Azusa Shiratori

The Golden Pair of Martial Arts Figure Skating from Kolhotz High School, as they have been dubbed, Mikado Sanzenin and Azusa Shiratori were unequaled when it came to combat on the ice, that is until Ranma, Akane, and Ryoga decided to give it try.

Azusa is the female half of the skating pair and has an odd personality quirk of stealing things that don't belong to her and giving them a cute French name. She is extremely childish and behaves like a girl helf her age. Upon first seeing P-chan she decided that it was now her pet pig Charlotte. Of course Akane didn't like that one bit, which lead to the Charlotte Cup, a battle for ownership of P-chan.

Azusa actually suspected Ryoga of being her little pig when she noticed him wearing the collar she gave to Charlotte. Ryoga denied this of course, and went on to help Ranma and Akane demolish the Golden Pair in competition. Once Mikado is side-lined with an injury, Azusa rushes to his side only to steal his blanket and pummel him when he tries to take it back.

The Meaning Behind the Name

Azusa means "catalpa tree" while Shiratori is "white bird".

Naoko Matsui & Cathy Weseluck

Naoko Matsui is the high-pitched voice of Azusa in Japan. Her other roles include Sakura Kokusho in Please Save My Earth, Dorothy Catalonia in Gundam Wing and Rally Vincent in Riding Bean. She also does double duty on Ranma in the role of Yotaro.

Cathy Weseluck is the equally high-pitched English voice of Azusa. Cathy is best known as Shampoo, but her other works include C-ko Kotobuki in Project A-ko, Urasue in Inuyasha, Mirai in Mobile Suit Gundam and coincidentally enough- Dorothy Catalonia in Gundam Wing.

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