One day while watching the news, Akane happens to see a story about a dog named Checkers that has been looking for her master, Ryoga Hibiki. She had recently had puppies and wanted Ryoga to meet them.

Akane then asked Ryoga if it would be alright if she came to his home to see his new puppies, which made Ryoga ecstatic. Unfortunately Ryoga had planned to have Akane help him find his house, but she got an early start and left him behind. Ryoga had no choice but to lie to Ranma and say that Checker was having complications after her pregnancy and that he needed to get home. Ranma was only to happy to help Ryoga be reunited with his dog.

Of course once Ranma found out the real reason, he decided to show up as Ryoga's long lost sister Yoiko Hibiki.

The Meaning Behind the Name

Shirokuro is broken down into "shiro" meaning "white" and "kuro" meaning "black" which refers to the color of her coat and is the reason she is named "Checkers" in English.

Shigeru Chiba

Shigeru Chiba is the famous voice behind Ryoga's dog. He has been a mainstay of Takahashi anime and has played another famous Takahashi dog, Soichiro in Maison Ikkoku. His other roles include Megane in Urusei Yatsura, Yotsuya in Maison Ikkoku, Sasuke in Ranma and Shigeo Shiba in Patlabor.

An Introduction to Ranma