When Ranma and Genma went on a training trip to the beach (the snow-covered mountains in the anime) Genma became seperated from Ranma and never returned home. Akane and Ranma decided to go search for him only to find that he had been taken in by Yotaro and made his new pet "Kumahatchi".

Yotaro is seemingly a sickly child that refuses to get out of bed unless his mother can give him a pet panda. When Genma happens along, the is treated like a king by this rich family where he decides he would be happy to spend the rest of his days eating and lounging about. Of course, Yotaro still won't go outside because Genma refuses to get up and move about either.

Ranma and Akane quickly explain the situation to Yotaro's mother, and she asks that they pay for all the food. Of course they have no money and after trying everything else to appease Yotaro they grab Genma and make a run for it.

The Meaning Behind the Name

Yotaro means "give great son", which is a pun on the fact that he wants his mother to give him a panda. In Japan, the name "Yotaro" has the connotations of someone being a liar, just like the name "Romeo" may suggest a romantic to English speakers.

Naoko Matsui & Christopher Turner

Naoko Matsui, who also plays Azusa Shiratori. Her other roles include Sakura Kokusho in Please Save My Earth, Dorothy Catalonia in Gundam Wing and Rally Vincent in Riding Bean.

Christopher Turner is a young voice actor who plays a lot of children's roles. His previous work includes Masato in Mermaid's Scar, Rin Kobayashi in Please Save My Earth, and Yulie in Ronin Warriors.

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