Mikado Sanzenin

Mikado Sanzenin is the male half of the martial arts skating team, the Golden Pair. He is quite a Letharo and has kissed over a thousand women, often breaking up other figure skating pairs. He also gave Ranma his first kiss, which Ranma was not pleased at all about.

Mikado winds up suffering severely due to the beating Ranma gives him. Mikado never learns of Ranma's secret curse, but even after upsetting female Ranma he continues to pursue more women left and right. Even Akane becomes involved much to the dislike of both Ryoga and Ranma.

Mikado at times actually seems to dislike Azusa and understands peoples frustration with her. He often loses his temper with her childish behavior, but often suffers for it. Azusa has no patience for his playboy tomfoolery and it is often a wonder that these two very different people can come together and make such an excellent team. Ultimately Mikado is sidelined after a crushing blow from Ryoga and his partner shows little sympathy for his situation.

The Meaning Behind the Name

Mikado means "emperor" which is his nickname. Sanzenin is "3000 temples".

Kazuhiko Inoue & Ian Corlett

Kazuhiko Inoue provides this ladykiller's Japanese voice. He is probably best known as Mamoru Kusanagi in Blue Seed, but he was also Grey in Grey and Kazuhiro Hasukawa in Here is Greenwood. He also provided the voice of Urusei Yatsura's Western educated magician, Tsubame Ozuno.

Ian Corlett, Ranma 's own Dr. Tofu and Jusenkyo Guide provides Mikado's English voice. His other roles include Goku in Dragon Ball Z, Hikari Daitokuji in Project A-ko and Shuichi Tataki in Key the Metal Idol.

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