Nodoka Saotome

Nodoka Saotome is the wife of Genma and mother to Ranma. She is kind and caring, but Genma made a promise to her that if he was unable to raise Ranma to be a "man among men" that they would commit seppoku. And because of Ranma's curse, he is constantly in hiding from her.

Nodoka is often seen carrying her sword upon the chance she might find her son and husband, and the possiblity that Genma didn't live up to his promise. Nodoka is very loving though, and would never actually drive her husband and son to suicide.

Nodoka often stops by the Tendo Dojo looking for Ranma and Genma, but only finds Soun and his daughters....and the Tendo's red-headed cousin Ranko with her pet panda. Nodoka is a kind soul and even offered to help Akane learn to cook better.

The Meaning Behind the Name

Nodoka means "calm" or "peaceful" which is interesting because she is very calm, but everyone believes otherwise. Saotome means "rice planting girl" which more of a pun with Ranma's name than Nodoka's.

Masako Ikeda & Lisa Bunting

Masako Ikeda is the famous voice behind Ranma's mother. Her most significant role is that of Maetel from the Galaxy Express 999 series. She has also played Miyuka Hazuki in Silent Mobieus and Toru in X.

Lisa Bunting provides the gentle English voice of Mrs. Saotome. Other than Nodoka, she does not seem to have been in any other series.

An Introduction to Ranma