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Episodes 119 - 143
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Opening Theme: Love Seeker (Can't Stop It) (118-143)
Ending Themes: Between the Rainbow and the Sun (118-143)
Planning: Shigekazu Ochiai
Executive Producer: Kei Ijichi
Director: Junji Nishimori
Music: Hideharu Mori & Kenji Kawai
Character Designs: Atsuko Nakajima
Art Director: Satoshi Miura
Art Design: Masahiro Sato

Season Seven Overview:
Known in English as "Ranma Forever", season seven saw Ijichi join as the new executive producer, and the quality established by Junji Nishimura remaining high. The TV series began to draw to a close in 1992, but Rumiko Takahashi is still four years away from concluding the manga. After 161 total episodes the show ends and production begins on the OVA series.

Episode 119 4/10/92
Kuno Tatewaki, dairi kouchou wo meizu
Tatewaki Kuno, Acting Principal

The Principal of Furinkan tells Kuno that he can be the substitute principal while he is away. Kuno quickly enforces the rules, and forces anyone that disobeys to wear a wig. Akane, Ranma and Ukyo realize the only way to get rid of Kuno is to get Gosunkugi and Nabiki on their side (each had been helping Kuno spot rule violations).

Episode 120 4/17/92
Ranma, tsukiyoni hoeru
Ranma's Greatest Challenge
Happosai recieves an old can in the mail and tells Ranma that it is part of an old festival the proves your martial arts abilities. If you win you are considered a true martial artist, but if you lose you can never become one. After days of training to keep the can away from the other opponents, Ranma puts his legacy on the line and manages to win the game. At the end Cologne explains that the game has nothing to do with martial arts, Happosai just wanted the prize (a box of panties).

Episode 121 4/24/92
Nihao! Jusenkyo no guide-san
Nihao! Jusenkyo Guide
The Jusenkyo Guide arrives in Tokyo with a device on his back. He explains that he is searching for the Japanese version of Jusenkyo which he locates in the Tendo's back yard. The Guide prepares to turn their koi pond into a spring, but at the last moment Ryoga trips over a rope and breaks it, ruining the ceremony, which can not be preformed again for another 1,000 years.

Episode 122 5/1/92
Meiwaku! Rokunin no Happosai
Pick-a-Peck o' Happosai
Kuno gives Kasumi some magic cards at the school festival. The cards cause Happosai to be taken over by the devil and split him into six versions of himself. The six Happosai-devils attack people and attempt to take Akane and Kasumi as their brides.

Episode 123 5/8/92
Kibunshidaino hissatsuwaza (zen)
From the Depths of Despair, Part I
Ryoga arrives and easily beats Ranma with his newly learned Shishi Houkoudan technique. When Ranma tries to learn it, he finds that he cannot execute it nearly as well as Ryoga. Ranma learns that to master the Shishi Houkoudan technique, you have to be extremely depressed, something Ryoga often is, and Ranma rarely is.

Episode 124 5/15/92
Kibunshidaino hissatsuwaza (kou)
From the Depths of Despair, Part II
Ranma attempts to depress himself by not eating, but his efforts are all in vain. Ryoga realizes that he more he depresses himself the more powerful his attacks become. Ranma attempts to depress Ryoga as much as possible, and then cheer him up quickly in an effort to cause Ryoga's own blasts to harm him.

Episode 125 5/22/92
Shampoo toraware no kiss
Shampoo's Cursed Kiss
Shampoo is kidnapped by the Ghost Cat who puts a curse on her which prevents her from leaving the temple he is holding her hostage at. The only thing that can release her is if her prince comes and kisses her. Ranma and Mousse begin to fight (because Shampoo wants Ranma to kiss her, but Mousse wants to). If they can not kiss Shampoo before the temple bell rings 108 times, then she will be turned into a cat permantently.

Episode 126 5/29/92
Bokuto kakeochi shitekudasai
Run Away With Me, Ranma!
A man named Harumaki and a girl that looked a lot like Ranma named Gyoko had been haunting Ranma's dreams. Ranma realizes that Harumaki is now an old man, and is in the hospital. Harumaki tells female-Ranma that she reminds him of his first love, and asks if they can go on a date. Ranma is forced to go, against his will. The old man's spirit and Ranma go to some restaurants and watch the cherry blossoms, and then Ranma realizes that the old woman who was with Harumaki at the hospital was actually Gyoko.

Episode 127 6/5/92
Kinokoderahe ikou
Let's Go to the Mushroom Temple
Ranma and Akane are fed a magical mushroom that makes them fall in love with each other. When Ryoga and Kuno find out, they set out to make sure Ranma and Akane find the cure. Mousse sets out to make sure they aren't cured (so he can have Shampoo all to himself).

Episode 128 6/12/92
Hissatsu! Jigokuno yurikago
The Cradle from Hell
Genma gets upset by the fact that he has lost a fight against Ranma, and decides to begins some serious training. Ranma sees Genma as a panda rolling around with a tire, and believes he isn't taking his training seriously, but when the time comes for the match Genma unleashes his "Cradle of Hell" technique.

Episode 129 6/19/92
Aoi kyoufuni bonjour
Madame St. Paul's Cry for Help
Madame St. Paul comes to the Tendo Dojo to ask Akane and Ranma to help her discover what is causing Picolet to act so strangely. From what Madame St. Paul tells them it sounds as if Picolet has become a vampire.

Episode 130 6/26/92
Orihime ha nagareboshini notte
Meet You in the Milky Way
Tanabata, a Japanese holiday that takes place on July 7th was nearing. Akane saw a shooting star, and discovered that it was a girl that had fallen to Earth. The girl turned out to be Orihime a character from the Tanabata story. Orihime came in search of her finace, Kengyu. Ranma loses a match to Kengyu, and attempts to learn the secret of his technique.

Episode 131 7/3/92
Hitotsu meshimase koino sakura mochi
Wretched Rice Cakes of Love
Akane is given some sakura mochi that was supposed to show her who her true love was meant to be. Supposedly if her true love ate it sakura blossoms would appear on their face. Ranma refuses to eat it, but Ryoga happily does. Akane notices that the blossoms appear on Ryoga's face, and says that she'll have to try to like Ryoga. Ranma decides to eat some, but P-chan tramples on his face leaving small hoofprints that looks like sakura petals. Akane believes that must mean Ranma was meant for her.

Episode 132 7/10/92
Dekita ! Happodaikabin
The Dreaded Happo Mold-Burst
Happosai uses his new technique the "Happodaikabin" which is similar to his "Happodaikarin" technique, except it releases mold rather than an explosion. Ranma has to go for some special training to find a way to get around Happosai's paralysing mold.

Episode 133 7/17/92
Kuno kyoudai scandal no arashi
The Kuno Sibling Scandal
Kodachi and Kuno have an argument when she refuses to give him his book of embarrasing photos of female Ranma. The fights escalates, and nude and semi-nude pictures of Ranma begin to pop up everywhere. The pictures are obviously fakes, but Ranma begins to get very irritated. Ranma (and female Ranma) attempt to have Kuno and Kodachi settle their differences in order to keep anymore pictures from surfacing.

Episode 134 7/24/92
Ougonno chaki, gojuunotouno kessen
Battle for the Golden Tea Set
Sentaro contacts the Tendos and asks them to help him defend a special tea ceremony utensil from a theif. He said that if the theif stole the utensil that he and Satsuki would not be able to marry. It's later revealed that the whole thing is a test to ensure that they are worthy of marrying each other.

Episode 135 7/31/92
Gosunkugi Hikaru, hitonatsuno koi
Gosunkugi's Summer Affair
A ghost named Kogane visits the Tendos, and when Gosunkugi meets her he finds that they have a lot in common. Gosunkugi and Kogane start to like each other, but then Gosunkugi realizes that she is a ghost, and won't be able to stay on earth much longer. When the time comes for her to return to the spirit world, Happosai extinguishes the flames she needs to return. If she can not return on that night, she will become an evil spirit.

Episode 136 8/7/92
Aino kakutou cheergirl (zen)
Bring It On! Love's Cheerleader, Part I
A cheerleader from Seishun High School named Mariko Konjo causes the Furinkan High volleyball team to lose a match. Akane is quite upset, so Kuno tries to comfort her. Ranma knocks Kuno away, who then lands on Mariko. Kuno gives Mariko a bandaid, and she immediately falls in love with him because no one had been so nice to her before. When Kuno asks female Ranma to cheer for him, Ranma sees this as the perfect opportunity to get back at Mariko for what she has done.

Episode 137 8/14/92
Aino kakutou cheergirl (kou)
Bring It On! Love's Cheerleader, Part II
Ranma and Mariko face off during a kendo match between Seishun and Furinkan High Schools. If Kuno loses the match, that means that Ranma wins the martial arts cheerleading competition (because Mariko was supporting Kuno, so Ranma supported Seishun). Ranma tried to encourage Seishun's fencer by telling him he loved him, but it was revealed that it was actually Akane. The whole school then began saying that Ranma had confessed his love to Akane after all this time. Kuno ended up losing the match to Akane (because he tried to hug her), so Ranma came out with the win.

Episode 138 8/21/92
Kettei! Miss Beachside
Battle for Miss Beachside
A trip to the beach turns ugly when all of Ranma's fiancees (and Tsubasa!) compete to see who gets to fix Ranma lunch. Akane decides not to enter, until Shampoo remarks that she would lose even if she tried. By the end of the contest Kasumi had won (even though she wasn't even in the competion).

Episode 139 8/28/92
Bakuretsu! Hyper tsuzumi
The Musical Instruments of Destruction
Kuno comes across an old Japanese drum while cleaning his house. He discovers that when he beats the drum it causes a large explosion. Kodachi finds a Japanese guitar with the same effect. Kuno takes the drum to school where he uses it to knock out female Ranma (so he can try to kiss her). Upon seeing this the principal stops him and begins to use Kodachi's guitar to fight against Kuno's drum.

Episode 140 9/4/92
Shinobino inuha shiro to kuro
A Ninja Dog is Black and White
Ryoga encounters Shirokuro a black and white dog. The dog saves P-chan when they went over a waterfall, so Ryoga starts to take care of the dog and feed it. The dog takes a love letter Ryoga had written out of his backpack and delievers it to Akane. Akane doesn't know who the letter is from because Ryoga didn't sign it, but gives Shirokuro a letter to give to return. The letter said that she had someone that she loved, and was sorry she couldn't return the writer's feelings. Ryoga is horrified when he reads this, but then Ranma asks him if he had signed the letter Akane read. Upon realizing that he hadn't, Ryoga believes that the "somebody" Akane is talking about is actually him.

Episode 141 9/11/92
Tendoke ryuujin densetsu
The Tendo Dragon Legend
While on their way home from school, Akane and Ranma discover a strange fish in a puddle. Dr. Tofu tells Ranma he should take it home and use it for a class project he has to do. Kasumi invites Dr. Tofu to come stay with them because of the tsunami that is about to hit. Once they get home, they realize the fish is actually an infant dragon. Dr. Tofu learns that the dragons meat will grant immortality, and the Frogman (from episode 82) arrives and tries to eat the dragons meat.

Episode 142 9/18/92
Ranma Meets Mother
Boy Meets Mom, Part I
While visiting Mrs. Tendo's grave Ranma begins to wonder about his own mother. Nodoka Saotome, Ranma's mother, had just sent a postcard telling the Tendos she was going to visit. Ranma is quite eager to meet his mother, but Genma explains to everyone that he made a promise to Nodoka when Ranma was first born. He promised her that he would take Ranma on a training trip and that he would raise him to be a great man, that Genma and Ranma would commit suicide. Genma and Ranma decide to hide their true identities and tell Nodoka that Ranma is actually Ranko, a cousin of the Tendos.

Episode 143 9/25/92
Itsunohika, kitto...
Boy Meets Mom, Part II
Nodoka's stay is rather short, and Ranma hears that she is planning on returning home soon. He decides that he would really like for her to meet him as himself rather than as Ranko. Genma warns Ranma and constantly tries to stop him. When a water main explodes and sends Nodoka flying, Ranma saves her and Nodoka catches a glimpse of her son before passing out. When she awakens, she sees Ranko and thinks it was all a dream. Nodoka says that in her dream Ranma was very manly. Ranma tells Akane that he will wait until he can be normal before he tells his mother the truth. At the end, Ranma and Akane head off to school, and then turn towards the screen and say "Goodbye!".




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