Shampoo is a 16 year old, Chinese Amazon from the village of Joketsuzoku near Jusenkyo. Shampoo first met Ranma when he (at the time a girl) and Genma ate a large feast which was intended for Shampoo. Ranma then quickly beat Shampoo in order to win the first prize meal. At this point Shampoo was very angry about her loss and gave Ranma the "Kiss of Death," a promise to track him to the ends of the Earth until she could kill him.

When she finally found Ranma he was living in the Tendo Dojo. Not realizing that male and female Ranma were actually the same person, she fell in love with Ranma's male side. After he was able to defeat her, she gave him the "Kiss of Death," which when given to a member of the opposite sex, means that they are now engaged. Althought Shampoo only has eyes for Ranma, she is constantly pursued by her childhood friend, Mousse, who refuses to give up on her. No matter how many times she rejects him Mousse is always following her like a lost dog.

Another unique aspect of Shampoo is the way she speaks. Because she lived in China most of her life, her Japanese is very poor. In fact, during Shampoo's first few appearances she spoke only in Chinese. By her next visit, she had also fallen into Jusenkyo and was now cursed by changing into a cat when splashed with cold water.

The Meaning Behind the Name

The kanji in her name are "San" for "stagger; loneliness; centimeter" and "pu" (the Ping Ying reading of it anyway) for "uncut gem; unpolished gem," which could speak of her abrasive personality. The real pun in Shampoo's name though, is that all the Chinese characters are named after beauty products, such as Mousse and Cologne.

Rei Sakuma & Cathy Weseluck

Rei Sakuma is the Japanese voice of Shampoo. When not playing everyone's favorite Chinese Amazon she has portrayed Peorth in Ah My Goddess!, Leona Ozaki in Dominion Tank Police, and Nina Purpleton in Mobile Suit Gundam 0083. She has also played another famous cat, Jiji in Kiki's Delivery Service.

Cathy Weseluck is one of the most recognized English voice actresses. She is the high pitched voice of Shampoo and Azusa Shiratori as well as C-ko Kotobuki in Project A-ko, Dorothy Catalonia in Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, Mirai Yashima in Mobile Suit Gundam as well as Kagome's Mom and Urasue on Inuyasha.

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