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Ranma ½
volume 1
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1987 Vol. 36 - 43
Published in English as:
Ranma ½ Part 1 Number 1-4
Ranma ½ Graphic Novel Vol. 1

Chapter 1: らんまが来た
Ranma ga kita
(Here's Ranma!)
On the day that one of Soun Tendo's daughters (Kasumi, Nabiki and Akane) is supposed to meet her new fiance a panda and young girl arrive at the Tendo household. Nabiki, the middle daughter is rather upset, but Akane befriends the young girl. Soon the panda and the girl are revealed to be Genma and Ranma Saotome, who explain their tragic curses to the family.

Chapter 2: らんまの秘密
Ranma no himitsu
(Ranma's Secret)
Genma and Ranma sit down to explain what caused their bizzare transformations. When doused with cold water, Genma transforms into a panda and Ranma changes into a young girl. Kasumi and Nabiki decide that Akane is best suited for Ranma, but Akane is still furious that Ranma saw her naked in the bath, and harbors an instant dislike of him.

Chapter 3: 男なんか大っ嫌い
Otoko nanka daikkirai
(I Hate Men)
Ranma's first day at his new school, Furinkan High, is quite eventful. On the way, he gets splashed and turned into a girl, prompting a visit to the friendly neighborhood chiropractor for some hot water. Ranma is quite impressed with Dr. Tofu Ono and notices Akane seems to be interested in him as well. Once at school Akane engages in her pre-class brawl to prevent the boys of Furinkan from winning a date with her and Ranma meets his first rival, the pompous "Blue Thunder" Tatewaki Kuno.

Chapter 4: 断じて認めん
Danjite mitomen
(Never, Never, Never)
Ranma fights with Kuno before a sudden rain storm prompts a run-in save by Genma knocking Kuno out and dragging Ranma out of sight. Once hidden away in the gym equipment storage room, Ranma realizes just how good a fighter Kuno is. Ranma and Akane also get to stand out in the hall as punishment for being late. Kuno storms out of his classroom upon hearing of Akane's engagement and he and Ranma take a dive out of a third story window straight into the school swimming pool.

Chapter 5: 木の上のヤカンの女へ
Ki no ue no yakan no onna he
(To the Tree-Borne Kettle-Girl)
As the fight spills into the pool, Kuno accidently cops a feel off Ranma's breasts which causes Ranma to slam him into the wall and run away before he can realize what happened. Kuno goes in search of the girl that Ranma left to fight in his place, and after a quick match with Akane, Kuno expresses his intentions to the "Tree Borne Kettle Girl". Love is in the air, and Ranma is none too happy.

Chapter 6: 心も体も
Kokoro mo karada mo
(Body and Soul)
Ranma has a nightmare about Kuno confessing his love for Ranma, which leaves him very freaked out and angry. On the way to school Ranma and Akane quickly dispense of Kuno. Nabiki, never one to overlook an opportunity to make some money sells Kuno some cheesecake shots of female Ranma and excersise pictures of her sister, Akane. After another brawl with Ranma, Kuno's pictures go flying.

Chapter 7: すぐにわかるよ
Sugu ni wakaru yo

(You'll Understand Soon Enough)
Ranma's fight with Kuno carries on, while Ranma does his best to irriate Akane by making a comment about her panties. Ranma dispatches Kuno and receives only minor injuries until he makes a comment about the photos of himself compared with those of Akane. Afterwards Ranma has to visit Dr. Tofu's to get his dislocated arms and legs fixed thanks to Akane's short temper. On their way out, the good doctor pats Ranma on the waste causing his legs to go out. Shortly thereafter Akane piggybacks Ranma home.

Chapter 8: 好きな女がいるんだから
Suki na hito ga irun dakara

(Because There's a Girl He Likes)
Ranma and Akane head to school where a beaten Kuno refuses to give up his pursuit of female Ranma and Akane. Seeing the unbeatable Blue Thunder so badly thrashed has changed the minds of the rest of the school who decide it is no longer possible for them to compete against Ranma for Akane's "affections" After an accident on the baseball field Ranma goes back to Dr. Tofu's and finds out that while Akane might love Dr. Tofu, Tofu himself is in love with a mystery woman.

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