Pantyhose Taro

Pantyhose Taro has carried many burdens since birth. When his mother went into labor, she had the bad luck of having Happosai there to help deliver the the newborn. She allowed him to name the child, which he decided should be called Pantyhose.

Then, even more humilating, he carried him to a small pool of water to rinse him off, not realizing this was one of the cursed pools of Jusenkyo. The pool happened to be haunted by a Yeti riding a bull, holding an eel and chicken in it's hands, the result is quite monsterous.

Pantyhose Taro's cursed form is quite large and very powerful, but he seems to like it. He later returns to Jusenkyo to add octopus tentacles to his already assorted curse. Pantyhose Taro's relationship with Ranma is rocky at best. Ranma's constant teasing does little to endear him, and Pantyhose Taro's extremely short fuse causes the two to come into conflict whenever they meet.

The Meaning Behind the Name

Pantyhose's name really needs no pun to go with it, it's humiliating enough. Coincidently, he is named similarly to the other Chinese characters (he was born in China, even though that may not be his ethnicity), such as Shampoo, Herb, Plum, Mousse, etc. The "Taro" part of his name is a bull reference.

Shinnosuke Furumoto & Matt Hill

Shinnosuke Furumoto had some experience in Takahashi anime previous to this role. He also portrayed Rio in Urusei Yatsura. His other roles include Carrot Glasse from Sorcerer Hunter and Leo in the 1989 remake of Jungle Emerpor.

Matt Hill provides the gravely voice to Pantyhose Taro in English. His previous work includes Mikuro Yakushimaru in Please Save My Earth, Laocorn Gaudemus and Duck King in Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture and Ryo in Ronin Warriors.

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