be released in Japan. Source:

·New IY Game for PS2
Images for the new 3D Inuyasha fighting game for the Playstation 2 have been released. No title or release date has been announced. Source: Shonen Sunday

·"Rakuen" Tops Charts
Do As Infinity's new single "Rakuen" from Inuyasha the Movie 4 has debuted in second place on the Japanese pop charts. Source: Oricon Music

January 15th

·Inuyasha Movie 4 Box Office Numbers
Inuyasha Movie 4 debuted in 6th place, fell to 8th in its second week of release, and moved up a slot to 7th in its third week. Source: Kogyo Tsushinsha

January 1st

·Animefringe Top 25
Once again Ranma ½ Perfect Edition has been chosen as one of Animefringe's Top 25 Anime Sites. This is a tremendous honor, especially because we've made the list for the past three years now. Thanks to all our loyal visitors for voting! Source: Anime Fringe

·Inuyasha Movie 4 Fire on the Mystic Island
The fourth Inuyasha movie debuted in Japan on December 28th, opening in 6th place. The success of this film will go a long way to determining the fate of future of the anime. For info and photos of the the movie, visit the official website. Source:

·2005 Rumic World Quiz
Rumic World's third annual quiz contest is now over and last year's returning champion Star Hinson has won again! Congratulations to her, and if you'd like to check out the questions and see how well you would have done, just click the link.

New Urusei Yatsura Game Announced
A new UY game has been annouced for the upcoming Nintendo DS system. Click here to see a list of upcoming titles in addition to UY. Source: Game Spy

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