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Ranma ½
volume 3
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1988 Vol. 1 - 11
Published in English as:
Ranma ½ Part 2 Number 2 - 6
Ranma ½ Graphic Novel Vol. 2 and 3

Chapter 18: 黒バラの恋
Kuro bara no koi
(The Love of the Black Rose)
Ranma loses his patience with Ryoga after he changes into P-chan to sneak up to Akane's room after training her. While Akane lies on her bed waiting to fall asleep she sees Kodachi the Black Rose hanging from he ceiling ready to attack. After a few blows are thrown Kodachi quickly makes her escape to the rooftop, but not before Ranma accidently smashes her with a kettle of hot water he was intending on using on Ryoga. Ranma saves Kodachi from falling and she immediately falls in love with Ranma, whom she had only met as a girl before.

Chapter 19: 妹をよろしく
Imoto o yoroshiku
(Take Care of My Sister)
In the schoolyard before classes start Kodachi appears out of nowhere and attacks Akane. She soon sees Ranma and begins to chase and hug him. Tatewaki Kuno, with visions of Akane in a leotard dancing through his head pops up and approves of Kodachi and Ranma going steady. Ranma, getting tired of the whole situation, tells Kodachi that he's engaged, which only makes her resent Akane more. Soon it is decided that the winner of the match will get Ranma. Kodachi runs off, and Kuno warns Akane of her deviousness. He then surprises everyone by revealing that Kodachi is his little sister. The night before the match, Akane is training harder than ever when she trips on a ball and twists her ankle. Unable to fight, she decides to have Ranma sub for her in the match the next morning. Ryoga decides it's time for some all night training in order to prepare Ranma.

Chapter 20: 負けてもらうぜ
Makete morau ze
(I'll See That You Lose)
Ryoga reveals his real reason for "training" Ranma after Akane goes to bed. He intends to beat him to a pulp to insure that he'll lose the match the follow day and have to give up Akane in favor of Kodachi Kuno. Akane awakens shocked to see that Ryoga and Ranma have been fighting all night, and Ranma is in questionable shape for his match that morning. They all set of for St. Hebereke High School for the match, and even Ryoga manages to find the school with no trouble. Unfortunately he is splashed and changes into P-chan. Kodachi comes across the piglet and decides that he might be of some use in the match. As the introductions for the match begin everyone is shocked to learn that the girl with the pigtail is also named Ranma Saotome. Kodachi is particularly disgusted that she could share the same name as her beloved Ranma. As the match begins Kodachi unveals her secret weapon and chains P-chan to Ranma's wrist.

Chapter 21: 熱闘新体操
Netto shintaiso
(Hot Competition)
As the match begins Ranma quickly learns that the odds are stacked in Kodachi's favor. Her gymnastics tools are all deadly weapons in disguise and the refereeing leaves a lot to be desired. At one point Kodachi even pulls her brother out of the audience to use as a weapon. To complicate things even more Kodachi pulls a kettle of hot water out intending to scald Ranma, not realizing that if Ranma is splashed she will turn into a he!

Chapter 22: あきらめますわ
Akiramemasu wa
(I Give Up)
Kodachi manages to hit female Ranma and P-chan with the boiling water, but thanks to all the steam no one is able to tell the change before Akane is able to spray them both down with a fire hose. Ranma manages to throw Kodachi out of the ring, guaranteeing a victory, until the ring suddenly shifts catching Kodachi before she can land outside. Ranma rips the canvas off to reveal the entire St. Hebereke Gymnastics squad underneath the ring. Now, with only the turnbuckles left, Ranma attacks and is able to knock Kodachi to the floor. A defeated Kodachi gives up her present love for Ranma, but promptly annouces she now burns with an all new affection for him.

Chapter 23: 愛しのシャルロット
Itoshi no Sharurotto
(Darling Charlotte)
Akane and her friends from school decide to spend an afternoon at the skating rink. Akane soon realizes she's lost P-chan. Unfortunately, Azusa Shiratori found him and has taken to calling him Charlotte. Ranma is out having lunch with Daisuke and Hiroshi trying to explain that he doesn't know who the pigtailed girl named Ranma Saotome is, when Akane comes in crying and begging Ranma to help her look for P-chan. Ranma soon spots Azusa who refuses to give the pig back to Akane. A handsome boy then enters the restaurant and gives P-chan back to Akane and apologizes for Azusa's rudeness. He reveals himself to be Mikado Sanzenin, the other half of the legendary skating duo, The Golden Pair. Azusa refuses to back down and challenges Akane to a skating match for P-chan, and when Mikado starts to put the moves on Akane, Ranma decides he should get involved too. Once they return home, Ryoga bursts in and demands to skate with Akane instead of Ranma. Too bad neither of them actually know how.

Chapter 24: リンクにくちづけ
Rinku ni kuchizuke

(A Kiss in the Rink)
Akane takes Ranma to the skating rink in hopes of teaching him how to stand up on the ice. P-chan dashes out to see Akane, and Azusa quickly skates over and locks a "Charlotte" collar around his neck. She tells Akane if she wants the collar off, she'll have to win the match. The Golden Pair then demonstrate the Hundred Foes Strike and manage to knock out 100 hockey players in nine seconds flat. Ranma regains his confidence when he realizes this will be a martial arts skating match. After Ranma loses his balance Mikado skates over to help out (Ranma happens to be a girl at this point). Mikado kisses Ranma on the lips as payment for his help and Ranma runs off crying. After changing back to a guy he storms in ready to murder Mikado.

Chapter 25: 戸惑うくちびる
Tomadou kuchibiru

(Lips at a Loss)
Ranma proceeds to brawl with Mikado but proves to have a lot of trouble standing on the ice. Mikado executes the deadly "Dance of Death" which looks like it punishes Ranma quite badly. Soon though, it is revealed that Ranma was the one doing the punishing during the manuever, as he hit Sanzenin 518 times leaving him paralyzed. Back home, Ranma sulks in a depression about his kiss when Ryoga cheerfully arrives to tell Kasumi and Nabiki what happened. Poor Ranma's first kiss was from Mikado, and Akane goes to tease him while he sits in the dojo alone. Soon though, Ranma calls Akane's bluff and the two seem to be about to kiss on a dare, but not before realizing the whole family is watching.

Chapter 26: リップ・バトル
Rippu batoru

(Lips at War)
The day of the match Mikado tells Ranma that he plans to kiss Akane at some point during the match. Of course, Ranma will have none of it, and when the match rolls around he tries to strike fast early on. Of course, he still isn't the greatest skater, but he does his best to ensure that Mikado doesn't kiss Akane even though there are a few close calls. Finally Ranma makes it clear to Mikado, Akane is his fiancee.

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