As the time for Saffron's transformation draws near, Kiema is dispatched to Japan with her two bumbling followers Masala and Koruma in order to find the Jusenkyo map. With this map the Phoenix People will be able imbue their ruler with the power needed to heat and light their mountain top home.

Kiema is the most intelligent and capable of all of Saffron's minions. During their mission to Japan, she is in charge of the operation and responsible for telling Masala and Koruma what to do. Like them, she has bathed in the Spring of Drowned Girl in order to mask her birdlike characteristics and travel incognito.

After Akane is captured and brought to China, Kiema throws her into an uncursed Jusenkyo spring and creates a "Spring of Drowned Akane" which she dunks herself in. Now when splashed with cold water Kiema looks exactly like Akane Tendo, a trick she uses to her advantage as she tries to steal the Kinjakan back from Ranma.

The Meaning Behind the Name

Like the other members of the Phoenix People, Kiema's name is taken from the Indian food.

An Introduction to Ranma