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Episodes 1 - 22
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Opening Theme: Ranma You Pervert (Opening Narration) (1-23) & Little Date (7-13)
Ending Themes: Don't Mind China Boy (1-23)
Planning: Shigekazu Ochiai
Executive Producer: Hidenori Taga
Director: Koji Sawai
Music: Hideharu Mori & Kenji Kawai
Character Designs: Atsuko Nakajima
Art Director: Satoshi Miura
Art Design: Masahiro Sato
Coordinator: Masahiro Sato

Season Two Overview:
Ranma was cancelled due to poor ratings, and was taken off the air to be retooled. It was relanched as Ranma Nettohen (Anything Goes Martial Arts in English) with a few changes in the staff. A new director was brought on, and Kenji Kawai was brought in to work with Mori. Kawai's other music work includes many of Mamoru Oshi's films including Patlabor and Ghost in the Shell. The core art team was retained even though their were subtle differences in their work that became more obvious. The biggest name amongst them is Atsuko Nakajima, who got her start in character designs on Ranma , and then moved on to do Molediver, Haunted Junction, and You're Under Arrest. These episodes were shifted around a lot when they were brought to America to hue closer to the original order of the stories in the manga. Below they are listed in the order they were released in Japan, with the episode numeration beginning again due to this technically being a seperate show (in name only).

Episode 1 10/20/89
Gekitotsu! Demae kakutou race
Clash of the Delivery Girls! The Martial Arts Takeout Race

Years ago a starving Genma traded baby Ranma to a man for some fish. After his meal Genma stole Ranma back and ran away. Cut to the present day, as the man arrives to claim his "son," Ranma. Now if Akane can't win the martial arts take-out race Ranma will have to marry Kaori, the man's daughter!

Episode 2 11/3/89
Yappari neko ga kirai?
You Really Do Hate Cats?
Kuno sends out his ninja manservant Sasuke to find out what Ranma's weakness is. But once it's discovered, it's too unbelievable to be true. As Sasuke puts cat after cat in Ranma's path, Ranma loses control and uses the deadly "Cat-fu".

Episode 3 11/10/89
Watashi ga Joketsuzoku no obaba
This Old Gal's the Leader of of the Amazon Tribe!
A package arrives from China, and you can imagine how upset Ranma is when he realizes it contains a cat. Ranma's problems go from bad to worse when the cat turns out to be a Jusenkyo-cursed Shampoo who has returned with he great grandmother Cologne.

Episode 4 11/17/89
Deta! Hissatsu tenshin amaguriken
Behold! The "Chestnuts Roasting in an Open Fire" Technique
Ranma realizes that Cologne has cursed him with the "Full Body Cats Tongue," a curse that makes Ranma intolerable to even the warmest of water. Without warm water Ranma will never be able to change back into a boy. Ranma's only solution is to try and master the "Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire" technique to gain enough speed to snatch the Phoenix Pill (the cure) from Cologne.

Episode 5 11/24/89
Hakushou no otoko, Mousse toujou
Enter Mousse! The Fist of the White Swan
Mousse arrives in Tokyo to try and set things right between himself and Shampoo, and that means taking out the object of Shampoo's affection, Ranma Saotome. Dr. Tofu is able to temporarily cure Ranma of the "Full Body Cats Tongue" just long enough for him to defeat Mousse.

Episode 6 12/1/89
Bakusou! Yuki daruma hakobi race
Cool Runnings! The Race of the Snowman
The Saotomes and Tendos travel to the mountains to take in some skiing. While they are there Ranma participates in a "martial arts snowman-carry race" to win the Phoenix Pill and cure himself once and for all.

Episode 7 12/8/89
Sarawareta P-chan
The Abduction of P-chan
When Akane loses P-chan at the skating rink Azusa finds him, names him Charlotte, and refuses to give him back! When her skating partner, Mikado, arrives and starts to put the moves on Akane, Ranma loses his cool. Later, Mikado kisses female-Ranma! The solution? The Charlotte Cup!

Episode 8 12/15/89
Kikiippatsu! Shiryou no bonodori
Close Call! The Dance of Death... On Ice
Ranma becomes enraged about Mikado kissing him and decides they'll settle their problems before the Charlotte Cup. When Mikado preforms the amazing "Dance of Death on Ice" Ranma proves just how good he really is and quickly dispatches Mikado.

Episode 9 12/22/89
P-chan bakuhatsu! Ai no mizubashira
P-chan Explodes! The Icy Fountain of Love
With the Charlotte Cup getting underway Ranma and Akane have their hands full dealing with the Golden Pair. Ryoga's jealousy of Ranma reaches its peak, so he tries to sneak into the match, get rid of Ranma, and team with Akane himself. Ryoga's plan backfires so he has to team with Ranma (now female) and dispatch the Golden Pair.

Episode 10 1/12/90
Ranma kyoufu no yama gomori
Ranma Trains on Mt. Terror
After Ryoga is quickly dispatched by Ranma, he realizes that its time for some serious training. Cologne decides to teach Ryoga the "Breaking Point" which spells trouble for Ranma. Also Ranma and Genma make a shocking discovery about Akane's cooking skills.

Episode 11 1/19/90
Bakusaitenketsu to wa? Ryouga daigyakushuu
The Breaking Point!? Ryoga's Great Revenge
Ryoga and Ranma's showdown begins! When Ranma uses his training to try and deal with Ryoga's Bakusai Tenketsu (Breaking Point) technique, he's quite surprised at how much Ryoga has improved in just a few days time. Ranma has to work quickly to come up with a strategy to defeat Ryoga.

Episode 12 1/26/90
Ayoushi! Tendou doujou
Danger at the Tendo Dojo
Shampoo promises to give Ranma her "Instant Nannichuan" to permanently cure himself of his Jusenkyo curse if he'll go out on a date with her. Of course Shampoo's date happens to fall on the same day Ranma was supposed to help Akane defend the Tendo Dojo agains the Dojo Destroyer. Ranma will have to hurry through his date in order to get back and help Akane. Of course Shampoo never tells Ranma that her "Instant Nannichuan" is only good for one use.

Episode 13 2/2/90
Sarawareta Akane!
The Abduction of Akane
A masked circus preformer kidnaps a pig doll he believes is Akane. Of course this is the near sighted Mousse making his return. When Ranma goes to the circus to investigate he gets knives thrown at him by a duck wearing glasses!

Episode 14 2/9/90
Taiketsu Mousse! Makeru ga kachi
Ranma vs. Mousse! To Lose is to Win
Mousse tricks Ranma into believing he used the "Spring of Drowned Duck" water on Akane. Ranma realizes that now Mousse is cursed as well. Once Ranma realizes that Akane's not cursed it's time for another showdown with Mousse!

Episode 15 2/16/90
Kyuukyoku no ero youkai Happosai
The Evil Wakes
When Soun and Genma start to notice bad omens they fear the worst. Unfortunately for them their assumptions were correct. Soun and Genma's evil, perverted, master Happosai returns to make their lives a living hell.

Episode 16 2/23/90
Joshi kouishitsu wo osoe
Assault on the Girls Locker Room
Ryoga comes to town with a map to a "Spring of Drowned Man" located somewhere in Tokyo. When Ranma helps him find the Spring they both realize it's buried under Furinkan High's Girls Locker Room. Of course Ryoga decides that its his duty to protect the girls and stop Ranma at all costs.

Episode 17 3/2/90
Oni mo nigedasu karakuri yashiki
Kuno's House of Gadgets! Guests Check in But They Don't Check Out
After finding an urn at Furinkan High's Girls Locker Room, Cologne confirms that if all three urns are brought together the Japanese Spring of Drowned Man will appear. Unfortunately for Ranma the second urn is located in Kuno's house.

Episode 18 3/9/90
Kore de onna to osaraba
Goodbye Girl-type
Happosai decided one of the urns is just what he needs to store his panty collection in. Ranma and the others have to get the urn back from him, find the third and final urn and then bring them together at the proper place to summon the Japanese nannichuan. Sadly the Japanese Spring went out of business years ago.

Episode 19 3/9/90
Ai to nikushimi no okurimono
It's a Fine Line Between Pleasure and Pain
Akane gets mad when Ranma refuses to try her cookies, but appears to be interested in Kodachi's. Ranma is actually trying to get a film negative back from Kodachi that has a picture that puts Ranma in a compromising position with The Black Rose.

Episode 20 3/23/90
SOS ero youkai Happosai
S.O.S The Wrath of Happosai
Ranma angers Happosai and is kicked out of the Tendo home until Happosai calms down. Ranma uses "Girl Repellant" on Happosai which weakens him to the point Ranma can beat him, too bad Ranma's conscience gets in the way of fighting weak opponents.

Episode 21 4/6/90
Akane no kuchibiru wo ubae
Kissing is Such Sweet Sorrow! The Taking of Akane's Lips
Akane gets the part of Juliet in a school play, but Happosai, Kuno, and Ranma all vie for the part of Romeo so they can win a trip to China (Which actually isn't all that it seems).

Episode 22 4/13/90
Ii yu da na? Sentou de sentou
Bathouse Battle! We're in Hot Water Now
The bathtub at the Tendo's house is broken so Akane, Ranma, and Nabiki head down to the local bath house. Unfortunately Happosai decides this would be a good chance to peek at a naked Akane and Nabiki.




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