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Ranma ½
volume 7
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Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1988 Vol. 44 - 49 & 1989 Vol. 8 - 12
Published in English as:
Ranma ½ Part 3 Number 12 - Part 4 Number 4
Ranma ½ Graphic Novel Vol. 5 and 6

Chapter 59: 格闘出前レース
Kakuto demae resu
(It's Fast or It's Free)
Tatewaki Kuno wakes from dreaming about Akane and the Pigtailed Girl and decides he must choose between the two of them. After he visitings the Tendo home expecting to announce he loves Akane the most, he finds that both she and female Ranma are waiting there. Unable to choose between the two, Kuno tells that that whomever arrives at his house first the following Sunday is whom he will choose as his true love. Shampoo, female Ranma, and Akane all decide to enter the Miss Martial Arts Takeout Race in order to win free food. The day of the race arrives, and the delivery house is announced to be... Tatewaki Kuno's.

Chapter 60: ゴールをめざせ
Goru o mezase
(Eyes On the Prize)
The race begins and Shampoo propose that if she can beat Ranma that he'll go on a date with her. Being the overconfident guy that he is Ranma accepts and watches as Shampoo eliminates almost all the other girls from the competition as she tries to destroy Ranma's bowl of ramen. Ranma loses his bowl and is almost defeated but then he, Akane and Shampoo all make it to Kuno's home resulting in a three-way tie.

Chapter 61: 召しませ ラーメン
Meshimase ramen
(Noodles, Anyone?)
The fight begins to see who's food Kuno will eat. Ranma and Akane are early favorites, but Shampoo's suffocating noodles even the odds. As the battle rages on, Ranma accidently eats Akane's eel, causing her to be disqualified. In a fit of anger, Akane tries to spray Shampoo with water, and then gets upset when Ranma who does not want to deal with a cat along with all the other confusion tries to protect her.

Chapter 62: 食ってたまるか
Kutte tamaru ka
(I Won't Eat It!)
The fight spills out of Kuno's underground training facility and into his bathtub as Ranma tries to get Shampoo to change back into a girl. While there, Kuno discovers male Ranma sitting in his bathtub with a naked Shampoo and get's very angry. Akane helps Kuno dish out some punishment, but Ranma manages to get Kuno to almost eat some of his soggy ramen. Kuno says he'd rather drown that be fed ramen by another man and activates a large waterspout that sends them flying through his roof. Ranma falls into the koi pond outside and Kuno gladly eats the ramen of his beloved Pigtailed Girl.

Chapter 63: “邪悪”の復活
"Jaaku" no fukkatsu
(The Evil Wakes)
One dark and stormy night in the Hido Mountains a cave sealed by a boulder is opened and a small shadowy figure emerges. Days later in Nerima a group of girls are being groped, fondled and harrassed by a strange, perverted, old man. The man says he is looking for Akane Tendo and after trying to grope she and female Ranma he follows them back home. Upon seeing Soun and Genma they reveal that this is their old martial arts master, Happosai. A little over ten years ago, they got Happosai drunk, tied him up, and left him in a cave. He finally escaped and now he has decided that he wants to train the one, true heir to the Anything-Goes School of Martial Arts. Genma and Soun immediately decline, and Ranma decides that he's not going to let some little old man scare him. Happosai decides that Ranma will be his new disciple.

Chapter 64: ただ者ではない
Tada mono dewanai

(He's Something Else)
Happosai buys an expensive bra for Ranma, who refuses to wear it. Happosai gets frustrated and tells Ranma that if he wants to fight him, he'll have to promise to wear the bra should he lose. Ranma meets Happosai at Furinkan High that afternoon and agrees to wear the bra. Happosai shows his full powers after Ranma agrees and paralyzes him with his battle aura alone. Standing helplessly on the brink of defeat, Ranma is surprised to open his eyes and see Happosai has disappeared. He had decided to throw the fight so he could follow some girls into their lockeroom.

Chapter 65: バトル・ザ・銭湯
Batoru * ze * sento

(Bathhouse Battle)
The Tendo family's bathtub is broken so Ranma, Akane, Nabiki and Happosai all head to the public baths. Ranma decides to try and keep Happosai out of trouble, which proves to be rather difficult. Happy keeps trying to jump over to the women's side, peep, and generally be a pest. Ranma and he battle it out, but luckily Happosai falls for a beautiful girl amidst a group of naked grannies and falls into Ranma's trap.

Chapter 66: ムーンライト ボンバー
Munraito bonba

(Moonlight Serenade)
Ryoga finds his way back to the Tendo home and is shocked to see that Happosai has moved in. He blames Ranma for not protecting Akane from the perverted master and as P-chan promises to do his best to keep Happosai from stealing Akane's panties. Ryoga and Ranma double-team Happosai, but ultimately he proves to be too much for the boys. He manages to curl up next to a sleeping Akane, but she seems to be a rather punchy sleeper.

Chapter 67: 八宝斉 怒る
Happosai ikaru

(The Wrath of Happosai)
The man from the neighborhood watch comes by to ask Soun and Genma to keep an eye out for a panty theif that has been spotted lately. Soun and Genma quickly pretend they've never seen the culprit, but Ranma decides to try and take care of the situation. After the Tendos raid Happosai's panty collection, Happosai begins his revenge. He orders tons of expensive food, leaves notes that Ranma stole women's underwear and dirties up the house. Soun and Genma beg his forgivness, but when Ranma refuses the Tendo's decide it will be best if he spends the night outside in hopes Happosai will calm down.

Chapter 68: 効きます 女嫌香
Kikimasu nyokenko

(The Scent of a Woman)
Ranma gets Akane to sew some Woman Repellant into Happosai's clothes. When Happosai goes on his daily girl hunt, the women all run away before he can bother him. Ranma is able to quickly defeat him, and Genma and Soun point out that he seems to be going into withdrawl. Unable to touch a girl, Happosai is frail and weak, but Ranma takes pity on him and prevents Soun and Genma from mailing him to the North Pole. A sudden rain soaks Ranma while he is carrying Happosai off, and with a quick squeeze of Ranma's bosom Happosai is back to full strength and looking for some revenge.

Chapter 69: 親父の逆襲
Oyaji no gyakushu

(Fathers Know Best)
Ranma has a tough time dealing with Happosai since the Woman Repellant is now suffocating him. Soun and Genma decide that they have finally seen enough and are going to have to bring Happosai to justice. Soun dons his samurai armor and is made short work of buy Happosai, but Genma proves to be a decent match as he powers his battle aura up to impressive proportions. Untimately the face off ends in a draw and everyone heads home to watch their fight on the evening news.

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