Mint is a member of the Musk Dynasty, a group of who are decended from animals who were turned to human women by Chinese martial artists seeking to improve their skills. Mint is the decendant of a wolf, and his amazing speed makes him an extremely difficult opponent to fight.

Mint sets out to find the Kai-Sui-Fu kettle along with Lime and his master, Herb. They come to Nerima in the process and Mint meets Shampoo, much to Mousse's dismay. Mousse becomes angry but Mint's amazing speed sends Mousse reeling very quickly. Mint seems facinated with Shampoo and women in general, and their breasts in particular. This is due to the fact that the Musk Dynasty had never met women until they began their travels searching for the magical kettle.

Mousse manages to catch back up to Mint in the forests of Japan, but seems to have learned from their previous match. He uses some trickery to take the advantage after learning Mint's repetoir of moves and countering his blows. Mint proves to be no match for Mousse the second time around.

The Musk Dynasty martial artists are all extremely powerful and seem to have no problem killing people. Mint's youth seems to make him the weakest of the three, but his amazing speed and deadly weapons make up where his other skills may lack.

The Meaning Behind the Name

Herb, Lime, and Mint's names are obvious puns. Like the other Chinese characters, such as Shampoo, Pantyhose, and Plum, they are named after objects or fruits.

An Introduction to Ranma