Pink & Link

Pink and Link are twins from a village in China. They arrive out of the blue one day, when Shampoo is showing Ranma an article her newspaper back home did about her. Unfortunately they gave her new address in Tokyo, which enabled the twins to track her down. The article talked about her fiancee, Ranma, so the girls thought getting revenge on Shampoo by beating up her beloved Ranma would be a good idea.

It is revealed that ten years ago Shampoo had visited their village with Cologne. Cologne warned her that the children liked to play pranks, and soon after Pink arrived and used her Mandrake technique which injured Shampoo. Link found Shampoo who was lying unconcious, and used her healing techniques to revive her. When Shampoo awoke, she beat up Link (thinking that she was Pink). As if this was not enough, Shampoo continued to pummel Pink and Link every time she saw them from that day on. The bring their grudge to Tokyo in hopes of paying Shampoo back for the hell she put them both through, and Furinkan High almost gets destroyed in the process as their poisonous plants begin to overrun the area.

Many of Pink and Link's techniques involve flowers, plants and herbs. Their village was known for their excellent herbs (which is why Cologne and Shampoo went there in the first place). Pink's techniques are usually attack based, while Link's are healing based. Also they often say the word "please" at the end of each sentence due to their not-so-firm grasp on the Japanese language.

The Meaning Behind the Name

Like many twins around the world, Pink and Link have rhyming names. There is no hidden meaning behind them. Sometimes Link's name is translated as "Rink" due to the interchangability of "R" and "L" in Japanese.

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