Herb is the leader of the Musk Dynasty, an ancient race of Chinese martial arts masters. The Musk people practiced martial arts based on animal movements such as "tiger style" or "wolf style" martial arts. To better improve their abilities, they threw animals respective to their martial arts style into The Spring of Drowned Woman at Jusenkyo and then used the Water Pot of Preservation to trap the now female animals in their human forms. Herb is the decendant of a dragon and his abilities and power show his ancestry.

Herb comes to Japan with her assistants Lime and Mint. After Herb treats Akane roughly Ranma fights her only to be quickly beaten and then trapped in his female form. Ranma comes after Herb for revenge and tries to win back his manhood in the process.

Ranma immediately notices that Herb is not terribly feminine, and seems uncomfortable to see other naked girls. When Herb retrieves the cure Ranma has been seeking to break his frozen curse, it is revealed that Herb is actually a man who, like Ranma, had his curse frozen as well. Once back in his male form Herb pulls no punches and openly admits he is not only fighting to defeat Ranma, but intends to kill him. Herb is truly one of Ranma's most deadly and powerful opponents.

The Meaning Behind the Name

Herb, Lime, and Mint's names are obvious puns. Like the other Chinese characters, such as Shampoo, Pantyhose, and Plum, they are named after objects or spices.

Katsuaki Arima

Herb does not appear in any of the anime episodes, but he does make an appearance in one of the Ranma video games. In that game he was voiced by Katsuaki Arima who's previous roles include Haruto Hojo in Haunted Junction, Mori in Birdy the Mighty, and Kokyuu in The Violinist of Hamelin.

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