Akane Tendo

Akane Tendo, 16, is the youngest daughter of Soun Tendo. She is one of Ranma Saotome's numerous fiancees, and the only one that would rather not be. Akane is the only of Soun's daughters that practices martial arts, and is very capable in her own right.

Before Ranma came into her life, her principal suitor was Tatewaki Kuno (and almost every other boy at Furinkan High School). Though she is quite popular and attractive, she has a reputation of being a tomboy and has always said that she has no interest in dating. Since Ranma became her fiance, many of the boys at her school seem to have accepted the fact that they cannot compete with him, and have lost interest. All with the exception of Tatewaki Kuno. Before Ranma, Akane had a crush on Dr. Tofu.

Akane has a very violent temper and often has injured Ranma, but on the otherhand, Ranma seems to bring it on himself quite often. Akane is very nice to others unless provoked. She loves her pet pig, P-chan (which she has no idea is really Ryoga) that she found in her room one night, and often allows him to sleep in her bed, which irrates Ranma.

One of Akane's major weaknesses is that she cannot swim, which has caused her quite a few problems. Akane is also a terrible cook.

The Meaning Behind the Name

Akane means "dark red" and also "madder" which is a type of plant in the Rubia genus. Tendo means "the laws of heaven and nature".

Noriko Hidaka & Myriam Sirois

Noriko Hidaka is the strong voice behind Akane in Japan. After finishing Ranma she took the role of Kikyo in Inuyasha. Her other roles include Satsuki in My Neighbor Totoro and Jean in Nadia of the Blue Water. She is perhaps best known for playing the iconic Minami Asakura in Touch.

Myriam Sirois portrayed Akane for 10 years in English which was her first major voice role. Her other characters include Sakura Kokusho from Please Save My Earth, as well as Sulia Gaudeamus in Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture.

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