Ranma Saotome

Ranma Saotome, the only son of Genma and Nodoka Saotome has led a fairly difficult life. At a young age, he was taken by Genma on various training journeys. On one of the most recent ones, Genma decided to take Ranma to China to train in Jusenkyo, an area of cursed springs (which Genma did not know). Ranma was knocked in to the "Spring of Drowned Girl," and now transforms into a female version of himself when splashed with cold water.

Ranma is 16 years old, and lives with the Tendo family and his father at the Tendo Dojo. Genma and Soun Tendo arranged for their children to be wed, and so Ranma and Akane were engaged (Nabiki and Kasumi said that they didn't want to marry Ranma, so Akane was chosen by default). Ranma and Akane rarely get along, which seems to stem from the fact that Ranma is quite the ladies man. In fact, he is also engaged to Shampoo and Ukyo Kuonji. While not engaged, Kodachi Kuno also hopes to marry Ranma one day.

Ranma is also an excellent martial artist. He is able to learn techniques very quickly and has mastered many different styles. He is very competitve and rarely loses a fight (on the rare occasion that he is bested he always gets revenge later on). Ranma also has a (somewhat) sensitive side, and he actually does have strong feelings for Akane even though he would never admit it. Ranma's only weakness is an intense fear of cats, due to the harsh training he recieved in Cat-fu as a child.

The Meaning Behind the Name

Ranma can mean "chaotic or reckless horse" which emphasizes his brash personality. Saotome means "fast/quick maiden/virgin" which is a reference to his transformation into his female side.

Voices (male):
Kappei Yamaguchi, Sarah Strange & Richard Cox

Kappei Yamaguchi made his voice acting debut in the role of male Ranma. He has also portrayed Inuyasha, Shinichi Kudo in Detective Conan and Tombo in Kiki's Delivery Service.

The English voice for male Ranma was originated by Sarah Strange who acted in the OAVs, films, and first 64 episodes. She was replaced by Richard Cox who is coincidentally also the English voice of Inuyasha, as well as Kai Shiden in Mobile Suit Gundam and Bit Cloud in ZOIDS.

Voices (female):
Megumi Hayashibara & Venus Terzo

One of the most famous voice actresses in Japan is Megumi Hayashibara, the voice of female Ranma. Megumi got her start playing Yosuke Nanao in Maison Ikkoku and has since gone on to star as Pai in 3x3 Eyes and Faye Valentine in Cowboy Bebop.

Venus Terzo replaced Brigitta Dau after only 6 episodes in the role. Her roles include B-ko Daitokuji in Project A-ko, Millerna Aston in The Vision of Escaflowne and Yoshiko Fujishima in Kishin Corps

An Introduction to Ranma