Lime is a beast in ever sense of the word, ruthless and powerful he pulls no punches and gives no quarter to his opponents. A lesson Ryoga Hibiki learns the hard way.

Lime, like his master Herb and partner Mint comes from the Musk Dynasty. The Musk Dynasty is a group of Chinese martial artists who were so dedicated to their martial arts they married animals that they threw into the Spring of Drowned Girl at Jusenkyo. Lime is the decendant of a tiger and his amazing strength and gifted martial arts abilities make him a terribly dangerous opponent.

He first comes to Japan with Herb searching for the Kai-Sui-Fu, a kettle which would reverse locked Jusenkyo curses which both Herb and Ranma were seeking at the time. Lime had never seen a woman before and tried to touch Akane, which caused Ryoga to hit him for being so forward with her. Ryoga quickly realized his mistake when Lime mangled him and left him laying in the middle of the street.

Ryoga and Lime would meet again and it would seem that Ryoga had learned from their previous encounter. All was going in Ryoga's favor until a single misstep cost him dearly. Lime managed to beat Ryoga so badly that he actually died. Only the realization that he was dying without Akane was able to bring him back to destroy Lime in a last ditch attempt.

Lime is incredibly powerful and has a killer instict, but his weakness are breasts. Lime was raised away from women, and he is facinated with women and breasts in particular- especially Herb's.

The Meaning Behind the Name

Herb, Lime, and Mint's names are obvious puns. Like the other Chinese characters, such as Shampoo, Pantyhose, and Plum, they are named after objects or fruits.

An Introduction to Ranma