Picolet Chardin II

Picolet Chardin II is one of the oddest characters in the series. He is a "speed eater" from the "La Belle France School of Martial Arts" and able to eat so fast that one is unable to even see his mouth move.

Picolet appears at Furinkan High School and quickly devours almost everyone's lunches. Ranma, having a large appitite himself quickly challenges Picolet to a match of speed eating which Ranma quickly loses. It is later discoverd that instead of paying the bill at Picolet's father's restaurant Soun promised one of his then unborn daughters as Picolet's bride.

Ranma then decides to say that he will become Picolet's bride in order to learn Picolet's techniques and get revenge for his earlier loss.

The Meaning Behind the Name

Picolet is named after a Japanese diaper type product, while his last name Chardin is taken from "My Shaldan" air fresheners. Madame St. Paul's name is a reference to "San Po-ru" floor cleaner.

Keiichi Nanba & Kirby Morrow

Keiichi Nanba provides the Frenchman's Japanese voice. His other work includes Shun'ichi Sugishita in Blue Seed, Andy Bogard in Fatal Fury, Seiji Komatsu in Kimagure Orange Road and Zoisite in Sailor Moon.

Kirby Morrow's first Takahashi anime role was Picolet, but he has since moved on to play Miroku in Inuyasha. Kirby also provided the voice of Van Fanel in The Vision of Escaflowne, Trowa Barton in Mobile Suit Gundam Wing and Ryo Takatsuki in Project ARMS. He also filled in as Dr. Tofu when Ian Corlett was unavailable.

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