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Episodes 70 - 94
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Opening Theme: Earth Orchestra (70-99)
Ending Themes: Poppy Flower (70-99)
Planning: Shigekazu Ochiai
Executive Producer: Hidenori Taga
Director: Koji Sawai
Music: Hideharu Mori & Kenji Kawai
Character Designs: Atsuko Nakajima
Art Director: Satoshi Miura
Art Design: Masahiro Sato

Season Five Overview:
Season five was known as "Martial Mayhem" in the United States. Even though there is no change in the art team behind the animation, the quality continues its stready increase. By the end of this season the character designs have taken on a more OAV-style quality, and some episodes look better than the show has since early in the second season. This marks director Koji Sawai's final season. His previous work includes producing Irresponsible Captain Tylor, a few early Patlabor episodes, and character designs on F which used many of the voice actors from Ranma . The quality of the stories written solely for the anime are helped greatly by the improvement in animation quality, and the stories taken from Takahashi's manga truly shine in this season. Early manga stories that were initially skipped are added in at this point, and Sentaro's introduction proves to add some interesting episodes. Again, some episodes (episode 72) were moved around, in this case to the previous season.

Episode 70 4/5/91
Sono osage moratta!
Gimme That Pigtail!

The Nikumen arrive to get the "Dragon's Whisker" back from Ranma. The Niku men seem easy enough to defeat, but once they remove the Dragon's Whisker that ties Ranma's pigtail- it's revealed that turning into a girl isn't his only curse.

Episode 71 4/12/91
Otoko no yabou ga tsukiru toki...
When A Guy's Pride and Joy is Gone
It's revealed that without the Dragon's Whisker Ranma's hair grows uncontrollably fast. When Happosai and Genma realize the power of the whisker they attempt to steal it for themselves. Just before they can cure their baldness the Whisker's effect runs out.

Episode 72 4/19/91
Linlin Ranran no gyakushuu
The Revenge of Ling-Ling and Lung-Lung
Lin Lin and Ran Ran return to cause trouble for Ranma. They attempt to get rid of all of Ranma's fiancees. When their special technique is revealed to be nothing more than a wooden bird shaped pedal-plane Akane quickly dispatches them.

Episode 73 4/26/91
Ryouga no puropousu
Ryoga's Proposal
The Ghost Cat posseses Ryoga in order to get Ryoga and himself a bride. The Ghost Cat makes Ryoga propose to Akane, but is later revealed as the culprit. Ryoga fights with the Ghost Cat for what he made him do, and then runs away in shame.

Episode 74 5/3/91
Genma, iede suru
Genma Takes a Walk
Genma and Soun get into an argument causing the Saotomes to move out. Kuno decides to move in to replace the absent Ranma. Ranma, on the other hand, is living at the Kuno mansion with Kodachi. After a quick "match" between Soun and Genma all is forgiven.

Episode 75 5/10/91
Korega kakutou sadou de omasu
The Gentle Art of Martial Tea Ceremony
Female Ranma is taken away by Sentaro to be his bride. Ranma begins to train in "martial arts tea ceremony" in order to defeat Sentaro's grandmother. In the end Granny ages to let Ranma mary Sentaro, but reveals he is actually a boy.

Episode 76 5/17/91
Doujou yaburi wa onna no ko?
The Challenger is a Girl?
A young girl defeats Akane and takes the Dojo signboard. Genma explains that she used a technique called "shitamachi" (good old days martial arts) that involved using old timey toys such as marbles and string. Akane sees through the girl's technique and defeats her the second time.

Episode 77 5/24/91
Zekkyou! Onsen battle
Hot Springs Battle Royale
Akane, Ranma, Shampoo, Mousse, Ryoga and Ukyo all travel to Zekkyo in order to participate in a hot springs race. The rules require a member and their partner to run three-legged. In the end Ryoga and Ukyo win.

Episode 78 5/31/91
Me ga Kunou no daddy desu
Me Is Kuno's Daddy, Me Is
The Principal of Furinkan High is revealed to be Kuno's father. Principal Kuno forces the various classes to compete against one another. Kuno explains why he hates his father so much.

Episode 79 6/7/91
Kakutou sadou. Iemoto tatsu
The Matriarch Takes a Stand
Sentaro tells Akane that his grandmother is going to sacrifice Ranma. Once they finally find Ranma just has time runs out, it is revealed that his grandmother just wanted Ranma to rub her legs.

Episode 80 6/14/91
Leotard wa otome no noroi
A Leotard is A Girls Burden
A male Rhythmic Gymnastics team fights Ranma and Akane in order to collect three special gymnastics tools. The boys bring them together, but are then haunted by the spirits of the girls that threw their lives away practicing martial arts gymnastics.

Episode 81 6/21/91
Kyoufu no kon-yoku onsen
The Mixed-Bath Horror
The Tendos, Saotomes, and Ryoga all go to a run down hot spring resort where a monster (actually the pretty boy owner) keeps attacking them. Once the attacker is revealed women start flocking to his hotel, all thanks to Akane, Ranma and Ryoga.

Episode 82 6/28/91
Kaeru no urami harashimasu
The Frogman's Curse
A man who was knocked into "The Spring of Drowned Frog" at Jusenkyo comes back and attempts to turn Ranma and his friends into frogs as well.

Episode 83 7/5/91
Gyakushuu! Ikarino okonomiyaki
Revenge! Raging Okonomiyaki...!
Ukyo loses her customers to crepe chef Joe, and leaves to go on a training trip. When female Ranma challenges Joe he fails to defeat him, but Ukyo arrives to save Ranma at the last minute. Ukyo escapes Joe's final attack and comes out on top.

Episode 84 7/12/91
Nanpani natta Ranma
Ranma the Ladykiller
Ranma begins to pick up women more so than usual due to a magical bandaid Akane unknowingly gave him. Akane gets upset as Ranma goes out with Shampoo and Ukyo. Ranma then tells Akane she's cute without the "Playboy Bandaid."

Episode 85 7/19/91
Kakutou shogiha inochigake
Shogi Showdown
Uragishi Sankichi arrives to challenge Genma in a game of shogi, but Genma cheats to win (as he had done before). After losing, Sankichi dons a costume shaped like a shogi piece and challenges the Tendos to game of martial arts shogi.

Episode 86 7/26/91
Sasuke no spy daisakusen
Sasuke's "Mission: Improbable"
Sasuke is given one last chance to get female Ranma to go on a date with Kuno or be fired. When Happosai hears this he agrees to help Sasuke, and puts Ranma in a trance so she'll meet Kuno in the park. The plan fails, but Kuno decides to let Sasuke try to get Akane to go out with him.

Episode 87 8/2/91
Bonjour de gozaimasu
Bonjour, Furinkan
Ranma meets Picolet and begins training to learn how to defeat him. Ranma moves into the Chardin mansion and trains under Madame St. Paul. Ranma then learns of the "Parlay du Foie Gras" technique.

Episode 88 8/9/91
Dinner ha ring no uede
Dinner at Ringside
Ranma practices the "Parlay du Foie Gras" on Madame St. Paul, and begins to master it. Ranma and Picolet have their match at last! Ranma uses the "Parlay du Foie Gras," but Picolet has learned the counter. After a long battle Ranma emerges the victor.

Episode 89 8/16/91
Akane, namida no suiei daitokkun
Swimming with Psychos
Akane is chosen to represent her class at the swim meet because she is such a good athlete, but doesn't tell anyone that she can't swim because she is too ashamed. Hearing this Principal Kuno decides he will help teach Akane to swim. After trying many unorthodox methods, Akane wins the race by using many floation devices.

Episode 90 8/23/91
Ryoga! Yuuhini mukatte hashire
Ryoga, Run Into the Sunset
Ryoga helps protect an old man and a girl named Anna's farm from vandals. Anna develops a crush on Ryoga, while he debates his love for Akane. After defeating a master of westren martial arts Ryoga decides Akane is his only true love and departs for Tokyo.

Episode 91 8/30/91
Yumeno nakahe
Into the Darkness
The Tendos and Saotomes find themselves stuck in Happosai's dream. In his dream world filled with schoolgirls and panties, Happosai is able to defeat Ranma easily. Unable to awaken everyone begins to panic at the thought of being trapped in Happosai's dream forever, until Kasumi awakens them all to tell them dinner is ready.

Episode 92 9/6/91
Ranma ha Nabiki no iinazuke?
Nabiki, Ranma's New Fiancee?
After Ranma makes one too many mean remarks to Akane, she tells Nabiki that she is more than welcome to become Ranma's fiancee. Nabiki then tells Ranma that she has always loved him, expecting Akane to pay her to get Ranma back. Akane refuses because she believes Nabiki actually loves him, even though Nabiki says otherwise. Once Ranma realizes Nabiki doesn't love him he attempts to get revenge.

Episode 93 9/13/91
Tendoke kieta takoyakino nazo
Case of the Missing Takoyaki
Who ate the takoyaki? This episode attempts to explain the missing takoyaki that Kasumi had just bought, and shows each person's thoughts on who stole the food. Sasuke arrives at the end with photos incrimating the guilty party.

Episode 94 9/20/91
Taiketsu! Ranma vs kage Ranma
Ranma vs Shadow Ranma!
Ranma uses a magical smoke that he buys from a Chinese salesman that allows him to fight against his own shadow. After a few days mysterious events begin to occur around the dojo, and everyone blames Ranma. Nabiki realizes the shadow does things that Ranma wants to, but never could (like burn Happosai's collection).




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