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Ranma ½
volume 6
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1988 Vol. 33 - 43
Published in English as:
Ranma ½ Part 3 Number 6 - 11
Ranma ½ Graphic Novel Vol. 4 and 5

Chapter 48: スイカ割りバトル
Suika wari batoru
(War of the Melons)
The Cat Cafe moves to the beach for the summer, so the Tendos and Saotomes follow in pursuit of the Phoenix Pill. When Ranma finally locates Cologne, she puts the pill and Shampoo on the line in a martial arts melon splitting race. Akane joins in to help Ranma, but Soun and Genma think he's doing it to win Shampoo. Ranma manages to break everyone else's melons but when he gets to the finish line he finds Cologne waiting for him.

Chapter 49: 婿とりマリンウォーズ
Muko tori marin wozu
(Naval Engagement)
Ranma and Cologne begin their showdown and they both break each other's melons at the same time. Even with their melons gone, both continue to fight, but now Ranma seems to be winning easily. After taking Cologne's cane from her Ranma makes her promise the Phoenix Pill if he wins. Cologne has a few tricks up her sleeve and tells Ranma if she wins, he must marry Shampoo. After he agrees, Cologne shows that she was holding a lot back, and Ranma quickly realizes he's in trouble. She manages to throw him into the ocean where she begins pummeling him with her Shark Fist technique. Akane, watching from the shore, gets worried and tries to dive in after Ranma. As soon as she hits the water, she remembers she can't swim causing Ranma to have to make the save. Now Cologne is closing in on the two girls while riding on the back of a shark.

Chapter 50: 突撃 シー・キャット
Totsugeki shi kyatto
(Kitten of the Sea)
Ranma manages to save Akane and is thrown to shore by another blast from Cologne's Shark Fist. Ranma soon realizes that the only way he's going to be able to defeat Cologne is by using the Cat Fist technique, but to do that, he must be around a cat for a long period of time. Ranma straps Shampoo to his back and heads out into the ocean. Finally Ranma starts to act like a cat and easily shreds Cologne's Shark Fist and then starts biting the shark she is riding. Cologne decides to surrender the Phoenix Pill since Ranma did such a good job.

Chapter 51: わしと組まんか
Washito kuma n ka
(Care to Join Me?)
Ranma recieves a letter from Ryoga telling him that he's been training in the mountains and is ready to face him again. Cologne finds P-chan and tries to cook up before he changes back to a yelling and screaming Ryoga. After talking for awhile Cologne realizes that Ryoga blames Ranma for his curse and offers to train him. Ryoga says that he doesn't need training from an old lady and heads out to meet Ranma. He finds him walking through the park carrying and eel Dr. Tofu asked him to deliever to Mr. Tendo. Ranma makes short work of Ryoga, embarrasing him in front of Akane. When Akane tells Ryoga that he shouldn't fight Ranma anymore since he's gotten so good, Ryoga decides that training with Cologne is probably in his best interest.

Chapter 52: 修行DEディナー
Shugyou DE dina
(Training Meals)
Soun tells Akane to tag along on a training trip to the mountains with Genma and Ranma. Kasumi suggests it will be bridal training. When meal time rolls around Akane fixes curry and Genma and Ranma soon regret her coming. Akane's cooking is awful, and Genma and Ranma quickly go back to training after barely touching their food. Ryoga comes out of the woods, and Akane offers him some food as well, which he says tastes great even though he looks like he is in a lot of pain after eating it. Ranma gets jealous of and tries to eat some more, but can't stomach it. Cologne arrives and tells Ranma that she will make Ryoga a formidable opponent for him. Akane, seeing that Ryoga appreciates her more than Ranma, decides to go and cook meals for him instead.

Chapter 53: 爆砕点穴
Bakusai tenketsu
(The Breaking Point)
Ryoga trains intensely and Ranma comes over to their camp to check on things. He tries Akane's food one more time, but still hates it. He asks her not to kill Ryoga with her horrible cooking before their match and then reports back to Genma about what he saw Ryoga trying to do. Genma explains the Bakusai Tenketsu, or Breaking Point, technique to Ranma. Genma tells him that everything in nature, men, rocks, plants, all have a breaking point that will cause them to shatter with just a touch. Ranma decides the best way to counter it would be to try and fight a swarm of bees which doesn't work out as well as he had planned. The day of the fight arrives, and with Akane strung up in a tree for added effect the fight begins.

Chapter 54: 不死身の男
Fujimi no otoko

(The Immortal Man)
Ryoga and Ranma begin their face off, and Ranma is able to land some early power hits that leaves him unimpressed with Ryoga's training. He quickly learns though that his shots seem to have no effect on Ryoga. Cologne explains that because of the impact boulders Ryoga has been training with he is now much more resistant to Ranma's attacks. Ranma decides to unleash the Saotome Secret Technique.

Chapter 55: 爆砕勝負
Bakusai shoubu

(Fast Break)
Ranma uses the Saotome Secret Technique, which is to run away and think about what to do. Ranma uses the recoil from a tree limb coupled with his Katchu Tenshin Amaguriken to finally inflict some damage. Ultimately Ranma must resort to using the Katchu Tenshin Amaguriken technique to inflict massive amounts of blows in quick sucession to hurt Ryoga. Ryoga and Ranma tumble off a cliff, and Ryoga admits defeat.

Chapter 56: 格闘茶道どす
Kakuto sadou dosu

(The Way of Tea)
One rainy afternoon in Tokyo Ranma is running away from Shampoo when an out of control horse with an unconcious rider comes out of nowhere. Ranma knocks the horse down and after the rider awakens, Ranma is offered some of his tea. The tea is laced with paralysis powder, and the young man named Sentaro Daimonji kidnaps female Ranma and takes her back home intending to marry her. After Ranma meets Sentaro's grandmother, and is knocked around by her a bit, he realizes that they are from the Daimonji School of Martial Arts Tea Ceremony. Sentaro explains that he has been engaged to another woman whom he can not bring himself to love, and the only way he can dump her is if Ranma can defeat her and take her place. Ranma decides to try it in order to learn the ways of Martial Arts Tea Ceremony.

Chapter 57: 茶月はんどす
Satsuki wa n dosu

(Meet Miss Satsuki)
Akane arrives and tries to save Ranma, and Sentaro decides that she should take Ranma's place in the tea ceremony now that he has revealed he is actually a boy. After Sentaro sees Akane attempt the ceremony though, he decides Ranma would be a better candidate. Sentaro begins to train Ranma the the odd style of martial arts tea ceremony so he can face off against Miss Satsuki, Sentaro's fiancee the following day. The next morning Satsuki arrives, and turns out to be a monkey!

Chapter 58: 縁談成立どす
Endan seiritsu dosu

(Proposal Accepted)
The thought of beating up a monkey seems utterly stupid to Ranma, so he tries to quit before the match starts. Miss Satsuki gets angry and starts attacking Ranma anyway, so he has to fight back. Ranma is able to hold his own against the chimp until Sentaro takes advantage of the situation and decides that if Ranma and Miss Satsuki both died in the fight he could marry Akane. Luckily Akane saves Ranma before he has a tea spoon shoved into his heart. Just in the nick of time the real Miss Satsuki arrives, apologizes to her pet monkey Sanae that acted as her stand-in and makes everything right.

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