Densuke is a sickly boy, spending the last few days of his life wasting away in a hospital bed, gazing out at the persimmon tree outside his window. As he watches the ripe fruit fall to the ground, he says he will die before the last fruit is gone.

Then he meets Ranma, who in his female form, he become instantly smitten with. Ranma comes in to check on Densuke and see what is wrong with him. Densuke's mother and doctor explain that he refuses to take his medicine unless it is administed mouth-to-mouth from a pretty nurse. Of course Densuke wants that pretty nurse to be Ranma. Ranma agrees to take Densuke out on a date, and constantly tries to get the obstinate boy to take his medicine, either while he laughs at a comedy show they attend, or while singing karaoke.

Densuke, while very sick, is also extremely perverted. Of course you would have to be to ask a complete strange to feed you medicine mouth-to-mouth. He admits to having a Lolita-complex and tries to drug and undress Ranma at one point. He has no qualms about using his illness to try and get girls.

An Introduction to Ranma