Yohyo Tsuruyasennen

One day while eating a nice lunch outdoors, Yohyo's meal was interrupted by a starving Ranma who happened to be in girl-form. Ranma stepped on Yohyo's head and devoured his meal before running off. The only thing Yohyo saw was a girl with a pigtail.

One day while training, Genma knocks Ranma into the ocean. Ranma arrives at "Heron Island" where there is a large crowd of young girls gathering. Coincidentally, all of the girls are Ranma's age and they all have pigtails.

Each of the girls tries to match their foot with the footprint on the back of Yohyo's head. When Ranma's turn comes, it matches perfectly. Yohyo excitedly announces that he has found his bride! Ranma, not being too thrilled about the situation, tries to get out of it, but to no avail. Yohyo's home seems exquisite, but something just isn't quite right about it. Ranma soon realizes that there is no electricity or hot water.

Yohyo is upset when he learns that Ranma has discovered Heron Island's secret- that they were once a thriving hot spring resort, but without hot water, their business has dried up. Yohyo believes that Ranma will refuse to marry him unless he's rich, so he releases Ranma from their "engagement". Ranma agrees to destroy the boulder blocking up all the hot water, and with that promptly leaves. Heron Island's hot springs are saved thanks to Ranma's help.

The Meaning Behind the Name

The "Yo" in Yohyo means "society," which is indicates that Yohyo is rich. "Tsuru" means " Crane or Heron" which is one of the reasons the island is called "Heron Island".

An Introduction to Ranma