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Episodes 46 - 69
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Opening Theme: No Way! Part 2 (46-69)
Ending Themes: Present (39-54) & Friends (55-69)
Planning: Shigekazu Ochiai
Executive Producer: Hidenori Taga
Director: Koji Sawai
Music: Hideharu Mori & Kenji Kawai
Character Designs: Atsuko Nakajima
Art Director: Satoshi Miura
Art Design: Masahiro Sato

Season Four Overview:
Season four was known in English as "Outta Control". Of note in the English production of the show was the departure of Sarah Strange, the voice of male Ranma. She was replaced by Richard Cox from this point onward. The fourth season marks a gradual improvement in the animation once again, as the animation at the end of the previous season began to look downright poor. The staff stayed the same with no shake ups, and the show continued to mix manga inspired tales such as the three-part moxibustion storyline and the Gambling King's story with hit-and-miss original stories such as the false introduction of Ranma's mother. As usual the stories that remained close to their original manga roots came off more successfully than those invented by the shows writers. Again, some reordering was done when it was released in America, and episode 51 was placed in the prior season, and episode 72 was moved into this season.

Episode 46 10/5/90
Kaettekita hentai kouchou
The Hawaiian Headmaster from Hell

The Principal returns from his trip to Hawaii, unfortunately for the students of Furinkan High he still harbors a strong dislike of almost any fashionable hairstyle. Akane, Ranma and the other students must find the coconut with the school rules pardon inside or loose their hair.

Episode 47 10/12/90
Toujou! Shijou saikyou ni Kunou
Enter Kuno! The Night Prowling Knight
Tatewaki Kuno sides with the Principal to help bring order and discipline to Furinkan High. Kuno even enlists Happosai to help him train (although helping Happosai during his panty raids isn't exactly what Kuno had in mind).

Episode 48 10/19/90
Ranma ga yowaku nacchatta
Ranma Gets Weak
Happosai has had enough of Ranma interfering with his affairs, so he uses strength reducing moxibustion on Ranma making him too helpless to stand up to even small children!

Episode 49 10/26/90
Kansei! Tondemonai hissatsuwaza
Eureka! The Desperate Move of Desperation
Ranma heads off into the mountains with Cologne, Genma, Ukyo and Ryoga to attempt to lean the ultimate "desperation move," the Hiryu Shoten Ha. Even in Ranma's weakend state he masters the technique in record time.

Episode 50 11/2/90
Kessen! Ranma fukkatsu naru ka?
Showdown! Can Ranma Make a Comeback?
Ranma travels back to Tokyo to face Happosai and force him to restore his strength. But with Happosai unwilling to fight, the Hiryu Shotenha can't be unleashed. Once Happosai does loose his cool, the technique is so powerful that it sucks Akane and the scroll with the cure on it into the deadly blast.

Episode 51 11/9/90
Ukyou no skirt daisakusen!
Ukyo's Skirt! The Great Girly-Girl Gambit
Ukyo thinks that if she dressed more femininely that Ranma might like her more. When she arrives at school wearing a normal schoolgirl's uniform all the guys begin flirting with her. Ranma doesn't recognize her at first, but still says that she's just his friend. Later when they go to the park, word gets out to Ranma's other fiancees that he and Ukyo were on a "date". Jealousy errupts amongst them, and they all cook for Ranma to see who is the best cook.

Episode 52 11/16/90
Ranma no mama ga yattekita!
Here Comes Ranma's Mom
A mysterious woman is seen meeting with Genma, and everyone assumes its Ranma's mother. As it turns out, she is a circus performer interested in getting Ranma involved in her act.

Episode 53 11/23/90
Ryouga, ai to kunou wo koete
Ryoga... Beyond the Pleasure and Pain
Ryoga sits alone at night pondering his history with Ranma and his deep feelings for Akane. As he wites a letter to his rival he just can't seem to express what he's trying to say.

Episode 54 11/30/90
Fiancee wa bakeneko
My Fiancee the Cat
Shampoo gives Ranma a large bell, and keeps the smaller one for herself. Legend has it that whomever holds the bells are destined to be wed. What no one realizes is that the large bell is actually haunted by a bride seeking Ghost Cat.

Episode 55 12/7/90
Fukeyo kaze! Seishun wa nekketsuda
Blow, Wind! To Be Young is to Go Gung-Ho
A new teacher, Higuma Torajiro arrives at Furinkan, and much to the surprise of the students he's a great guy. But when Higuma becomes concerned about Ranma and Akane's future together, Ranma becomes less than excited.

Episode 56 12/14/90
Osorubeki shindeshi arawaru
The Appearance of a Formidable New Disciple
A new disciple arrive at the Tendo Dojo, and Ranma is quite dissapproving. Of course Genji Heita is Ranma's polar opposite- hardworking, friendly and helpful... and being trained by Happosai.

Episode 57 12/21/90
Omote ni deyagare!
Step Outside!
When Genma and Ranma get separated on a training exercise, everone fears the worst. While out searching, Ranma and Akane comes across a little boy and his new pet panda, but seperating the two proves to be difficult.

Episode 58 1/11/91
Ryouga no Tendou Doujou isourou nikki
Ryoga's "Tendo Dojo Houseguest" Diary
Ryoga decides he needs to re-enroll in school, and Akane's only too happy to try to turtor him on all the lessons he's missed. Of course with Ranma around Ryoga has a hard time staying focused on school and finding positve motivation.

Episode 59 7/20/90
Happosai no koi!
Happosai's Happy Heart
Happosai develops a crush on a local kindergarten teacher named Midori. The only problem is that she hates the neighborhood panty theif. Happosai tries to change his ways, but winds up being exposed.

Episode 60 1/25/91
Kunou boozen! Koi no daiyogen
Extra, Extra! Kuno and Nabiki! Read All About It
Gendo predicts that Kuno will not marry Akane or the Pigtailed Girl, but Nabiki Tendo. Nabiki and Kuno have never been what one would consider good friends, but Kuno tries to change that for the sake of fate.

Episode 61 2/1/90
Tsuyoku narisugita Ryouga
Ryoga the Strong... Too Strong
Ryoga gets the "Mark of the Battling Gods" drawn on his stomache and now he's nearly invincible. Ryoga wants the mark (a silly looking smiley face) off his chest, but Akane notices P-chan has the same mark.

Episode 62 2/8/91
Ayaushi! P-chan no himitsu
Close Call! P-chan's Secret
Akane almost finds out that P-chan and Ryoga are the same person, but thanks to some quick thinking P-chan swallows all of Akane's hot water. Then Ranma figures out how to get the mark off, but not before Ryoga faces some serious embarrasment.

Episode 63 2/15/91
Tamago wo tsukamu otoko
The Egg-Catcher Man
Yasukichi "the Egg-Catcher" seems to be interested in Kasumi. What should Dr. Tofu do about his apparent rival? Yasukichi turns out to be an old acquaintance from Kasumi's past.

Episode 64 2/22/91
Ranma to Kunou no hatsu kiss?!
Ranma and Kuno's... First Kiss!?
Kuno gets the Wishbringer Sword to grant him three wishes. Ranma will do anything to make Kuno use one wish to undo his curse, but even Ranma can't make himself kiss Kuno.

Episode 65 3/1/91
Shampoo no akai ito
Shampoo's Red Thread
Shampoo uses a magical red thread that she ties to Ranma and herself to make him fall in love with her. Ranma agrees to marry Shampoo, and after five hours the strings effect becomees permanent. Akane manages to cut the string right before Ranma and Shampoo tie the knot!

Episode 66 3/8/91
Mousse kokyou ni kaeru
Mousse Returns to His Old Country Home
Mousse once again looses to Ranma and decides to head back to China, but when he mistakenly believes Shampoo actually wants him to stay he tries to take his revenge against Ranma by ensuring that Ranma makes Shampoo happy.

Episode 67 3/15/91
Shijou saite no kake
The Dumbest Bet in History
The Gambling King comes to collect Ranma's old gambling debt, the Tendo Dojo! Ranma, the worst gambler in the world manages to beat the King by using some tried-and-true Saotome tactics... cheating.

Episode 68 3/22/91
Marianne ni natta Kunou
Kuno Becomes a Marianne
Azusa "steals" a tanuki statue and then believes the statue changed into Kuno. Kuno believes that Azusa has fallen in love with him. When old tensions arise between Azusa and Akane Ranma and Kuno find themselves involved in another ice skating martial arts competition.

Episode 69 3/29/91
Ranma nanka daikirai!
Ranma, You're Such a Jerk!
Akane tries to cook Ranma breakfast, but he accidently knocks it on the floor. Akane gets so upset that she runs away causing everyone to worry. Once Akane is found Ranma still refuses to eat her food even though he's been starving all day.




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