Rouge is a young girl who has made her way to Nerima in search of Pantyhose Taro. Rouge requests Ranma's helping in getting back the "source of her powers", an item she believes was stolen by Pantyhose Taro.

It is also revealed that Rouge has fallen into "The Spring of Drowned Asura". An asura is a Hindu demon/god that is said to be extremely powerful. These three-faced, six-armed creatures are powerhouses and very aggressive.

Rouge is one of the most powerful characters in the series, and seems to have no problem using her powers to their fullest extent. She has little concern for property damage or any other havoc she causes while in her asura form. When in her normal form though, Rouge is quite kind and timid.

Rouge later discovers that Pantyhose Taro did in fact steal her "power source" which are just small magnetic disks that are used to prevent stiffening in ones back, a serious problem for her since she has six arms.

After much carnage and destruction (buildings are destroyed and the Tendo home is left a mess) Rouge discovers that the power source she uses are fairly common and buys quite a few of them before heading back to China.

The Meaning Behind the Name

Rouge, like many of the other characters (Shampoo, Mousse, Pantyhose) is named after a beauty product. Her name is written with the kanji for "giant butterbur" (a type of plant), and "ball". There is not any meaning in those particular kanji, they were most likely chosen for their sound to make the name "Rouge". Asura is the central Asian word for the supreme spirit or god. To be more specific, an asura is a demon from the Hindu religion.

Kumiko Nishihara

Rouge was never in the anime, but she was in the video game Ranma Battle Renaissance. In that game her voice was provided by Kumiko Nishihara, who's other roles include Shiori Takatsuki from Revolutionary Girl Utena, Shinobu in Crayon Shin-chan and Rhea in Babel II.

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