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Volume 2

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Chapters Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1987 Vol. 44 - 52

Ranma ½ Vol 2

Chapter 9: 笑うとかわいいよ
Warau to kawaii yo
(You're Cute When You Smile)
Ranma realizes that it's Kasumi that Dr. Tofu is in love with, and see that Akane is taking it rather hard. Once Kasumi shows up at the clinic Tofu freaks out and accidently injures Ranma's neck. After heading back home, Ranma tries to make Akane feel better by telling her she's cute when she smiles. Of course later he spies on her smiling into a mirror in her room, and she gets mad at him again.

Chapter 10: 乱馬を追って来た男
Ranma o otte kita otoko
(The Hunter)
A face from Ranma's past begins seeking him out. Ryoga Hibiki, is searching for Furinkan High School so he can finish the duel Ranma ran out on. After getting lost many times along the way, Ryoga finally manages to locate Ranma who has trouble even remembering who he is. Ryoga refreshes his memory about being old classmates and then prepares to "destroy Ranma's happiness".

Chapter 11: 対決
(Bread Feud)
The day of the match arrives and Ranma tries to pay Ryoga back for making him so upset when they were classmates. It turns out Ranma always got the last piece of bread everyday at school, beating Ryoga out each day. Ryoga has been harboring a grudge over this ever since, so Ranma buys a lot of bread to try and appease Ryoga. Ryoga will have none of it though, and the match begins. Ranma quickly realizes that Ryoga is going to be a serious problem.

Chapter 12: 続・対決
Zoku * taiketsu
Ryoga continues to amaze everyone with his incredible strength as he lifts himself and Ranma into he air with one hand. As the fight intensifies it spills out of the schoolyard and into the park where Ranma accidently gets sprayed. Ryoga discovers Ranma's curse but only becomes more angry and throws his razor sharp bandanas through the air. Akane finds herself in the crossfire prompting Ranma to make the save.

Chapter 13: けがはなくとも
Kega wa naku to mo
(A Bad Cut)
Ranma saves Akane and they run away to buy some time. They share a hug before realizing what they are doing and getting angry at one another again. Ryoga comes across them and the fight continues until Ranma tells Akane she's getting in his way. Akane's feelings are very hurt by this, and she slaps Ranma. Then one of Ryoga's razor bandanas flies in cutting off the back of Akane's hair. In shock she punches Ryoga and Ranma and then storms off.

Chapter 14: かわいくねえ
(Who Says You're Cute)
Akane thinks back to why she grew her hair out in the first place. When she was little Kasumi commented that unless she stopped acting like a boy Dr. Tofu wouldn't like her. Little Akane thought that maybe if she grew her hair as long as Kasumi's Tofu might like her. Akane goes downstairs to asks Kasumi to even out her hair and then heads off to the clinic to get her sprained ankle mended. Dr. Tofu notices Akane's hair and says he always liked it short, and Akane begins to cry. On the way back home she tells Ranma she has given up Dr. Tofu and Ranma compliments her on her hair. Akane takes advantage of the situation and teasingly pushes Ranma into the storm drain. Meanwhile Ryoga is lost in Okinawa.

Chapter 15: 良牙変身
Ryoga henshin

(The Transformation of Ryoga)
One dark and stormy night Ryoga arrives at the Tendo home ready to fight Ranma once again. Everyone is asleep and Genma is very angry about being woken up in the middle of the night, so he throws the two boys outside. Ranma lands in the koi pond and transforms, but Ryoga is very careful to stay under his umbrella. The Tendo sisters hear the rucus outside and Akane throws a barbell at the "prowler" causing Ryoga to drop his umbrella. Getting wet Ryoga jumps over the wall and dashes away. Ranma finds his clothes in a pile on the street and an angry dog nearby. Meanwhile Akane notices something in her room, and finds a tiny black pig. Ranma brings the dog home assuming that it's Ryoga who now has a curse. After trying to pour hot water on the dog, Akane points out that it looks like their neighbor's dog Bess. Ranma, curious about where Ryoga, goes off to take a bath and agrees to take the little piggy with him. Ranma dunks the little piglet into the tub when it won't stop squirming, and Ryoga emerges from the bath.

Chapter 16: 恨んで当然
Uran de tozen

(He's Got a Beef)
Ryoga explains how he followed Ranma to China and found himself at Jusenkyo. While standing on the edge of a cliff a girl and a panda knocked him off and he plummeted into one of the magical springs. After he came out, he had been transformed into a piglet and was taken by the panda to the Jusenkyo Guide's home where he was almost cooked alive before changing back. Ranma quickly points out that it sounds like the panda and girl are to blame, not him. When a large panda comes into the bathroom they both realize who the girl and panda were. Ranma sprays Ryoga to try and calm him down, and then he chases the pig into the hallways. Akane grabs Ranma's breast to make him stop and then takes the pig to bed with her. Ranma later tries to break in and beat up Ryoga (who is still a pig and is sleeping with Akane), but not before Akane wakes up. The next morning Ranma's late night escapade into Akane's room is the talk of the breakfast table.

Chapter 17: 黒バラの小太刀
Kuro bara no Kodachi

(Kodachi, the Black Rose)
After using his girl-form to get some free food, Ranma comes across some bandaged girls in a lot being beaten up by another girl using a ribbon. After Ranma stops the fight the girl tells Ranma her name is Kodachi the Black Rose, and that she is St. Hebereke's champion Rhythmic Gymnastics Martial Artist. Heading back home, Ranma sees the same beaten girls in Akane's room asking her to take their place in the competition against St. Hebereke. Akane agrees and begins her training. Her little pig arrives and she announces that she has decided to name him P-chan and adopt him as her pet. Akane has more problems learning rhythmic gynmastics than she thought, and P-chan decides to help out. Changing back into Ryoga he announces he'll coach her. Unknown to everyone, Kodachi the Black Rose is waiting outside in the darkness.

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