Konatsu is the most skilled ninja in his family. That's right, Konatsu is a boy, and like all of Ukyo's other suitors, is somewhat mixed up when it comes to gender.

When Ranma, Happosai, and Genma accidently destroy Konatsu's family's tea shop, Konatsu's ugly step-sisters send him out to take revenge. Of course Ranma is too strong for poor Konatsu, and so he is forced by his evil step-sisters and step mother to leave. The reason Konatsu lives with his step-family is because his mother passed away and his father remarried Kotetsu (Konatsu's step-mother), and then he passsed away too. Konatsu's step-family are all incredibly unattractive, large-lipped women that treat him horribly. It's a very "Cinderalla-esque" story. It's somewhat ironic that the most attractive "woman" in the family is actually a man.

Feeling sorry for Konatsu, Ukyo allows him to work at her okonomiyaki shop where she treats only slightly better than his step-family did, but by now he loves her too much to care.

The Meaning Behind the Name

Konatsu is often mentioned along with the words "Kunoichi" and "Kenzan". Konatsu means "short summer". Kunoichi literally means "female ninja," but can be broken down to "troubled one". Kenzan is an archaic Japanese word that means "I've appeared here just now", not his last name. Ironically, when broken down it means "sword" and "cruelty or brutality" since his foster family was so terrible to him. But just to clairify, Konatsu's last name is never given.

An Introduction to Ranma