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Ranma ½
volume 4
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1988 Vol. 12 - 21
Published in English as:
Ranma ½ Part 2 Number 7 - 11
Ranma ½ Graphic Novel Vol. 3

Chapter 27: この手ははなさない
Kono te wa hanasanai
(I'll Never Let Go)
Mikado and Azusa execute their finishing manuever, the Goodbye Whirl. All skating pairs before Ranma and Akane have been defeated by this technique, but they manage to hang on, and rather than let Akane hit the wall, Ranma takes the brunt of the crash. Soon Ranma manages to get back up even though he is in a lot of pain. Ryoga, watching from the sidelines turns off the lights and jumps into the rink intending to splash Ranma and throw him out so he can pair up with Akane. Instead he splashes Ranma and gets rid of Akane. Now female Ranma and Ryoga are about to take on the Golden Pair.

Chapter 28: 背水の陣
Haisui no jin
(Burning the Bridges)
The crowd gets restless because Furinkan High seems to have slipped a new pair into the competition. Not only do Ryoga and Ranma not get along on the ice, they keep hitting each other and their outfits don't look good. After a quick clothing change, the match resumes, but not for long as Ryoga never bothered to learn how to skate properly. Mikado and Azusa take advantage of this and once again execute the Goodbye Whirl. This team is less fortunate however since Ryoga has no honorable intentions of protecting Ranma from getting hurt. Luckily for Ranma, Mikado comes to his rescue after Ryoga gets thrown to the ice. Ranma manages to get away from Mikado but Ryoga is on his last nerve and sends an ice-shattering punch through the rink. The ice breaks up and Ryoga realizes he is standing over a swimming pool filled with ice-cold water. If he falls and turns into P-chan with Akane watching, he'll never be able to take her from Ranma.

Chapter 29: 良牙爆発
Ryoga hakuhatsu
(Ryoga Explodes!)
With the ice breaking up the Golden Pair are still not backing down. Ryoga and Ranma seem more interested in fighting each other though, and Mikado keeps trying to step in. Ryoga has trouble staying on the ice, but once Mikado makes the mistake of stepping on Ryoga, he is able to grab his leg and send him flying. After many close calls Ryoga's ungodly strength proves to be the deciding factor in crushing (literally) Mikado. Now it's just between Ryoga and Ranma.

Chapter 30: 愛の水柱
Ai no mizubashira
(The Waters of Love)
Ryoga and Ranma continue to go at it while Mikado is carried out on a stretcher. Azusa decides she likes Mikado's blanket and takes it while smashing him in the head with a folding chair. Akane decides she's seen enough and crawls across the broken up ice demanding that Ranma and Ryoga stop fighting. Soon though, she loses her balance and falls into the water. Ranma and Ryoga learn that Akane can not swim and both dive in to save her. Ranma, already a girl, is unaffected by the cold water, but Ryoga transforms into P-chan. Luckily for him, Akane was unconcious. In the infirmary Ranma explains how Ryoga and P-chan both saved Akane and that she should thank them both. Suddenly the wall begins to cave in and a strange Chinese girl from Ranma's past is standing before them.

Chapter 31: 死の接吻
Shi no seppun
(Kiss of Death)
Female Ranma identifies the Chinese girl as Shampoo and after she takes a few swings at him he hides and she goes off to find her. Ranma tells the story of how he came to meet Shampoo. Shortly after he fell into Jusenkyo Ranma and his father were taken to Joketsuzoku by the Jusenkyo Guide to watch a competition between the women of the tribe. Genma and Ranma enjoyed the feast layed out while they watched the matches and after Shampoo won, the Jusenkyo Guide pointed out that Ranma and Genma had been eating the feast intended for the victor of the fight. Now Ranma had to fight Shampoo and he (currently a she) knocks her out with one kick. Shampoo's Amazon law states that if any woman should defeat her in combat she must give them the Kiss of Death and pursue them to the ends of the earth until she kills them. Shampoo chases the Saotome's across China and now to Japan. Ranma and Akane head back to the Tendo home where they find Shampoo waiting. Thankfully for Ranma he is now a boy and Shampoo doesn't recognize him. Shampoo tries to fight Akane, but Ranma steps in and accidently defeats Shampoo again, this time as a boy. According to Shampoo's Amazon law any boy that defeats her becomes her fiance, and now Ranma has an amourous Chinese girl that loves and hates him all at once.

Chapter 32: 我愛ニー
Wo ai ni
(You I Love)
Akane gets extremely angry about Shampoo kissing Ranma, and when Soun asks what's going on, Kasumi tells him Ranma's girlfriend from China has arrived. Shampoo hands Soun a book but since he can not read Chinese he screams at Ranma. Luckily Nabiki shows up and reads the Japanese translation which explains that Ranma is now Shampoo's fiance according to Shampoo's tribal law. Akane spies on Ranma trying to convince Shampoo that her laws don't apply to him, but Ranma falls for Shampoo's feminine wiles and Akane only gets more angry. Once Ryoga has a moment alone with Ranma he tells him how upset he is that he would treat Akane so badly, and splashes him, turning him into a girl and throws him off the roof. Shampoo sees female Ranma and chases her around trying to kill her.

Chapter 33: あかねVS.シャンプー
Akane VS. Shampoo

(Akane Gets Shampooed)
The day starts off with Ranma sleeping late. Soun asks Akane to go wake him up so he won't be late for school, which Akane reluctantly does. When she opens the door she sees Ranma sleeping with Shampoo. In a fit of rage she throws water on Ranma and Shampoo wakes to find female Ranma next to her. On their way to school Ranma and Akane argue while Ryoga looks on. He thinks about telling Akane his feelings for her, but chickens out and gets ready to leave when he is accidently splashed and found by Shampoo. At lunch time Shampoo shows up at school with a special lunch for Ranma- P-chan! Luckily Ryoga wasn't cooked alive and he wakes up, but Shampoo gets mad at Akane for messing up her lunch and gives her the kiss of death as well. Akane has had all she can stand and decides to fight Shampoo. By the time Ranma gets to the schoolyard from the cafeteria, the match is over and Akane is lying on the ground unconscious. When she wakes up, she doesn't recognize Ranma.

Chapter 34: 必殺シャンプー
Hissatsu Shampoo

(Shampoo Cleans Up)
Ranma tries to figure out what could make Akane forget all about him. She seems to remember everything except him, even P-chan and Mr. Saotome. Ryoga was beside her when it happened (as P-chan) and Ranma threatens to let some girls see him naked unless he talks. Ryoga says all he saw were Shampoo's feet stepping on him. Ranma decides to let Dr. Tofu check Akane out, and he has a better idea about what happened. He explains that it's an old Chinese herbal trick using a special shampoo and certain pressure points on the head. Tofu explains that if Ranma can find the shampoo Shampoo used then he might be able to cure Akane. Ranma heads out with Akane in tow to search Nerima and shortly after they leave Dr. Tofu introduces his new nurse-in-training to Genma- Shampoo.

Chapter 35: ブレンドナンバー119
Burendo nanba 119

(Formula #911)
Ranma and Akane return home and tell the Tendo's the news. After Shampoo shows up, Akane immediately attacks Ranma when Shampoo hugs him, even though she can't remember who he is. Shampoo realizes she didn't completely erase Akane's memory and tries to use her technique again, but this time Ranma manages to get the shampoo away from her. Ranma tries to use it, but finds out that it's Formula 411 when what he needs is 911. Luckily Dr. Tofu shows up with a book about how to mix the proper formula. But when Kasumi shows up he freaks out and tears up the book. Ranma decides the only way to get the shampoo is to go to a drugstore in China and buy some. So he sets out and decides he's going to have to swim there like before, but then he spots Shampoo who's willing to give him the shampoo on one condition. He must kill female Ranma.

Chapter 36: 別了(ビエラ)
Bie ra

(Bie Liao (Goodbye))
Ranma tells Ryoga about his plan to "almost kill" female Ranma and needs Ryoga to beat him up for it to work. Ryoga won't have anything to do with helping Akane remember Ranma, until Ranma insults him one too many times. Ranma winds up beating Ryoga instead, so Genma and Soun step in and kick Ranma around a bit. Akane feels sorry for him, but Ranma gets frustrated with her and says he's sorry he ever said she was cute. This triggers something and after a few more taunts Akane's memory returns. Shampoo arrives and tries to fight Akane, but Ranma stops her. He splashes himself with cold water and changes into a girl in front of her. Ranma tells Shampoo that in reality the boy-side is a disguise and he's really a girl so he could never have a relationship with her. Shampoo leaves in tears and Ryoga asks Ranma if he's sure he did the right thing.

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