Hikaru Gosunkugi

Hikaru Gosunkugi is a 15 year old Freshman at Furinkan High School. He is one of the least popular students there, and has no friends. Tatewaki Kuno pays Gosunkugi for the photos he takes in hopes of discovering Ranma's weak spot.

Like many of the other male characters in the series, Gosunkugi is in love with Akane even though he is too shy to tell her. He also realizes that he would never stand a chance against her other suitors like Ryoga and Kuno.

Gosunguki has earned the nickname "Voodoo Spike", because of his interest in the occult. He is often seen with lighted candles tied to his head and nailing straw voodoo dolls to trees.

Unfortunately, in the anime, most of Gosunkugi's parts were given to Sasuke Sagurature.

The Meaning Behind the Name

Hikaru has an interesting name. Hikaru is fairly common and means "flashing brilliance." Gosunkugi is the real pun. When broken apart it means "five inch nail".

Issei Futamata & Michael Benyaer

Issei Futamata plays the wimpy Gosunkugi, but he is best known as Yusaku Godai in Maison Ikkoku. His other characters include Chibi in Urusei Yatsura, Ishida in One Pound Gospel and Mikiyasu Shinshi in Patlabor.

Gosunkugi's English actor is Michael Benyaer whos only other large anime role is as Captain M'Quve in Mobile Suit Gundam.

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