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Episodes 95 - 118
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Opening Theme: Earth Orchestra (70-99) & Don't Cry Anymore (100-117) & Love Seeker (Can't Stop It) (118-143)
Ending Themes: Poppy Flower (70-99) & Positive (100-117) & Between the Rainbow and the Sun (118-143)
Planning: Shigekazu Ochiai
Executive Producer: Hidenori Taga
Director: Junji Nishimori
Music: Hideharu Mori & Kenji Kawai
Character Designs: Atsuko Nakajima
Art Director: Satoshi Miura
Art Design: Masahiro Sato

Season Six Overview:
Season six was known as "Random Rhapsody" in the United States. Koji Sawai departs as the series director and is replaced by the supremely talented Junji Nishimura, who's work includes You're Under Arrest and Soul Hunter. Nishimura stays on to do the OVAs as well, and the final two seasons rival the OVAs in terms of quality and directorial influence. He brings the focus back to the subtle relationship between Ranma and Akane and uses manga stories much more frequently than Sawai did. Nishimura introduces Hikaru Gosunkugi finally as well as Pantyhose Taro and the Scribble Panda. Ukyo gets some break out episodes, and the winter episodes are extremely well done.

Episode 95 9/27/91
Kodachi no my lovely papa
Dear Daddy... Love, Kodachi

The Kodachi learns that the principal is her father, a fact that Kuno still refuses to accept. Kodachi invites the principal to go to her school's "Parent Day," a fact that enrages Tatewaki. When he announces he's moving out, Ranma convinces him to stop running from his problems. This leads to the principal and Kuno having it out on the rooftop.

Episode 96 10/4/91
Kyouteki? Gosunkugi-kun toujou
Enter Gosunkugi, The New Rival?
Gosunkugi arrives at Furinkan High, where Akane offers him a bento she made for Ranma (who had refused to eat it). Seeing this, Ranma takes the bento from Gosunkugi because he doesn't want him to get sick. Gosunkugi believes Ranma is doing this because he wants Akane to himself and vows to free her from the "hell" Ranma is putting her through.

Episode 97 10/11/91
Ranma ha hetakuso? Kakutou shodou
Ranma's Calligraphy Challenge!
Jikeiin Soutatsu is a martial arts calligrapher, but refuses to fight Ranma due to his poor handwriting. Ranma works and works on his writing (and is very upset to learn that Ryoga has very good handwriting). Soutatsu gets tired of waiting on Ranma to improve his handwriting, and so the match begins.

Episode 98 10/18/91
Furinkan Koukou kageno don toujou
The Secret Don of Furinkan High!?
The owner of the school store angers Ranma, but winds up requiring his, Akane, and Kuno's help against the principal who is trying to get rid of the store. The old man reveals to the entire school the principals old report card which had incredibly poor grades in everything except Gym.

Episode 99 10/25/91
Higan! Futsuuno otokoni modoritai
Back to the Way We Were... Please!
A Chinese salesman sales Ryoga, Mousse,and Ranma three Instant Spring powders, but unfortunately the labels have come off. He tells them that one is definetly a "Spring of Drowned Man," so they begin fighting over which one they actually believe will cure them. Each is apprehensive about trying out their powder because they are afraid of what they will become if it's not the correct one. Finally the true powder is revealed, but just a bit too late...

Episode 100 11/1/91
Saotome ryuuno atotsugiha Ryoga?
Ryoga Inherits the Saotome School!?
Genma decides that Ryoga will make a much better student than Ranma (who had just eaten some food Genma had been saving), and announces that Ryoga is now Akane's fiancee. Genma moves out with Ryoga to begin their training. When Ranma fights Ryoga the match is even, until Genma throws a cat on Ranma. At that moment Genma instructs Ryoga to take revenge against Ranma for eating his food, causing Ryoga and Ranma to team-up against him.

Episode 101 11/15/91
Tendoke, yuuenchihe iku
Tendo Family Goes to the Amusement Park
Dr. Tofu and Kasumi win tickets to an amusement park, but Dr. Tofu forgets his wallet. When everyone gets to the park and realizes that Happosai has eaten the lunch they packed, they realize that the only way to get anything to eat is by winning first place in a go cart race. Unfortunately they have to compete against the course champion to win.

Episode 102 11/29/91
Furinkan koukou. Toorima jiken
Case of the Furinkan Stalker
A mysterious man begins terrorizing the girls of Furinkan High School. The girls suspect Ranma because of the attackers ponytail. Ranma lures the stalker out and reveals that it's Gosunguki in a pathetic looking Ranma disguise.

Episode 103 12/6/91
Jusenkyo kara kita akuma zenpen
The Demon From Jusenkyo Part 1
Pantyhose Taro arrives and kidnaps Akane in order to lure Happosai out. When Ranma decides to go rescue Akane, Ryoga, Mousse, and Shampoo come to help out as well. Pantyhose tells Akane about what Happosai did to him as a child, but explains that his curse is not the reason he is seeking revenge. Ranma and the others then prepare to attack Pantyhose.

Episode 104 12/13/91
Jusenkyo kara kita akuma kouhen
The Demon From Jusenkyo Part 2
Ranma fights with Taro, while Mousse and Ryoga try to find their way back to the fight. Happosai arrives just in time to save Akane from getting knocked off a cliff by Pantyhose. Pantyhose explains to everyone the reason why he hates Happosai is because of his name (which is revealed in this episode). Everyone tries to force Happosai to give Pantyhose a new name.

Episode 105 12/20/91
Ranma ga inai Xmas
A Xmas Without Ranma
Ranma and Akane are Christmas shopping together when Ranma suddenly tells Akane to head home without him. After a few hours, Akane begins to worry and starts looking for Ranma. As she goes around town, she encounters most of the cast who tell her they had just recently seen Ranma. When Akane finally finds Ranma, she learns that he had been shopping for gifts for her, which makes her very happy. When they get home Shampoo, Kuno, Mousse, P-chan, Kodachi and Ukyo all enjoy a Christmas Eve dinner at the Tendos' home.

Episode 106 1/10/92
Yukinko fuyu monogatari
A Cold Day in Furinkan
A blizzard comes to Tokyo, and Ryoga happens to find a flute that had blown into his tent. Ryoga manages to make his way to the Tendo home and tells Ranma and Akane about a large snow monster that had attacked him. Ranma and Akane decide to investigate, and while searching for the creature they discover a small girl. It's revealed that the girl controls the snow creature, and is actually a snow woman searching for her flute.

Episode 107 1/17/92
Rakugaki panda no noroi
Curse of the Scribbled Panda
At a festival, cursed drawings come to life and begin to wreck havoc. Two of the drawings are of large monsters, while the third is of a small female panda. The panda asks to go on a date with Ranma, and Ranma agrees (in order to get the drawing to return to the paper). After battling the other two drawings the Panda is able to convince the demonic drawings to return to the paper they escaped from.

Episode 108 1/24/92
Suikatou no kousaiki
The Date-Monster of Watermelon Island
Ranma and Akane discover Kuno off the coast of Watermelon Island. Unfortunately for Kuno, he has amnesia, but has greatly improved his swordsmanship. Ranma is unable to defeat Kuno, and decides to take him to Watermelon Island to see how he has gained this new talent that seem to be connected to watermelons.

Episode 109 1/31/92
Shiawase no panda densetsu
Legend of the Lucky Panda
Genma stumbles into a village filled with people that look exactly like Ranma and his friends from Nerima. When the village elder (who looks like Soun) gets sick, the villagers believe the only thing that can cure him is the heart of a living panda (which Genma happens to be at the moment).

Episode 110 2/7/92
Ranma to Ukyo ga sauce souai?
Ukyo's Secret Sauce, Part 1
Ukyo attempts to make a special okonomiyaki sauce that was her father's specialty. After letting the sauce age for ten years, Ukyo opens it and finds that it tastes horrible. Ukyo becomes very depressed and decides to move into the Tendo home until she can regain her confidance. Ranma realizes that this is the same sauce he had accidently ruined ten years ago and never bothered to tell Ukyo.

Episode 111 2/14/92
Itsuwari fuufuyo eien ni...
Ukyo's Secret Sauce, Part 2
Ukyo is still depressed about her sauce, and really starts to feel bad when Ranma and Akane begin joking about being married. When she thinks Ranma and Akane have slept together, Ranma realizes he should do something to prove (or at least let Ukyo believe) that he likes her more than Akane.

Episode 112 2/21/92
Kakutou sadou! Sarawareta Iemoto
The Missing Matriarch of Martial Arts Tea
Sentaro's grandmother is kidnapped by the Miyakoji family. The Miyakoji's and Daimonji's have a long rivalry, and some of the old women from the Daimonji family tell Sentaro that only he can save his grandmother. When Sentaro tries to fight the heir of the Miyakoji's he immediately falls in love with her and asks for her hand in marriage.

Episode 113 2/28/92
Taihen! Akane ga nyuuin shita
Akane Goes to the Hospital
Ranma gets angry about Gosunkugi taking pictures of Akane during gym class. When Akane notices them fighting she loses her balance and breaks her leg. After a few days in the hospital Akane begins to get very angry because Ranma has yet to come and visit her (because he doesn't know the right thing to say to make her feel better).

Episode 114 3/6/92
Nazono abare takotsubo arawareru?!
Mystery of the Marauding Octopus Pot!
Happosai disguises himself as a takosubo (octopus trap) and raids a village stealing panties and food and beating up all the men. When Soun, Genma, and Ranma arrive they try to keep everyone from learning that they know Happosai. Happosai tells them that the reason he is stealing the food is to help a sickly little girl that lived on the beach.

Episode 115 3/13/92
Gosunkugi! Ah koino kaminingyou
Gosunkugi and the Magic Paper Dolls
Gosunkugi buys twelve magical paper dolls from a salesman. Whenever something is written on the doll and then placed on someones back, the victim must do whatever the doll says. Gosunkugi uses the dolls to make Ranma get into a few accidents and then uses another to try to get Akane to go out with him.

Episode 116 3/20/92
Akane no kokoroga wakaranai
Akane's Unfathomable Heart
A young man named Satori arrives at the Tendo Dojo, and is able to read minds. Satori can not read Akane's mind though, and begins to have a crush on her. He quickly angers Ranma by shouting out everything Ranma is thinking. He challenges Ranma to a match, and because he can read what Ranma is going to do before he does it, they seem to be evenly matched. After Ranma, Akane, and Satori almost fall off the roof, Satori finally reads Akanes mind and realizes that she likes Ranma. Upset by this, he runs away.

Episode 117 3/27/92
Tsuiseki! Temariutano nazo
A Teenage Ghost Story
An old man at the school store was telling Ranma and Kuno stories when Akane arrived with an old notebook. Ranma accidently spills tea on it, and a ghost girl appears and sings a song. The ghost follows Ranma and Akane home and spends the night. While there, she mentions that she has lost something, but can not remember what it is. Kasumi mentions that the song the ghost is singing may have something to do with her forgotten loss. The old man at the school store remembers that the girl had forgotten a stuffed toy raccoon once, and he replaced her old one. The ghost says her name is Kogane Musashi and then leaves.

Episode 118 4/3/92
Mou anatakara hanarenai
Master and Student...Forever!?
Happosai uses a magical Chinese medicine on Ranma. The medicine is is supposed to make a student respect their teacher, but one of the side effects is that Happosai becomes stuck to Ranma. Ranma uncontrollably switches from having deep respect for Happosai, to his normal loathing of him, while Akane, Ukyo, Soun and Genma all try to seperate the two before the effects become permanent.




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