Principal Kuno

Principal Kuno is the long-lost father of Tatewaki and Kodachi Kuno. After disappearing three years ago, he resurfaced at Furinkan to resume his duties as principal.

While he was away he spent his years in Hawaii where he picked up a tan and an odd "Island accent". He often mixes in English words with his Japanese. He loves all things tropical.

Principal Kuno also has an odd love of cutting hair. He insists that everyone at Furinkan High should have the same kind of haircuts and has a serious problem with Ranma having a pigtail.

There is little love lost between Principal Kuno and his children. Tatewaki finds him irritating and has horrible memories of having his head shaved as a child that have left a long lasting emotional scar.

The Meaning Behind the Name

The Principal's first name is unknown, but Kuno can be broken down to mean "Nine Abilities," which is more of a sarcastic remark about his children's overblown sense of self-worth.

Tatsuyuki Jinnai & Scott McNeil

Tatsuyuki Jinnai provides the Principal's bizarre voice in Japan. Tatsuyuki has little in the way of information regarding his past roles, but he has played Chief Tatsugawa in Virgin Fleet.

His English voice is provided by Scott McNeil who also plays Koga on Inuyasha, Duo Maxwell in Gundam Wing and Piccolo in Dragon Ball Z.

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