Akari Unryu

Akari Unryu comes from a family that raises sumo wrestling pigs. Her pig, Katsunishiki is the 14th yokozuna (grand champion) and is rampaging through Nerima when he encounters Ryoga. Due to a promise made with her father, Akari can only marry someone who defeats Katsunishiki, and so she becomes instantly infatuated with Ryoga, who makes short work of her pet pig.

Ryoga initially has a lot of reservations about Akari. At first he thinks she's too good to be true, and then when her compliments towards him all seem to compare him to a pig, he mistakenly thinks she is trying to insult him. Finally he sees her for the kind, genuine person she really is, and reciprocates her feelings while still being torn between Akari and his devotion to Akane.

Akari is head over heels in love with Ryoga. So much so that she even tries to learn to hate pigs for him. She is unsuccessful at breaking her joy of pigs, and feels unworthy of Ryoga, but once she discovers that he himself is actually a pig, she dances with joy that she has found the perfect man.

The Meaning Behind the Name

Akari means "light or glimmer". A glimmer of hope for Ryoga possibly. Unryu means "cloud dragon" and more specifically is a sumo wrestling style involving both offense and defense.

An Introduction to Ranma