Inuyasha Around the Web

General Information

Ranma by Rumiko Takahashi - Rob is a member of the Rumic World messageboard, and also happens to run a very nice Ranma site based around the manga, which you don't see too often.
Ranma Forever - The new Ranma site on the block, with video clips and an image gallery.
Ranma Colorization Project - This site digitally colors black and white drawings from the manga.
Ranma Editing Report - This site discusses some of the changes made when Viz adapted the anime for release in America.
Ranma FanCRPG Project - A very neat site that looks like it will remain unfinished. Originally they had planned to create a new Ranma roleplaying game.
Laura-chan's Ranma Nibunnoichi Pages - A well designed site with some fanfic links.
Fujishima/Takahashi Page - A comprehensive site that lists the correlation between Takahashi's various stories, their various manga editions and the anime.
Halfway Home - Just a fanlisting, but they have a nice design and link to other Ranma fanlistings for those so inclined.

Character Shrines

Gosunkugi Land- A neat little Japanese site all about Gosunkugi. The webmaster has even created some Gosunkugi mini-comics.
Dragon Prince - A small Herb shrine.
H.E.A.R.T - A shrine to Ranma and Akane, with a hefty little gallery to boot.

Japanese Sites

Sucharaka Honpo- A Japanese site with information about the manga, anime and other products.
Ranma A to Z - A Japanese site that alphabetically analyzes elements of the series. This is the official website of Shonen Sunday, the magazine in which all of Rumiko Takahashi's major works (except Maison Ikkoku) have been published. Currently, they have a section dedicated to Inuyasha.
Young This is the official website of Young Sunday, Shonen Sunday's sister publication and home to One-Pound Gospel.
Spinet- The home of Big Comic Spirits, publisher of Maison Ikkoku, Galaxy Express 999, and Golgo 13.
Shogakukan- This is the official website of Shogakukan, one of the largest publishing companies in Japan. They are involved in the anime as well as manga produced by Rumiko Takahashi. Unfortunately their English section isn't well maintained.

Voice Actors

Kappei Yamaguchi- Kappei Yamaguchi's (male Ranma) offical site, with information about his past work and current projects.
Noriko Hidaka - The official website of Akane's Japanese voice actress, Noriko Hidaka.
Robert O. Smith- For all the information on the English voice of Genma Saotome and Sasuke.
David Kaye- Longtime voice actor, David Kaye, who provides the voice of Soun Tendo, has his website here.
Kirby Morrow- Picolet Chardin III's voice actor, who also provides the voice of Inuyasha's Miroku.
Teryl Rothery- The official website of Kodachi Kuno's English voice, Teryl Rothery.

Rumic Links

Rumic World- The main site of which Ranma Perfect Edition is a part of. For all the most up-to-date Ranma news in the United States and Japan, this is the only place you need go.
Tomobiki-Cho, The Urusei Yatsura Website- The greatest Urusei Yatsura page in existence is back with a new look and a wealth of information.
Life at Maison Ikkoku- For the true romantics, check out Takahashi's love story of a lifetime at this excellent Maison Ikkoku site.
The Inuyasha Companion - The best Inuyasha site on the internet, bar none.
Mermaid Flesh - This dark horror story is likely to appeal to Inuyasha fans.
The Ring & the Rosary - The complete story on the religious/boxing romantic comedy by Rumiko Takahashi.
Rumic Theater - The only online source for Rumiko Takahashi's short stories.
We Want Rumic World! - A campaign dedicated to getting the 1980s Rumic World OAVs out on DVD.

An Introduction to Ranma