movie 1:
The Battle of Nekonron, China- A Battle To Defy the Rules

movie 2:
Battle at Togenkyo! Get Back the Brides!

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Super Indescriminate Decisive Battle! Team Ranma vs. the Legendary Phoenix


Ranma Movie 2:
Battle at Togenkyo!
Get Back the Brides!

Japanese Title: Kessen Tougenkyou! Hanayome wo Torimodose!
Premiere: August 1, 1992
Movie Theme: Piece of Love by Picasso
Director: Akira Suzuki
Screenplay: Ryota Yamaguchi
Music: Akihisa Matsuura
Character Designs: Atsuko Nakajima
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Kuno invites Akane and the Pigtailed Girl to take an ocean cruise in his yacht on summer day. Hearing this, Ukyo, Shampoo, Mousse, Ryoga, Cologne, Genma, Kasumi, Nabiki Soun and Happosai all decide that it might be fun if they came along as well. Kuno is of course miffed at giving up his chance to be alone with his favorite girls, but a more pressing problem is soon on the horizon.

The yacht runs into stormy weather and everyone finds themselves stranded on a deserted island. Soon they learn the island is not as empty as it first seemed as slowly the girls begin to disappear, Ukyo, Shampoo, Kasumi and Nabiki all vanish into thin air leaving only Akane and Ranma left among the women (though Cologne insists she be included as well).

Ranma tries to use herself as bait to lure out the kidnappers and almost successed. The mysterious figure reveal themselves to be Prince Toma, the boy in charge of Togenkyo, a neighboring island. In his tow are Toristan, Wonton and Sarutoru, his servants who are all responsible for the recent abductions. With little effort Toma dispatches Ranma and steals Akane for himself before flying away.

Ranma and the others prepare an assult on Togenkyo which winds up not quite working out. Ranma, in his female form, is taken captive and placed into a competition where dozens of other women are all competing for the right to marry Toma. Ranma's abducted female friends are all there, and during the competition Ranma decides she'll do her best to win in order to enact her revenge against Toma.

During the competition Akane gets fed up with Toma's behavior and slaps him across the face. Rather than turning against her, Toma appreciates Akane's forwardness and bravery and decides he'll take her as his bride. Taking her back to his private chambers Toma reveals why he must abduct women for suitable brides. Togenkyo's only source for fresh water is the Spring of Drowned Man, and any women who touch it instantly become men.

Elsewhere in the compound the others set out to rescue the captured brides. Soun and Genma find Kasumi preparing dinner for one of the soliders, who she seems to be getting along well with. Things aren't so easy for some of the other girls though. Kuno finds Nabiki held by Wonton and proceeds to attack him. Wonton's strength proves to be too much for Kuno who is quickly defeated leaving Nabiki to outsmart the hulk.

Meanwhile Ryoga happens upon Ukyo while looking for Akane. Ryoga could care less about saving Ukyo and tries to leave in search of Akane, but Sarutoru uses his technique to wrap Ryoga in a shadow of hopeless depression. Unfortunately for Sarutoru, the more depressed Ryoga becomes the more powerful his Shishi Hokodan technique becomes. He unleashes the blast on the Ukyo's captor, dispatching him easily.

Meanwhile Mousse finds Shampoo being held by the sadistic Toristan. Shampoo seems to be holding her own, but Mousse insists on saving her himself. Toristan and Mousse's battle is epic as the masked man shoves needles into Mousse's body. Ultimately the master of the hidden weapon comes out on top, earning a small amount of respect from the notoriously chilly Chinese amazon.

Finally Ranma finds Akane and Toma, but this time Ranma is prepared for Toma's illusion-based attacks. Toma attempts to flee with Akane and jumps on a mining cart and rides it down a long track into the heart of island. Ranma manages to get Akane away from Toma, but they two are quickly plummeting towards the giant Spring of Drowned Man that feeds the island. Akane tells Ranma that she wants him to be cured, but Ranma decides to destoy the spring in order to protect Akane from becoming cursed as well. Using the Moko Takabisha, Ranma blows a hole in the bottom of the spring and drains it completely. Happily reunited, everyone prepares to go home, but not before Ryoga, Genma and Mousse beat Ranma up for destroying their chance at a cure.


The second film, known in English as "Nihao, My Concubine," features character designs with more of an OVA emphasis. The story has the everyone shipwreaked on an island after a storm wrecked Kuno's yacht. Each of the girls begins to disappear one-by-one, until it is revealed they are being taken to the neighboring island of Togenkyo. The island holds water similar to Jusenkyo's "Spring of Drowned Man," so all of the males are interested in not only saving the girls, but also curing their curses. This film features some impressively animated fight scenes that do an excellent job of showcasing the skills of some of the secondary characters such as Mousse and Kuno. Director Suzuki's previous directorial work includes Kodomo no Omocha and Maze.

Deleted Scenes:

These are storyboards for scenes that were written and planned, but not included in the final film. These storyboards come from the booklet that was included in the Japanese Movie 1 & 2 Laserdisc Boxset.

Movie 2 Scene A- While everyone else is off rescuing various girls, Genma, Cologne, and Happosai come face to face with Toma.

Movie 2 Scene B- Ranma discovers the aftermath of Toma's meeting in the previous deleted scene. Cologne gives him the pin which will make him feel "true pain" and defeat Toma's illusions.

Movie 2 Scene C- Ranma jams the pin in his leg which allows him to see through Toma's illusionary fire.

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