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Episodes 1 - 18
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Opening Theme: Don't Make Me Wild Like You (1-18)
Ending Themes: Let's Keep It Friends (1-13) & Equal Romance (14-18)
Series Director: Tomomi Mochizuki
Executive Producer: Hidenori Taga
Music: Hideharu Mori
Character Designs: Atsuko Nakajima
Art Director: Satoshi Miura
Art Design: Masahiro Sato
Director: Tsutomu Shibayama

Season One Overview:
Series Director Tomomi Mochizuki had previously worked on the Maison Ikkoku Kanketsu-hen and Kimagure Orange Road, but his most celebrated work is Umi ga Kikoeru or I Can Hear the Sea which is an excellent film he directed for Studio Ghibli. Early in the series the music was handled by Eiji Mori (also known as Hideharu Mori), who brought a distinctive Chinese flavor to the sound. Mori is a member of the musical group Picasso who did many songs for both Ranma and Maison Ikkoku as well as being a mainstream musical group. The first season is considered by many fans to be the high watermark in quality. The stories stayed very close to Takahashi's original vision with added artistic flourishes and beautiful background shots. In English, the first season was marketed as "Digital Dojo".

Episode 1 4/15/89
Chuugoku kara kita aitsu! Chotto hen!!
Here's Ranma!

Introdution of the Saotomes and Tendos. Akane becomes engaged to Ranma, whom she dislikes after she walks in on him in the bath. Ranma and Genma recount how the became cursed at Jusenkyo.

Episode 2 4/22/89
Asobi ja nai no yo gakkou ha
School is No Place for Horsing Around
Genma informs Ranma that he'll be attending school with Akane and Nabiki at Furinkan High. Ranma and Akane argue on their way to school where Ranma is accidently splashed. Akane and Ranma sto by Dr. Tofu's clinic for some hot water. Ranma realizes Akane likes Dr. Tofu. When they arrive at school, Akane has to fight her way through all the boys trying to ask her out (one of Akane's most impressive fight scenes) Tatewaki Kuno and Ranma begin their rivalry and Akane explains that Kuno is the one that told the students whomever could defeat her in combat could date her.

Episode 3 4/29/89
Ikinari ai no arashi... chotto matte yo
A Sudden Storm of Love
Kuno and Ranma fall into Furinkan High's swimming pool while fighting. This is Kuno's first meeting with "The Pigtailed Girl," Ranma's female version. Akane fights Kuno to keep him distracted while Ranma tries to change back into a boy. Ranma (girl) beats Kuno and he immediately becomes infatuated with her. Nabiki delivers a message from Kuno addressed to female Ranma, and when Ranma meets Kuno for what he believes is a fight, Kuno confesses his love to female Ranma.

Episode 4 5/6/89
Ranma to ranma? Gokai ga tomaranai
Ranma and Ranma? If Its Not One Thing, It's Another
Ranma has a nightmare about Kuno confessing his love. Nabiki talks to Kuno while he's in the nurses office and decides to take some photos of Ranma and Akane to sell to Kuno. Kuno invites Nabiki to lunch in order to get her to deliver a doll to Ranma. Nabiki sells her photos to Kuno for 1000 each. Nabiki then tells Kuno that "The Pigtailed Girl" belongs to Ranma body and soul.

Episode 5 5/13/89
Hone made aishite? Akane no koi no fukuzatsu kossetsu
Love Me To The Bone! The Compound Fracture of Akane's Heart
After Akane injures Soun, Kasumi makes her promise never to strike somone in anger again. After Ranma cracks a joke about Akane's tomboyish behavior, she quickly breaks her promise and injures Ranma. Dr. Tofu repairs Ranma's contusions, but Akane ends up having to carry him home after his legs go out. The male students at Furinkan High stop fighting Akane after they realize Ranma's beaten Kuno. Daisuke and Hiroshi make their first appearance. Akane returns a book Kasumi borrowed to Dr. Tofu, where they find Genma working. It's revealed that Tofu loves Kasumi.

Episode 6 5/20/89
Akane no shitsuren Datte shouganai ja nai
Akane's Lost Love... These Things Happen, You Know
Dr. Tofu spaces out at the sight of Kasumi and inadvertently injures Ranma's neck. Akane gets depressed about Tofu and Kasumi, so Ranma tries to make her feel better. Ranma and Akane eat burgers in the park, while Akane explains to Ranma how long Tofu has liked Kasumi. Genma recounts the time he broke a girls heart, and Ranma tells Akane she's cute when she smiles.

Episode 7 5/27/89
Toujou! Eien no mayoigo. Ryouga
Enter Ryoga! The Eternal "Lost Boy"
Ryoga stops a wild boar from rampaging through Shikoku, a rural village. After many days of travelling he finally makes his way to Tokyo. Ranma has trouble remembering who Ryoga is, until Ryoga reminds him of the fight they never had due to Ryoga getting lost. Ranma tries to give Ryoga some bread to replace all that he had taken from Ryoga in Junior High.

Episode 8 6/3/89
Gakkou wa senjou da! Taiketsu Ranma tai Ryouga
School is a Battlefield! Ranma vs. Ryoga
The Furinkan High Chemistry Club plots against Ranma while Ryoga makes his way back to Tokyo. Once Ryoga arrives, the school comes out to watch Ryoga and Ranma fight, and Nabiki promptly starts taking bets. The Chemistry Club tries to cost Ranma the match, but to no avail. Once Nabiki realizes Ryoga might lose (and she'll lose all her money) she tries to convince Ryoga to take some steroids (actually just vitamins, but Ryoga believes her). Ryoga finds out about Ranma's curse and Akane's hair gets severely cut.

Episode 9 6/17/89
Otome hakusho. Kami wa onna no inochi na no
True Confessions! A Girls Hair is Her Life
Ryoga and Ranma apologize to Akane for what happened to her hair. Kasumi tries to even out Akane's hair. Ryoga tries to help an old lady, but ends up taking her across Japan. Dr. Tofu tells Akane her likes her hair better now, and Akane gets over her crush on him. A few nights later Ryoga makes his way back to the Tendos' home where it is revealed that he followed Ranma to Jusenkyo and was cursed himself. Akane finds Ryoga transformed into a pig in her room, and adopts him and gives him the name P-chan (Akane doesn't realize that P-chan and Ryoga are the same person).

Episode 10 7/1/89
Pi- pi- P-chan rokuna mon ja ne
P-P- P-chan! He's Good for Nothin'
Ranma realized that Ryoga is P-chan and that he knocked Ryoga into the spring. Akane takes P-chan to bed with her causing Ranma to break into her room in the middle of the night. Akane takes P-chan to school with her where Ranma tries to attack him. Ryoga tells Ranma that he loves Akane. P-chan gets lost and is taken in by a rich family.

Episode 11 7/15/89
Ranma wo gekiai! Shintaisou no sukeban toujou
Ranma Meets Love Head-On! Enter the Delinquent Juvenile Gymnast!
This episode opens with Kodachi thrashing the Furinkan High Gymnastics Team. The defeated gymnasts beg Akane to replace them, and Akane accepts. Ryoga arrives and offers to help train Akane. Kodachi sneaks into Akane's room in an attempt to injure her before the competition. Ranma saves Kodachi from falling off the roof, and she immediately falls head over heels for him.

Episode 12 7/22/89
Onna no koi wa sensou yo! Kakutou shintaisou de iza shoubu
A Woman's Love is War! The Martial Arts Rhythmic Gymnastics Challenge!
Kodachi attempts to attack Akane at school. Kodachi and Akane decide that whomever wins the match gets Ranma. Kuno tells Ranma to take care of his sister, which comes as a shock to Akane and Ranma. While training with Ranma Akane injures her ankle. Akane decides that Ranma is the only one who can replace her, so Ryoga and Ranma pull an all-nighter training fo tomorows match. Ryoga makes his way to St. Hebereke where he is accidentaly splashed and chained to Ranma in order to give Kodachi the edge.

Episode 13 7/29/89
Sukeban no me ni namida? Rule muyouno kakutou shintaisou kecchaku
A Tear in a Girl Delinquents Eye? The End of the Martial Arts Rhythmic Gymnastics Challenge
Kodachi and Ranma continue to fight while P-chan does his best to cause Ranma to lose (because if Kodachi wins Ryoga can ask Akane out without Ranma being in the way) Kodachi's dirty tricks come close to defeating Ranma, but in the end Ranma's sheer skill wins the day.

Episode 14 8/19/89
Kotsuban uranai! Ranma wa Nihonichi no oyomesan
Pelvic Fortune Telling! Ranma is the No. 1 Bride in Japan
When Dr. Tofu's mother, Kin, comes for a visit, Akane realizes that she's going to pessure Tofu into marriage, so she claims to be Tofu's bride-to-be. When Nabiki hears the news she offes to post as Tofu's bride for a fee. Not knowing Akane was planning the same, Tofu accepts Nabiki offer. When Kin decides "the biggest hips" win the right to marry the Doctor, Ryoga forces anma to join so Akane won't have to marry the Doctor.

Episode 15 8/26/89
Gekiretsu shoujo Shampoo toujou! Watashi inochi agemasu
Enter Shampoo, the Gung-ho Girl! I Put My Life in Your Hands
Shampoo arrives in Japan with one thing on her mind- killing female Ranma! This is all because Ranma defeated Shampoo as a girl in China, and Shampoo's Amazon law states that any woman that defeats an Amazon must be killed, and any man that defeats an Amazon becomes their bethroded. Unfortunately for Ranma he's a boy the second time he defeats Shampoo.

Episode 16 9/2/89
Shampoo no hangeki. Hissatsu shiatsuken wa mi mo kokoro mo ubau
Shampoo's Revenge! The Shiatsu Technique that Steals Heart and Soul
When Shampoo uses a shiatsu scalp massage and a magical shampoo on Akane, she manages to wipe all memories of Ranma right out of Akane's mind. When Ranma tells Shampoo he'll do anything to cure Akane, Shampoo tells him to kill female Ranma.

Episode 17 9/9/89
Ranma daisuki! Sayonara wa iwanaide!!
I Love You, Ranma! Please Don't Say Goodbye
Ranma convinces Shampoo to allow him to "almost kill" female Ranma and sets out to encourage Ryoga to pummel him to near death. Ryoga's only too happy to oblige until Ranma gives up hope, but manages to restore Akane's memories with some unforgettable insults. When Shampoo walks in, Ranma reveals to her that he is actually female Ranma. Upset, heartbroken, and confused Shampoo heads back to China.

Episode 18 9/16/89
Ore wa otoko da! Ranma chuugoku e kaeru?
I Am A Man! Ranma's Going Back to China
Ranma's patience has been exhausted when he gets into an arguement with his father and announces he's going back to China to try to cure himself. during this arguement Genma and Ranma discuss whats happened since their plunge into Jusenkyo. This episode recaps the previous seventeen.




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